Modafinil Shakes up the Sports World

By now the world is well aware of the medical benefits of modafinil and its potential to treat dozens of conditions. What many don’t know is that modafinil also has a sketchy history in competition. Sports are competitive. Doping to get an advantage is nothing new. Just look at the Russian Olympics teams, Lance Armstrong, or the steroid-riddled baseball players of the 90s.

Modafinil’s been the topic of some sports controversy too. Its benefits go beyond the bookshelf and into the big game in many ways.

Modafinil improves sports performance

Sports of all kinds depend on practice. Without training you won’t get very far at all. Enter modafinil. By sharpening your focus and improving your ability to pay attention and stick to a single task, it makes practice less tedious. In addition, it’s been proven to reduce fatigue. You can work out longer and practice harder.

So far the jury’s out as to whether that increases your risk for injury, although almost every sports trainer will tell you that working out too hard, too fast, can be dangerous. Extra focus is fine, extra lifting can hurt you.

On the field activity can get better with modafinil too. It’s easier to concentrate on the goal and ignore distractions. Runners and cyclists especially have been caught taking modafinil.

Physical Sports, Mental Sports, and e-Sports

Athletes have been burned for using modafinil before. And e-sports competitions for video games are starting to consider banning it as well, as many players are using modafinil to play for longer hours and improve their performance. The World Anti-Doping Agency explicitly lists modafinil as a banned substance. Most professional organizations refer to the WADA’s lists.

But now it seems that even the mental sports are getting in on the action. Now it’s chess. A group of subjects on modafinil was tested while playing chess and the results were very interesting. On one hand, they made better moves and were more thoughtful, but they often ran out of time! In a timed game, you can’t sit and stare at the board for several minutes, as the modafinil group was wont to do.

If you’re a casual sports player or someone who just wants a little extra energy for their daily run, modafinil can certainly help you out. However, anyone in the competitive arena should be careful: Taking modafinil could lead to multi-year bans.

Review – Oxiracetam

Everyone dreams of finding that “wonder drug” that will give them super mental abilities. Well, at least one that will improve their memory, attention span, and general brain functions. By all accounts, Oxiracetam just may be that miracle they’ve been looking for.
Oxiracetam is a member of the nootropic supplement family. Nootropics are cognitive enhancement supplements which have been proven to be effective as memory enhancers and have been used to successfully treat Alzheimer’s patients and those with Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, and ADHD. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study involving Dementia patients. Oxiracetam showed “a significant effect in favor of Oxyracetam in the quality of life scale and confirmed by significant differences in some neuropsychological tests.” Side effects reported when using Oxiracetam are rare and minor: headaches, dizziness, nausea, insomnia, irritability, and gastrointestinal distress. Modafinil1No dangerous or life-threatening side effects have been reported.
More and more people these days are turning away from pharmaceuticals and turning to more natural or natural-based treatments such as nootropics. In today’s competitive work force focus and concentration are everything. Oxiracetam improves not only these mental qualities, it also increases motivation and drive.
Oxiracetam works by increasing and regulating the actions of the brain’s main neurotransmitters, enhancing the mind’s performance. For students, this is especially helpful as it promotes quicker memory recall by tapping onto deeper-seated memories. It has also shown positive indications in assisting with public speaking and enhancing the ability to clarify andexpress complex ideas.
In elderly users, there has been indication of Oxiracetam being “a vigilance-enhancing compiund with some effect on spontaneous memory.” For those who deal consistently with large work loads, Oxiracetam has been clinically proven to enhance and increase mental stamina. Writers, teachers, and others have reported that after taking Oxiracetam their reading comprehension and even their typing speed increased exponentially.
Dosage of Oxiracetam varies according to individual need, but generally large doese are not necessary as the compound is highly concentrated. A recommended dosage of 800-1,500mg. per day is the general recommended daily amount. Studies have indicated that taken in even larger doses Oxiracetam is not harmful tothe body. It is hailed as one of the truly safest drugs on the market today and the most effective of all the “smart drugs”.

