Long-term Effects of Modafinil

Originally, chronic sufferers of sleep disorders would be the only long-term users of modafinil. Conditions such as narcolepsy can’t be cured, only managed. As with any medicine, long-term effects can appear far down the road. What are the long-term effects of Modafinil?

Studies have shown that modafinil is extremely safe for long-term use, with a 9-month study being the longest one available. http://s3.amazonaws.com/academia.edu.documents/40699366/92_Mitler_et_al.__Sleep_Medicine__2000.pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ56TQJRTWSMTNPEA&Expires=1480515221&Signature=RJE9BkGNz99bVrugwrjfE0fJcIo%3D&response-content-disposition=inline%3B%20filename%3DLong-term_efficacy_and_safety_of_modafin.pdf

As of yet there are no published safety studies that examine patients for a year or more.

Taking into account what we definitely know, we can also make some projections about modafinil’s long-term effects.

Long-term effects: What we know

The first question researchers ask is “Is this drug going to be effective in the long term?” This is a huge question to answer. If a patient develops tolerance or dependence on the medicine, it can have hazardous effects down the line.

Tolerance is when a drug no longer works as well as it did before, forcing you to take more and more. Tolerance and dependence go hand in hand; dependence means you suffer negative effects when you stop taking the drug, also known as withdrawal symptoms. A large study on patients with depression showed no potential for tolerance, dependence, or abuse. https://www.gwern.net/docs/modafinil/2006-nasr.pdf

No study has shown any negative effects on patients’ health, outside of the normal side effects.

Positive long-term effects

If there aren’t any negative long-term effects from modafinil use, could there be good ones? Aside from the obvious benefit of improving a person’s condition, there could actually be some very uplifting benefits of modafinil in the long term.


Experts in psychology say it takes around 6 weeks to form a new habit. It’s possible to train yourself on modafinil to be more productive, and forge a habit that will stick with you even without the pill. Since modafinil helps you focus and get more done, you could have a long-term improvement in your work ethic if you use it diligently.


Life can get out of hand for all of us sometimes. Maybe you have too many things to do at once, or your work has many steps that create confusing situations. Whatever the case, you can become more organized by sticking to a modafinil schedule.

Make lists for the things you need to do, break down your activities into steps, and use modafinil’s ability to improve your executive cognition. Once you know how your brain works on modafinil, you could consciously do the same thing later.

Potential long-term problems

On the other hand, we could project some possible problems with modafinil when used for a long period of time.


You might feel like you can take on the world and do anything with modafinil, but be careful not to devote your entire life to work. If you take on more than you can handle, your stress levels can rise. Stress is detrimental to your health, it can even shave years off of your life.

The key, as with everything, is balance. You absolutely can improve yourself and your behavior with modafinil, but be mindful of your work-life balance. Take a day off from time to time and relax. You’ve earned it with all that work you’ve done!

Modafinil in Comparison to Psychostimulants

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arison to Psychostimulants

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a drug taken orally, and is used to enhance wakefulness in patients who suffer from excessive sleepiness caused by narcolepsy (excess daytime sleepiness) or shift work sleep disorder (difficulty in falling asleep or sleep during scheduled hours). The parent drug is Adrafinil. Modafinil is in a class of medications known as wakefulness promoting agents. The precise mechanism of action for the drug is unknown, though scientists say that it works by changing the amounts of certain natural substances in the area of the brain where sleep and wakefulness is controlled.

What are side effects of Modafinil?

 It is important to note that clinical trial side effects may be different from any other patient hence one should be able to see his/her doctor if experiencing unusual problems when taking this medication.

There are effects that only if severe or prolonged, one is supposed to inform his/her doctor; they are headache, dizziness, difficulty staying asleep/falling asleep, drowsiness, nausea, constipation, heartburn, loss of appetite, dry mouth, nosebleed, excessive thirst, back pain and numbness of the skin.

Modafinilimage52Some side effects can be serious, if you is experiencing any of the following symptoms after taking the drug, inform your doctor immediately: rash, blisters, peeling skin, mouth sores, hoarseness or difficulty breathing/swallowing.

What Dosage of Modafinil is appropriate?

 Modafinil is in one or two doses, either in the morning for one dose of in the morning and at midday for two doses. This is since it has a half-life of 15 hours, if taken after midday; it may cause lack of sleep to its users. It comes as a tablet of about 200mg. Incase case you miss your dosage, one is supposed to wait until the time next when you will take the dose. Modafinil should not be misused in place of getting enough sleep since it may cause side effects, follow the doctor’s instructions. I used with drugs such as valium and Tofranil; it shows increased effects of toxicity.

