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Pretty much everything is made in China. What about modafinil? China’s pharmaceutical market differs greatly from the rest of the world. If you want to buy modafinil from China, you’re going to have a few more obstacles. Let’s see why it’s not so simple.

Modafinil Powder from China

Yes, you read that right. It’s not pills coming from China, it’s powder. In many cases, Chinese laboratories will sell powder, which will later be made into pills. Many generic drugs around the world are made with Chinese powder. You’ll likely see bulk deals offered online that can be as cheap as $2 per gram.

On the surface, this screams savings. One gram of modafinil would be the equivalent of five pills. If only it were that simple.

When you use powder you need to measure your dose carefully. It’s not like sugar in your coffee. There’s a risk of getting too much, or too little. Ultimately you can end up wasting your stash.

The Dangers of Chinese Modafinil

Besides the inconvenience of powdered modafinil, there’s also the potential for danger. Chinese manufacturing is notorious for cutting corners. Traditional Chinese medicine products have been shown to cause serious organ failures. Since the powder you’re getting hasn’t been tested by any agency, how can you be sure it’s safe to consume?

As this one forum thread shows, a customer was completely unsure if what he received was actually modafinil or not.

Shipping from China

Chinese shipping tends to take longer. There’s a greater risk of your package getting lost in transit or even seized as it passes through many borders. However, Chinese companies are usually very slick when it comes to evading customs. Vendors will offer to put another label on the package to prevent loss.

Shipping costs are comparable to modafinil sourced from other places, such as India. Overall, this is one area that won’t set you back.

Payment to China

Nowadays, China is embracing Bitcoin. Beware of sites encouraging you to use Paypal, as they’ve put the clamps on the modafinil business. Paypal wants nothing to do with online pharmacies these days. Don’t put your account at risk.

While Bitcoin makes it easy to buy modafinil from China, it also exposes you to some risk. Chinese companies tend to delay in delivering orders, and there are many scammers out there. Avoid getting ripped off and do your research.

Should you buy modafinil from china?

Ultimately we don’t think so. The Indian generic market is not only more regulated, but it has more experience. They deliver quality pills, not questionable powder. Shipping is reasonably priced and done at the drop of a hat, saving you time and money. Modup continues to rely on India as it’s proven itself to be the best country for generic modafinil.


  • Joff “Mr. J”

    I made the mistake of ordering modafinil from a Chinese website one time. I’ll never do it again! They stole my payment info, made fake charges to my card, and never even mailed the modafinil.

  • Joff “Mr. J”

    That to say, thanks for your honesty and integrity Modup. I will never get my modafinil anywhere else.

  • tridentt

    this confirms my suspicion about chinese modafinil sites. they are all scams! and that forum poster was right. they don’t even sell 100 percent pure modafinil!!!!

  • Brennan

    it sounds like a bad idea to buy modafinil from china. where does modup ship its modafinil from?

  • Brennan

    by that I mean where is the modafinil that modup sells manufactured? outside of china I suppose.