Pramiracetam for Mental Dominance

Your mental health guide to Pramiracetam

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Among the numerous drugs under the nootropics umbrella, Pramiracetam is one of the oldest and is being used in the East European countries until today. It is still undergoing various kinds of clinical trials to make it more potent. In case you are looking forward to improving your mental health knowing more about this smart drug can be useful. It has been one of the earliest brain boosters to come on the market. Today it is being sold online. What does one need to know about Pramiracetam?


Modafinilimage8A strong remedy for becoming intelligent


Who does not wish to be really intelligent? Only a few of us are naturally smart the rest need an external push. One of the strongest remedies is to use Pramiracetam that can help increase degrees of intelligence in a person. However, do not expect to become intelligent in a short span. It takes time to improve the mental faculties. It is not magical but a sustained effort to increase the way the brain works. It certainly helps one to reason, ask questions and making learning easier. Once you understand how it diminishes the brain fog and helps the IQ then it is easier to take it. One needs to understand how the brain receptors and neurons work in agile people. If you admire people who are able to multi-task and not make mistakes, those who are clever, people who are smart and have agile thinking patterns-then know what makes them typical geniuses.


You can also become gifted with the help of Pramiracetam. One thing that many gifted people are unable to tell is that at some point they also become depressed or anxious or in extreme cases become suicidal. They too have a brain fog but cover their tracks until they become normal. These are not exactly signs of mental illness but ways how some people overcome mental issues plaguing them. Many people in the 19th century thought that mental illness, and creativity went hand in hand. Today, medicine has advanced to channel the creativity of every single individual.


How Pramiracetam diminishes illness and enhances creativity


Most intelligent people are also creative. Like the other nootropic drugs, Pramiracetam’s exact ability is yet to be understood to help brainpower. However, when it is taken in the form of a pill, it is absorbed by the intestinal tract. It enters the blood through the fatty acids. It takes half an hour for this to happen, and then it reaches the brain. This state of bioavailability helps the neurotransmitters to get activated and modulated. Once activated it helps in the learning process and develops an ability to become creative. It works on the Hippocampus (part of the brain) to store all the new memories. The acetylcholine level is circulated in the brain and the impulse flow increases. As the blood flows the area is oxygenated. The brain fog clears, and the person becomes clear and thoughts arise naturally. One can think rapidly as this is an important facet of intelligence.s




Modafinil in comparison to other nootropics?!

Improve your general cognitive abilities with Modafinil

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The term ‘smart drug’ or ‘nootropic’ was coined by Corneliu Giurgea after he discovered the family of smart drugs, which tended to improve alertness, cognition, memory and alertness. Modafinil is the fantastic nootropic which is prescribed to treat people suffering from lack of sleep for the drug is known for improving alertness and energy levels. Found largely in nootropic stacks put together for helping people perform large amounts of works, the smart drug Modafinil enhances concentration and provides a superb energy boost. It has fewer or no side effects altogether. People who suffer from sleep disorders can purchase Modafinil from major online stores. Research has been conducted upon Modafinil and other nootropics which suggest the superb efficacy of Modafinil over other nootropics. It improves memory, enhances focus and attention, enhances mood by reducing anxiety and improves memory retention, endurance and reaction time.

Modafinilimage10Armodafinil Vs Modafinil

The closely related nootropic drugs for increasing focus and metal skills have certain differentiating factors. The main difference between the nootropic is their chemical structures where Armodafinil is considered to be Modafinil’s enantiomer. Armodafinil comprises of (R)-enatiomer that is the active component of Modafinil. However, the other differences concerning their impact and efficacy depend upon the person who takes them. When compared with Armodafinil, Modafinil has much better mood enhancing capability, which creates only positive sentiments to improve drive and confidence. Armodafinil, unlike Modafinil can lead to nervousness, stress and anxiety. Armodafinil can make the users feel a bit edgy and can make the person aggressive. This is, however, not the case in Modafinil. Users can take the drugs under prescription for a limited period of time to find for themselves the effect. However, if one talks of tolerance level, then Modafinil has more tolerance level than Armodafinil.

