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Does the number of online vendors that sell smart drugs overwhelm you? It can be a hard decision to buy true quality modafinil, which is one of the most common in demand. How do you know the source is genuine and will not turn out to be a scam? Browse through this database to know what could be helpful. This is one smart drug, which is increasingly becoming popular.


No serious side effects make it popularModafinilimage2


A lot of friends recommend this drug rather than the doctor, which is not right! With the number of buyers increasing, it is important to pick the genuine vendor online. When the number of scamsters equals the authentic ones, then what sets one online vendor from another?


  1. A scam website will definitely ship the pills. However, they will not be genuine Modafinil. They will be caffeine stimulants. You may feel awake for 2 hours, but it is not right. The real one will ensure that you are awake and also alert for at least 16 hours. So when you buy, don’t order it in bulk straight away.
  2. Modafinil is the generic or the basic name of a formulation that works. Each pharma company has their own formulation of it. Hence there are different names like Provigil, Alertec, Modiodal, Mod alert and Modapro. Ask a doctor as to which one should you take for the first time.
  3. Some websites may claim that their cheap selling brands are better and economical. However, the main ingredient has to be Modafinil. Then only you can buy true quality Modafinil online. If this active ingredient is not there the brand is useless.
  4. The smart drug modafinil is the one that keeps one active and alert. So look out for the description on the website and the visual of the label.
  5. A legit site will have an SSL certification.
  6. One pill of 200 mg costs about USD 2. There is no need to pay more than this.


Address of the website should be real


It is important to ascertain that the website address (not the url) but the real address of the vendor is also mentioned. This creates a trust level to buy the genuine drug. There are many offshore vendors that sell cheap drugs. They ship them across continents and are reputed. However, some are not, and that’s where the trouble is. Get the container checked by the local chemist and also try to tell the symptoms after taking the dose. It will determine if you are taking the right quality drug.


A refund policy and proper terms and conditions should be specified by the website. Ask for some form of communication to ensure that you will not be scammed. According to the FDA, this nootropic is classified in Schedule IV and is regulated. There is no way it can be abused or addictive to the person using it. In some countries, a prescription is important to be produced before you buy true quality Modafinil online.s


Modafinil for work shift sleep disorder

Wakefulness inducing Modafinil for shift workers

Shift workers are in desperate need of taking such drugs that help them in staying awake amid work. In almost all the developed countries of the world, atleast 10% of workforce are involved in some kind of shift work. As per the European statistics, three quarters of the masses have non-standard working hours. Disturbances to waking and normal sleeping patterns aggravate the risk of major hazardous accidents and affect the health of the shift workers very severely. It is very crucial; to avoid shift work, wherever possible, and improve the schedule of shift work so that workers attain normal sleeping, waking and working patterns. Highly demanding jobs, where one is unable to avoid shift work in any case such as physicians, military men, police force, can potentially opt for alertness inducing Modafinil that really works and benefits the shift workers.

Reverse the body clock with the best nootropic

The miracle of pharmacology keeps on appearing every day with each and every drug being unique in its own way. Just like Viagra and Prozac, there is another drug called Modafinil that is sure to succeed. The names of two drugs mentioned have made their entry in the everyday language and now have received tremendous global following. Alertness inducing Modafinil enables one to stay awake for as long as 40 or more hours, offering the mind full mental capacity to function effectively while causing least side Modafinilimage15effects. Modafinil, the ground-breaking invention is known for improving memory, enhancing the mood, cognitive powers and also alertness. The drug gives a much smoother feel than the other amphetamines which enable users stay alert for 40+ hours, which are miraculous. Marketed as Provigil, Modafinil drug is psychostimulant, which is even approved by Food and Drug Administration for it improves the efficiency of patients who suffer from excessive sleepiness that is associated with obstructive sleep apnea, shift work disorder, narcolepsy and hyponea syndrome. The drug offers a complete mental capacity for around 40 hours without giving any feeling of mental fatigue or nausea. The drug has gained widespread usage owing to the fact that there are no side effects. There is no jitteriness associated to Modafinil, which is normally attached to the other drugs. Students who wish to study throughout the night before exams can do conveniently, businessmen can prepare their presentations without any requirement for sleep during nights. It functions differently from cocaine, and dextroamphtamine and even caffeine that are the most effective agents for inducing wakefulness.