What are Modafinil’s Benefits?

Modafinil has proved to be resourceful in the treatment of narcolepsy, a neurological disorder with attacks of daytime sleepiness. The use of the drug is also in treatment of Alzeihmer’s disease, attention-deficit disorder (ADHD) and multiple sclerosis-induced fatigue. Other than clinically, it has been used by military as well as astronauts to boost soldier activity in the United States among other countries. Pilots of air force planes take this drug to reduce the tenancy of sleep and stay active when flying. Modafinil also has use off the label to treat sedation and fatigue in many conditions including depression.

What are the effects of Modafinil?

There are two types of effects associated with the use of Modafinil, though effects vary greatly with the amount of dosage taken.

l Short Term Effects

The short-term benefits include brain boosting by increasing, concentration span and help with mental focus for people suffer who suffer from hyperactive minds

l Long Term Effects

Over a long period, Modafinil can cause a result of dependency to the drug. It is not clear to scientists on the long-term effects of this drug since it has only been in existence for 16 years.

History of Modafinil

Professor Michel Jouvet and Lafon Laboratories discovered Modafilin in France. This was in the late 1970s, together with invention of benzhydryl, sulfinyl compounds and firstly used in narcolepsy treatment in France in 1986. In 1994, it prescribed in France under the name ‘Modiodal’ and in the United States under the name ‘Povigil’. Cephalon Inc. markets Modafinil n the United States. After necessary negotiations and patents, generic versions of the drug were available since 2012.

Research on Modafinil

 Due to its military use, the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense and The Indian Armed Forces Medical Services are both researching on the drug. Modafinil compared to psycho stimulants has not been very clear since it has only been around for less than 2 decades. In pharmacokinetics, individuals with the Val/Val genotype experience a great improvement in their activity while those with Met/Met experience less improvement. Modafinil has no clear action of mechanism though research has t that it interacts with numerous neurotransmitters. It is clear that Modafinil improves functions of the brain extensively.

Modafinil vs. Psycho stimulants

Modafinil has an advantage than the use of psycho stimulants. The use of Modafinil compared to psycho stimulants has reduced the randomized controlled trial due to its action to local brain region. This is advantageous since the drug targets only the brain and not drastically to other body parts as psycho stimulants act randomly. Modafinil works on multiple brain processes at the same time to produce a clean sense of stimulation and bring a natural sense of being alert. Psycho stimulants are susceptible to the patient’s neurochemistry and works mentally as well as physically depending on if the patient has (ADHD).

How to Use Modafinil

 A doctor or equivalent professional in dosages prescribes Modafinil can cause side effects or due to under/over dosing result to lack of comfort to the user. People who have allergies to the drug may not use it. Patients with conditions such as kidney disease, liver cirrhosis and a history of drug addiction may not use the drug unless stated otherwise by your doctor. Avoid missing doses.

Modafinil may serve as a very vital drug in the future if consistent research continues on the side effects and it tested fit for your consumption.


Modafinil vs Ritalin for optimum stimulation

Modafinil vs. Ritalin-

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Prescription of Ritalin is for-

There was a time when inattentiveness or hyperactivity and being impulsive were considered normal in children. Society has changed and so have the new generations. A few adults with such symptoms have additional problems of interpersonal relationships. These are all patients of ADHD. Such patients need Ritalin, a drug that controls the symptoms.

Modafinilimage1Modafinil is prescribed for…

Then there are those people who find it difficult to keep awake during the day even after sleeping all night. The brain does not retain any information. They have problems in coordinating skills, emotions and other mental activities. A smart drug called modafinil is administered to help such patients. In fact, this is a drug that is also used for patients who have ADHD indications. It is mild and stimulates the mind to work better.

Ever since there have been reports of ADHD and also ADD patients improving with Modafinil, or Adrafinil, there is a bigger demand for it. Ritalin has been in existence for long but with the entry of Modafinil, the equations have changed. There is a debate featuring ModafinilVs Ritalin. Which is better for serious patients?  How does Modafinil score when Ritalin is already being prescribed?

What is the Ritalin profile?