Modafinil VS Adrafinil

Both the nootropic drugs, Adrafinil and Modafinil are renowned for improving alertness and focus. They are taken to gain intelligence and success in life. The nootropic drugs, although have similar uses differ in the extent of side effects caused. Adrafinil, in particular, is known for increasing the level of Hypocretin, the neurotransmitter. The chemical superbly checks the chemical reactions taking place in the brain. Modafinil and Adrafinil trigger glutamate receptors to enhance cognition. Speed to recall the past events get greatly improved. Adrafinil, unlike Modafinil has side effects that may lead head ache, increased nervousness, and perspiration. It increases the blood pressure and rate of the heart beat. Modafinil is much safer when one talks of the impacts of Adrafinil over liver. Adrafinil may lead to hypatoxity as on reaching the liver, it gets converted into Modafinil. Such a harmful conversion you can never notice in case of Modafinil so it is better.

When you compare Modafinil and other nootropic drugs you will find that Modafinil is much safer andmore effective in causing cognitive enhancement. Both the locomoter and histamoine activities may be greatly improved by taking Modafinil. The only limitation to Modafinil is the tendency for developing tolerance level by the users which can be curbed by taking only 100-200 mg of Modafinil regularly.

Modup Modafinil vs. Adderall

How Modafinil is better than Adderall (Buy Modafinil here!)

When you have to choose between two good drugs, one needs to compare the health benefits. Although there is no benchmark to prove which one is better certain strengths about Modafinil make it better than Adderall. One thing remains common is that both are responsible for increasing the mental alertness. The brain becomes sharper and one feels less tired. But then each of this nootropic drug is in a niche of its own.
Where Modafinil scores?
Adderall benefits
Its effects can remain longer in the brain. It also acts a little bit faster in comparison to Adderall. Adderall on the other hand activates the dopamine section.
If one is tired during the day, it can induce wakefulness quickly. It provides stimulant to the brain.
Most people work during the day, hence it is important that this drug works then. It provides energy to the person. Works on people with specific conditions.
Many students who have taken this drug feel more creative in their ability to take exams Modafinilimage19confidently. This is more useful for people who had ADHD disorder.
It is a multitasker that helps the functioning of the brain overall.

Not only mentally, it works physically also for the person.
Mood elevation is complete It can create a feeling of peace and calm.
In case of ADHD disorders the focus is stronger Students need it for increasing ability to remember
The stimulation is stronger and wakefulness is lower It normalizes the sleep patterns
Professionals also can use it A few professionals use it

Eventually, the two drugs are very similar in their way to relieve the patients. Modafinil is available online with many legitimate websites. Adderall was used mostly in Europe at one time. It helped people who had narcolepsy and sleep apnea. When it was taken people felt very motivated to perform. It works on neurotransmitter called Hypocretin. While Modafinil is mild, Adderall can give liver problems. The dosage should be for short term only. The blood pressure also increases in high potency doses. This drug has enzymes that damage the liver. If there are people who have a medical history of liver problems, then this drug should be avoided. It is best to speak with a doctor, who can guide and prescribe the right medication.

Modafinil also has reactions when it is taken in higher doses. It will cause headaches and nausea. In very rare cases, there are skin conditions like SJS, TEN and DRESS. Even before ordering for this drug one should seek medical help. In comparison to Adderall, the liver has no problem when this drug is consumed. No patient has reported any problems as yet. Since the drug does not convert into the blood stream in the same way, it is not a problem for the liver. There are obviously lesser risks involved with Modafinil than with Adderall. There is enough information online with the people who manufacture and those who sell them. Read all information about the risks involved before buying any of them.

CoA and Further Testing

We have spoken directly to HAB (Modvigil Manufacturer) and they have agreed to give us regular CoAs for batches we purchase. We have published Certificates of Analysis for previous batches we’ve sold.

Here are some recent CoAs:

A LCMS of the Modvigil showed it did not contain these compounds. It has only one component: Modafinil 68693-11-8.

The LCMS is published below


[Lab information has been redacted at request of the Lab.]