Sleep deprivation: The common place occurrence

Without drugs, humans cannot function well. In the everyday fast-paced lifestyle and increasing demands of jobs requiring the full use of mental faculty, sleep deprivation is most common. In the modern culture sleeping and waking disturbances is the commonplace occurrences that require to be combated. Alertness inducing Modafinil may safely double the alertness and mental capacity of individuals to allow the military men work with a double dose of energy and wakefulness. Its tremendous benefits have been realised globally.

Modafinil for mood enhancement!

Modafinil: Mood-brightening nootropic of the millennium

Modafinil, the nootropic, is a mood-brightening and memory-improving psychostimulant that enhances wakefulness, vigilance and improves the great capacity for attention. However, the efficacy of the nootropic must not be jumbled up with cocaine, amphetamines or even Ritalin that performs similar functions. The distinctive feature is that it will not cause anxiety, depression, jitteriness, or increased locomotor activity, and user will never experience any hypesomnolent or any kind of rebounding effect unlike the traditional stimulants. If you buy Modafinil, certainly you will feel smoother and clean than the amphetamines. Modafinil, also known as Provigil, is approved by FDA or Food and Drug Administration that helps in the long way to treat disorders related to sleep. It acts as the anxiolytic which implies that it is taken to cure sleep disturbances and heal diseases concerning neurodegenerative disorders. Even by healthy people, Modafinil is preferred to control attention.

The distinctive application of Modafinil besides the enhancement of alertness

Modafinilimage17Stimulants are generally used for augmenting antidepressant treatments in patients who normally suffer from neurological disorders. Patients who generally have partial responses to first line of therapy are given Modafinil doses, which are the most novel psychostimulant. The product is marketed widely for treating daytime sleepiness. The drug directly impacts the nervous system of the user to treat narcolepsy. Having lower abuse potential, studies reveal that patients can attain remission within the duration of just 1-2 weeks. Prior to start of Modafinil, there is a bit of tiredness or fatigue experienced, which gets cured gradually. The drug has fewer or absolutely no side effects and appears to be the drug of great promise that augments the process of anti-depression. Simply because the drug has lesser abuse potential, more and more people buy Modafinil. Prescribed for off-level reasons, Modafinil treats ADHD, neurotic or mood disorders and acts as the fantastic cognitive enhancer. Being one of the best smart drugs, Modafinil has received positive reviews and has been widely acknowledged. The impact of Modafinil lasts nearly for 14-15 hours, which is really amazing. It will be great to fine-tune the scheduling of the drug accordingly.

Safe, effective, better tested, and well-tolerated Modafinil

If you buy Modafinil, you can yourself know how powerful the drug is when it comes to the healing of sleep disorders. Elevating the level of hypothalamic histamine, researchers have been finding this drug as a great wakefulness promoting agent when compared with other related amphetamine stimulants available in the market. It has the superb capability to inhibit the actions of dopamine transporter which in turn boosts extracellular activities and hence dopamine’s synaptic concentrations. The drug also has monoamine effects as found out in recent studies. It helps in the activation of neurons that in turn increases dopamine and also the levels of norepinephrine levels to improve histamine levels. Action in the human brain gets automatically enhanced by the release of histamine. Well, several benefits have been found in the drug, and it gives the best result if taken during the morning.

Memory benefits of Modafinil

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is an exceptional drug, and is a nootropic that boosts the attentiveness as well as the liveliness levels to get the person on the go. It is, in particular, taken by people who do not get a sufficient amount of sleep or have a disturbed sleep. It is an excellent stimulant that boosts the energy of the body better than caffeine and other supplementary stimulants. It is an incredible and a useful awareness enhancer that is set for people who suffer from problems such as obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy as well as added sleep disorders.

Modafinilimage44It is also referred to as an analeptic drug that is approved by the FDA, as well as classified as a smart drug that can be consumed by a person to improve their performance and triumph over their setback of lack of sleep or fatigue. Modafinil is sold under different names such as Sun Pharma, Modalert, Provigil, Modapro as well as Modiodal. More than one tablet should not be taken in a day, and it must be preferably taken in the morning to treat conditions like narcolepsy. However, if it is used to take care of different work timings, then it can be taken one hour prior to the work shift.

Important Benefits of Modafinil

Modafinil is known to have great cognitive effects that are favorable for a person to be active during work and even when they are preparing for their exams. The important benefits it provides as a cognitive enhancer include:

  • It offers better energy levels and alertness for healthy adults.
  • It provides a balanced boost to the mental energy of a person and does not cause problems like nervousness.
  • It is an outstanding pharmaceutical product used to support wakefulness.
  • It is a consciousness promoting stimulant that is used to treat narcolepsy.
  • The drug can perk up even cognitive functions of the body.
  • It enhances the mood of a person.
  • The person becomes more outgoing.
  • It provides an enhanced way of thinking as well as skills to generate intellectual connections.