Vis a vis, issues of ADD and ADHD, Ritalin is a Schedule II drug as classified by FDA. Doctors prescribe it for ADHD symptoms exclusively. When a dose of this medication is taken the mind is at peace. The attention span also increases. It is also a central nervous stimulant. It is able to control the impulsiveness and hyperactivity areas of the brain. It is also useful in case of people who feel the need to sleep even during the day. Those who have anxiety problems cannot use this drug. Person who remains awake with this medication does so with dopamine and norepinephrine.

Understanding ADHD symptoms which manifest before the age of 7 years

There are three kinds of ADHD as classified by medical fraternity:


  1. Combined (which is very common). It concerns with hyperactivity, inattentive ness and impulsiveness.
  2. Inattentive (also called ADD). The patient has no attention span and has difficulty in concentrating.
  3. Hyperactive-impulsive ADHD. There is no inattentiveness involved.

Such people will make careless mistakes, even in adult life. They do not remain in one activity for long.

Focus on Modafinil for the last decade

There are many reasons why Modafinil is making more waves by the user groups of ADHD. It is stimulating and at the same time mild. It has lesser side effects. It can calm the nerves and the mind for a longer period. Unlike Ritalin, it can also be purchased off the counter. While Ritalin uses dopamines to help the brain to clam down, in case of Modafinil, it is the histamines. These are natural chemicals of the body and far safer to use. If branded Modafinil is taken, then it is expensive. However, its generic variety is more economical.

Modafinil Reviews

Treat idiopathic hypersomnia with doses of Modafinil

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Modafinil, the psychostimulant which has been made available in France for treating idiopathic hypersomnia, and narcolepsy has confirmed efficacy for treating narcolepsy. The former clinical files inadequately judged the potency of the drug, but final tests revealed only the superior performance of Modafinil as great cognitive enhancer. Unlike placebo that reduces daytime sleepiness only moderately; Modafinil reduces unwanted sleep thoroughly and offers unlimited wakefulness for around 40+ hours. Preferred by nearly 84% of the patients, the drug has the tremendous potential of subduing daytime sleepiness more than any other nootropic. As per Modafinil reviews, its impact persists for four months on an average according to the placebo-controlled trial. The safety profile of the nootropic, Modafinil appears somewhat similar to non amphetamine psychostimulants. Unlike the other nootropics, there is no sign of dependence causing withdrawal symptoms as per the testsModafinilimage11 conducted on so many patients.

Modafinil Reviews: Reinforcing the status of “Super Smart Drug

Modafinil reviews popularly reinforce the status of “super smart drug” as a result of which the drug has been granted the media hype. Across the message boards, medical journals and nootropic forums, Modafinil has soared to a fantastic level of popularity. The endless benefits of ‘Limitless’ inspired drug, has been proved and confirmed by the scientific researches. Modafinil is a powerful medium that aids in concentration and focus. Provigil or Modafinil is unparalleled with respect to psychoactive drugs available in the market. Developed in France for the treatment of narcolepsy, it immediately creates the state for alert thoughts and intense wakefulness but then the state that leads to such a function is still unknown. Creating a much heightened level of dopamine, Modafinil enhances attentiveness and motivation.

What actually increases the level of alertness when one intakes Modafinil?

The smart drug Modafinil is superbly tied to levels of hypocretins, orexins and histamines that activate stimulation in the neurons of histaminergic tuberomammilliary that shoots up the level of alertness. Such an activity creates great mental energy and clear thoughts in the mind of the user. It does not cause the side effects of norepinephrine spike and over-stimulation of dopamine. So the effect of Modafinil seems to come differently than stimulants that are amphetamine-like.

What are the user reviews of Modafinil nootropic drug?

Although Provigil is designed for aiding wakefulness, users pop in the nootropic for cognitive enhancement. In almost every prestigious university, Provigil or Modafinil is greatly popular. Demanding workloads requiring uninterrupted focus or sharp thinking for hours, Provigil is extremely popular over there. Modafinil reviews report that the nootropic drug has an immense potential to skyrocket the concentration level in tasks that are technical in nature, such as study of sciences, computer programming or reading. Those who take Modafinil while accomplishing such tasks do not feel fatigued, distracted or lazy. There is the significant banishment of procrastination and the drug magnificently eliminates mental fog by treating mental fog efficiently. There have been positive reviews about Modafinil owing to which it is widely preferred by the masses.


