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Noopept Stacks

What is it?

Noopept is a racetam based compound used as neural stimulator. Based on its applications, it has been termed as smart drug or enhancer. This bio-supplement has been observed to have complex forming capabilities with the human cells and thus affects the normal working resulting in a change of neurochemical composition at the cellular level. This drug is a great creation of the Russian pharmaceutical industry and has been approved for medical application.




Noppept is to be taken in mild doses and increase memory power. It also helps increase the mental energy and results in the improvement of the brain communication.


Nootropics are known to form complexes with the AMPA receptors duplicating the natural amino-acid leading to secretion of various hormones in the body. These hormones induce changes in the NGF and BDNF which are considered to be an indication of healthy brain functionality. These have improved memory and motor function of the system. Potential users like students have observed improved concentration levels.




You will need to have a dosage of 10 mg to 15 mg a capsule, for three to four times a day. If you need to take more, you can increase the dosage level to around 25 mg a capsule at the maximum. However, it is a good idea to consult your doctor first before increasing the dosage levels.


Noopept being extremely concentrated complex, requires a low dosage to cause considerable alterations. Compared to Pyramiracetam, it is a few hundred times powerful. A high concentration means a low dosage and also this makes the drug more effective in comparison to other available neuro-inhibitors.


Side effects

There are no noted side effects of the drug. Mild headache and digestive discomforts have been observed as a result of the defence mechanism of the body to counter alterations. But nothing concerning has been observed in trials. Since not all possible effects have been discovered and also certain drugs can respond img3differently to different humans, it is recommend to take precautions and take only prescribed amount as dosage.


The mechanism of the drug is still unclear, but studies relate its pathway though the AMPA receptor tract. These are the cells which are responsible for most of the neurological actions and these might be stimulated by these enhancers leading to the observed response.




This drug first came into existence in 1970’s, Developed in Russia as a remedy for cognitive abnormalities like Parkinson’s disease Noopept is a neural drug that has abilities to restore damages caused due to such diseases, but based on the research and its actions on the human cells these have been used as enhancers as well.


Long term use

In long term it is tested to have increased the reflex response of the nervous system. Noopept is safe for use. Since the dosage is low, the amount of compound entering in the system is negligible. The drugs has observed to have no risk for a long term use, but it is recommended to have dosage in alternating cycles to reduce the chances to develop additive tendency for the drug.


Short term use

In short term usage, this drug has been observed to improve focus and they experience low rate of mood swings.


Legal status


The FDA has still not approved the use of the drug, even though a patent for it was filed way back in 1995 in the United States. Based on trials and reports, the drug has been certified as safe for medication. Parts of Russia and Europe has legalised its marketing. The drug has been labeled and approved by the Government in some countries of Europe as well as Russia.


Final thoughts


This drug is one of the cheapest out there and can help you relax a lot more. This will help you increase your productivity levels. Noopept is a stimulator that been proven its capabilities as an enhancer, but being of strong chemical composition, makes it a risky to use. Further being a neurological inhibitor more caution must be maintained and only prescribed dosage must be taken. In case of any discomfort report to the physician and take necessary measures.