It is also known to improve memory and learning power in rodents, as well as to overturn memory loss that is stimulated by nervous tension or deprivation of sleep. It is an excellent drug that works well for individuals who are inclined to take a nap and do not have an intermittent call to stay awake until late night for something impressive. The main advantage of Modafinil is that it provides action to your brain, which is not interested in recognizing tiredness as well as low energy signals that would, by and large, tell you to creep into your couch.


 Precautions to Be Taken Before Taking Modafinil Drug

It is an important promoting agent that works by changing the natural chemicals in the brain. It must not be used if you are allergic to this compound, or if you develop any rashes on the skin, on its consumption. People with a history of heart problems must also avoid taking this agent as it can cause a lot of health issues. In certain medical conditions, the Modafinil drug interacts and before its intake, it is necessary to consult the Doctor.

Some of the other situations where this drug should not be consumed without prior consultation with the Doctor are, pregnancy, if you are allergic to any food or medicine, and in case of any liver, kidney or heart problems. It could also include problems such as high blood pressure and mood problems. Hence, make use of this memory improving tablet, which is a psycho stimulant and that boost’s sleeplessness, only after checking with your Doctor’s.

Why Modafinil Has No Crash or Withdrawal

Anyone taking smart drugs is bound to have this lurking fear that they may not get into a habit of consuming the drug and what will be the consequence if they stopped taking it. This is a natural apprehension, because most drugs that are recommended for typical symptoms like loss of memory and other attention disorders, do act on the brain cells and the body’s nervous system, and though they may provide relief from whatever was their difficulty, once they feel fully restored and stop using the drug or drugs; many of them feel what are known as withdrawal symptoms. These may include feeling jittery or even a minor breakdown of the nervous system and so on. Fortunately, Modafinil is one smart drug that has been tested and found to have no such crash or withdrawal. Read on.

Modafinil at its Best

Modafinil or its equivalent taken in other names, as permitted by the FDA,  can be relied upon to provide a calming effect and address the main issue it is recommended for, namely symptoms related to narcolepsy. People who find it difficult to fight sleep during the day and under perform in their work or study or whichever profession, they may be engaged in, turn to Modafinil. The smart drug does not disappoint them. It acts to correct the imbalance in the brain’s activity and acts very rapidly. It is not surprising that this smart drug was the inspiration behind the NZT-48 that the protagonist takes in the movie Limitless. The pill is depicted to be responsible for this hero in the film, writing a whole book in a matter of 4 days. So there are two obvious advantages one can expect to derive from using the smart drug. One is to address the problem of feeling sleepy all the time. The second and the more important effect is the amount of positivity and energy, both physically and mentally. This new energy is what drives the individual to perform better. As portrayed by the character in the film, if the person has creative talent, Modafinil makes it come through even better.

No Side Efects; No Crash

Modafinilimage47However, the makers of Modafinil have succeeded in a more critical area. It is as good as established that Modafinil does not have any side effects. The main reason behind this could be that unlike many similar remedy drugs, Modafinil does not act directly on the central nervous system. It does help the brain to send the right signals so that the person remains alert, can focus on the task at hand and succeed in whatever he or she has set out to do. And when you are done with the mission, you should be able to stop taking the pills and will find no difference in your body or mind, and can continue doing what you normally do.

One other example cited to establish the merits of Modafinil, as a smart drug that does not induce any crash, is the fact that even specialist forces in the military are recommended to take Modafinil if they have to stay alert for a longer duration without sleeping or follow an uneven sleep/ awake routine. If the drug was even remotely associated with such symptoms like crash or withdrawal, the military, which has its own laboratories and testing facilities, would not have chosen Modafinil. Moreover, Modafinil is not one of those habit-forming drugs as well.

So, anyone with the symptoms associated with sleep disorders, requiring to stay awake to complete an important task or a mission and stay absolutely alert and sharply focused throughout, can conveniently take Modafinil and benefit.

Can Modafinil Cause Euphoria?