Modafinil-The best Smart Drug for Performance and Speed

Why Modafinil is the best smart drug available

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Do you wish to keep awake and alert while at work? In hazardous places like oil refineries, workers need to be extra vigilant on site. You cannot be drinking coffee or tea all the time to keep the eyes open. The mind gets numb, and the brain stops to function. So if you wish there was a magic pill to remove all these dreadful effects, then there is one, and it is a nootropic called Modafinil. Why Modafinil is the best smart drug available on the market? There are numerous reasons.


Modafinilimage20This drug actually keeps one awake for long periods


If you wish to experience its potency, then you have to try it. On the Internet, there are several websites that offer information about this smart drug. One can also get instructions on how it is to be taken, when, and for how long. Its side effects are also mentioned. Look at the spectrum of patients and normal people that can benefit from it:


  1. Sportspersons who need vital stamina booster to endure long practice sessions
  2. People who are diagnosed with ADHD
  3. Executives with high profile jobs
  4. Workers who do night shifts
  5. Nurses who work at odd hours
  6. Cabin crew and hotel industry executives
  7. Students who wish to excel in their exams
  8. People in high risk jobs like oil refineries


Let’s take, for example, those who suffer from ADHD. Some of them are so used to Ritalin that it does not affect them anymore. Hence for them, Modafinil is one of the best options on the market. There are other generic drugs also, but this is the best on the list. It certainly makes one more prepared. It is also a well-known fact that those who work in different shifts ruin their biological clocks. These people are likely to suffer from narcolepsy. Since the sleep cycle is disrupted, they tend to become sluggish. Modafinil is the smart drug that can make them more vibrant and energetic. They have responded to this drug positively.


For how long can we be awake?


An average adult will start to feel sleepy after 12 13 hours of work. However, when a nootropic like Modafinil is taken, one can keep awake for 16 hours without feeling tired. On the positive side, it is good for people who work for long hours in the hospitals and clinics, shifts and departments. On the other hand, it is not very good if it is abused. Too much of it can be fatal. It will cause headaches. If students take this drug for studies in the day and to party at night, then the result will be negative after a few hours.


The fact that this drug has the least number of side effects, it is the reason enough to be popular. The chemical formula that makes up this drug is immediately released into the brain. It starts to work within 2-3 hours. The slow release of the chemical is important. This is also why it has a lesser number of side effects.


Stacking Noopept and Modafinil

Stacking Noopept and Modafinil

A lot of people who are known to be suffering from energy deficiencies usually find themselves in a dilemma when they are deciding upon whether they’re going to purchase noopept or modafinil.  When it comes to making such tough decisions, it is best to undertake the process of stacking noopept and modafinil one against the other and determining their various advantages and disadvantages.

Primary location

The biggest determining factor with regard to the consumption of these performance enhancing drugs is that the availability of it is the first thing that has to be taken into account.  With regard to noopept, a very basic understanding of the agent itself is that it is something that is primarily available in Russia itself.  Even though the possibility of availability and outside markets is not ruled out, the general perception lies on the fact that it is something that is native to pressure.
When it comes to determining the availability of modafinil, the logic dictates that it is available readily everywhere.


While determining the purposes that are to be served by the consumption of such drugs, it is always essential to have a basic idea of the impairment or the disability that a person suffers from.  First and foremost, having a clear idea of this will be able to throw light upon the various drugs that are capable of taking care of such diseases, and that in turn will make the decision far simpler.Modafinilimage26

In this regard, the understanding is actually very simple.  The former agent is set to pose as the capabilities of taking care of memory related issues and enhancing the performance of the brain.  This by itself can be deemed as a very good benefit.  However, the latter is believed to have a far more holistic answer when it comes to dealing with such problems.

Not only does modafinil take care of memory related problems and deal with the performance of the brain; it is also capable of taking care of the various physical needs that a person has to deal with.  The most basic function in this regard is with dealing at the level of laziness and energy deficiencies that a person can come across.  In fact, it is believed that modafinil is one of the best performance and energy enhancing agents that are available on the market.

Another factor that is taken into account is the amount of money that a person has to spend to be able to get a hold of a particular drug that is of use to them.  At times, it may seem that money is not a factor but there are obviously going to be situations where purchasing such medicinal agents is going to be determined by the constraints that are placed by the budget that is in question.

However, the primary determinant of the medicine that is going to be purchased is best left to the expert opinion and interpretation of the medical practitioner, simply because he has a clear knowledge of the technicalities and side effects.

How Does Modafinil Compare to Adrafinil?