Have you ever been so high on alcohol that you have felt like it is snowing even in summer? Or have you just been high on Modafinil? Euphoria is something that can be induced after the intake of Modafinil, and this will take you high like a fly. Jokes apart, the reviews of this particular drug show that there are many people who have had been transported to a state of euphoria after taking Modafinil. Although, the basic intention of taking such medicine is not to take you to some other world, but to give that extra boost in your system to keep you awake for long, in times of need.


A medicine which is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, Modafinil, is used to cure people with narcolepsy or shift work sleep disorders, all of which deal with the feeling of sleepiness in a person. It is also advised to those people who would want to stay awake to complete some work or a certain assignment. Now, if the dosage is being modulated by the patient themselves, and if it goes beyond what was previously being referred to him, then the person might feel a little out of place and dizzy.

Personal Experiences with Modafinil :

Let us now take into concern what some particular patient had to say. He was keen on staying awake and hence took Modafinil to cure his sensation of sleepiness. Anyways, he, somewhere between maintaining a sane mind and trying to keep off the sleepiness took a lot of doses of this medicine and hence, felt the mild euphoric condition of his senses. He, although was awake and very much alert to his surroundings and himself, yet felt to have a certain kind of ‘happy’ sensations in him, and soon he was complaining of ill health. Now, what we learn from this instance is that overdosing on Modafinil will although give you enough of a high, but it will soon take you to a nightmare and be damaging as well. He was very sure to have said that it was a recreational drug, and in the end had claimed that it was far from being a recreational drug as it had kept him awake for more than 18 hours and also had adverse effects on his health. While, on the other hand, there is another reviewer who had praised the use of this medicine, as it was useful and had helped him to be conscious and alert without having the disgusting feeling of being sleepy. What he had done was that he took a good dose of this drug to keep his sleepiness at bay, and yet he felt the good sensation of being in the euphoric state.


To come to a conclusion, we may say that Modafinil can actually make you pass through a euphoric phase. Thus, you may consider it as one of its side effects, or you may even take it as just another feeling induced by this medicine. However, it is never advisable for any patient to increase their dose as per their will because this medicine is not built to give you the high; it is built for a certain purpose. Although, the scientists claim that this medicine has no such effect, which will let you get addicted to it, but why take chances and just simply go through all the side effects which this medicine is known to provide. It is never a good idea to be affected by migraine or have a feeling of anxiety because of a medicine; hence, take Modafinil in the right dose and enjoy the tiny bit of high, which it will provide.

Modafinil Side Effects

Modafinil Side effects

Any and every drug we take has some kind of side effects. Some can make you feel dizzy, some might even put you down to sleep for a while, some may cause itching and so on. However, the point you need to be concerned about is how serious these effects are. There are some severe consequences too for taking a drug, so it should always be important for you to know all the details about it. Now, some things to think about when purchasing Modafinil, the doctors say that the side effects which this particular medicine would induce in a person are truly mild and hence will not harm their health in the long run. However, it is always better to take this drug after it has been prescribed by the physician, as he would be the best judge of your condition, your health and what suits you.

Modafinilimage51Sleep probably is the most important thing, because unless, and until you have had an ample amount of rest, you will never be able to function properly. However, at times, this sleep only hinders some major work, and the sensation of being sleepy is one killer thing, which none of us would want. This is where Modafinil comes in. This medicine is used to cure the extreme feeling of sleepiness when one is suffering from narcolepsy, or something of that sort. It has been approved by the Administrators of the United States and hence, should not in any way harm the people. Modafinil is also the drug which is prescribed to a regular person to keep the sleepiness at bay too. That being said, let us now delve much deeper into the point which deals with the side effects of Modafinil.

The common ones:

The most common side effects, which this medicine is known to have are,

  • Mild nausea
  • Dehydration
  • Blurred vision

These are the most common side effects that might happen to a person who is on these drugs. To be particular, one can say that these kinds of effects would happen to one person if there were 100 in a room, all taking the same medicine.

The rare ones

  • Acne
  • Dry eyes
  • Hyperactivity

When we were speaking of the common issues that might arise, it might have seemed to be very safe and okay, but there are some adverse cases that have been reported. Now, one need not judge the medication based on these cases, because there can be a lot of reasons behind it. Hence, if you have the dosage specified for you and your doctor actually feels that it is safe for you, go ahead and take it, because the doctor certainly knows a lot more than you would imagine. Over dosing on this medicine or taking lesser than what was prescribed will surely not fetch you the desired results. If there had to be some kind of alternative medication, the doctor would have pointed out that as well. So trust the physicians, keep it safe and drive away the sleepiness.