How does Modafinil compare to Adrafinil

Dealing with energy related problems is a massive crisis that a lot of people have to go through.  However, with the advent of technology and the advancement of medical science, there are a host of options are available to patients who need to take care of their energy related problems by using medicinal agents.

Before, the use of such medicines was actually deemed to be unfit or unhealthy simply because their side effects were not clearly determined.  However, a trend that is being seen nowadays is the fact that a lot of people have faith in the amount of effort that medicine companies put into determining the side effects.

Modafinilimage27It is this simple reason that can be attributed to the sudden increase in the demand for medicine such as modafinil and adrafinil.  However, a question that comes into the mind of most people who are going to take the help of such drugs is that, how does modafinil compare to adrafinil.

When it comes to drawing a comparison such as this, there are a number of factors that have to be taken into account.  They may be discussed as follows:

The fact that a medicine is recognized by the medical fraternity determines that it is feasible and widely accepted.  This sort of recognition usually comes from the fact that there is some sort of label that it is attached to.  With regard to the discussion about modafinil, there is no room for any doubt.  It is a clearly established and well known brand and there is no room for any confusion.  With regard to adrafinil, the boundary is a little blurred.  While it is possible to get hold of the drug when a particular brand is sought, there are often instances where there is no particular brand that can be attributed to the production of it.

It is then that certain doubts may come to mind.  However, the opinion of the medical practitioner is final.

When it comes to getting a hold of performance or energy augmenting agents, there is usually a sense of urgency that is attached when a person decides that he or she is going to be needing it.  The biggest advantage that can be seen when making a comparison such as this is the fact that modafinil is available almost everywhere without much trouble.

Public opinion

The sort of herd mentality that people follow with regard to their daily lives is reflected upon the way they go about buying medicines as well.  Simply because modafinil is a widely accepted medicine, it gets the vote from many other people who are going to be consuming it to be able to boost their energy levels.

While at first it may seem plausible to take a decision by one’s self based upon the abundance of information that is available in books and on the Internet, it is actually a job that is best left to the experts simply because of the technicalities that are involved in it.

How can I get a Provigil Script?

How can I get a provigil prescription?
The city life for many is a very cumbersome one.  Getting ahead with the daily day to day activities and performing them with equal efficiency every day may not be something that everyone is capable of pulling off.  It is for this reason that a lot of people are going to be reliant on substances that are capable of boosting their energy and getting rid of their beak fullness.


It is in this regard that a common question is asked by people who are willing to get ahead with the day by using a few substances that are medicinally not harmful.  With regard to the use of provigil, a common question that is passed by a person who is going to use it is: how can I get a provigil prescription?

In this regard, the answer that is going to be provided is as complex as it can be simple.  Here are some of the logical reasons that can be put forth in order to be able to have a greater understanding of going about getting a prescription to be able to get hold of provigil.

Doctor at hand

In order to be able to cater to the needs of the normal human being, it is assumed that anybody who is suffering from wakefulness is going to seek the help of their doctor and will not be relying on online techniques in order to get remedies that are not tried and tested.

A simple logic that comes to mind is that when a doctor determines that his patient is in the need of something like provigil, it is obvious that he has recommended the medicine and will obviously provide a prescription so that the patient is able to get a hold of it at the pharmacy without having to answer too many questions.  This by far can be enumerated as the simplest method of going about getting a provigil prescription.

Other ways

There are circumstances when a person is not able to get hold of the regular doctor and is in need of provigil immediately.  The best that they can get a prescription in this regard is by getting a hold of a doctor that is not their regular physician and convincing them about the fact that they are regular users of the product.

In a hurry

For those who cannot afford to spend any time in getting hold of the various formalities that are involved in managing a prescription in order to be able to buy provigil, it is best adviced to have a word with whoever is at the counter of the medicine shop and convey to them their dilemma and hurry.  In most cases, it may prove to be an ineffective way of going about things but there is obviously no harm in trying.

Often, it is advised by doctors to the patients to get a prescription that has a sort of long validity and will be able to get them provigil without having to go

Why Modafinil is the most potent nootropic?

People from all over the world are very much determined to find the answer as to which nootropic is the best among the entire list of drugs available on the market. And thus we have taken it upon us to find out which one is better. However, before we go ahead and start discussing what we have found so far, let us be clear about one thing; a nootropic is the best if it suits your body type. Medicines work best if they are being prescribed by someone, such as a doctor, who knows your habits and body condition. Hence, it is advisable that you refer to a doctor before you jump ahead and start with your self-prescribed medicines. Anyways, not to stray away from the topic at hand, we declare that according to our findings, Modafinil is the most potent nootropic.

Modafinil: An Unparallel Option For Staying Awake:

Modafinilimage39Those who suffer from ADHD are often asked to make Modafinil their go to drug and there is a very valid reason behind it. The thing is, in earlier times, doctors would prescribe drugs whose base was Ritalin. However, now, people have grown tolerant to them and hence; it does not show great results any more. So, to replace this drug with something more potent, they buy Modafinil. It certainly is a smart drug and thus, will surely increase your power of being alert and awake when needed.

When it is the best time to have Modafinil?

Modafinil is used for people suffering from narcolepsy or those suffering from shift work sleep disorder. Even those who have been trying to stay awake and feel an urge to work more and work harder at times when they are supposed to sleep, would find Modafinil as their cure. What researchers say is that this medicine has very mild side effects, and it is mostly seen that people would respond well to it. The way this works, is by releasing a chemical into your brain, which in turn stirs up the brain functions, a casual way of stating it, and so you feel better and alert at all times. Although, do not think for once that it will start working the moment you take it because this medicine works at its own pace, so better take it an hour before your work.

As most of the reviews go, Modafinil is the kind of nootropic, which one would most certainly recommend to a friend or anyone who is in need of this kind of medicine. It will not only make you aware of your surroundings and yourself, but it will also give a boost to your energy levels. Now isn’t that something you wish for? Moreover, this drug has been approved by the United States Food and Drug administration and hence, it is absolutely safe to use. It did not take time for Modafinil to beat caffeine and amphetamine, and this is the reason it is highly recommended.
Along with feeling awake and having a high boost of energy, some have said that there’s an euphoric kind of sensation after you take this, but that is the case when one has gone far beyond the prescribed limit. Some have even gone far enough and have stated that they had been awake for about 16 hours because of this particular medicine and did not feel dizziness, even a bit. Now sleep deprivation will not stop you from achieving what your heart desires, because you can treat it with Modafinil. No doubt it is the most potent nootropic as it is not just publicised by the companies, but many have reviewed it, and they are truly happy with the outcomes. Trust your doctors and trust Modafinil, it will lead you to the path of success.

10 Interesting Facts About The Brain

Brain facts 10 Interesting Facts About The Human Brain

Fact 1

Works Harder While Asleep

Sleep follows a pattern of non-rapid eye movement (NREM) and rapid eye movement (REM) for every 90 minutes. During the REM phase, the brain receives more energy and stays very active. Typically, dreams occur during the REM phase.

Fact 2

Faster Than a Racing Car

The information travels to and from the brain through the nerve cells or neurons at different speeds. Sometimes, the information can travel as fast as 268 miles per hour, making it faster than a racing car!

Fact 3

Wrap Around the Earth

The axon is a long nerve fiber used for transmitting messages from a neuron to other neurons or to the body tissues. It is estimated that the brain contains about 100 billion neurons and approximately 100,000 miles of axons that could wrap around the earth four times!

Fact 4

Brain Can Feel No Pain

The brain itself doesn’t have any pain receptors. Performing surgery on the brain would not result in any pain. However, the brain is still involved in sensing the pain through the nerve system. When a body part that has the pain receptors undergoes injury, the impulse is carried through the nerve to the brain to detect pain.

Fact 5


According to the researchers, 60 percent of the fat in a human body is accumulated in the brain, making it the fattest organ in the body. The brain needs fat for proper functioning, and any reduced level of fat might result in neurological disorders.

Fact 6

Brain vs. Tofu

The human brain contains Cephaline that is typically found in soybean. It is said that the human brain has the same consistency as a tofu or Chinese cheese that is made from the soybean milk. Just like soft tofu, the human brain contains about 75 percent of water, further adding to this similarity.

Fact 7

Powering a Light Bulb

There are 100 billion neurons present in the brain with each neuron generating a tiny amount of electricity. When the electricity from all the neurons is combined, that is enough to power up a 25 watt light bulb.

Fact 8

Size Doesn’t Make You Smarter

A large brain doesn’t necessarily make one smarter. Human intelligence depends on the organization of the brain and the molecular activity at the synapses, and not the size. In fact, Einstein had a relatively smaller brain, yet he had a higher IQ, and is considered as one of the most intelligent scientists of all time.

Fact 9

Pregnancy and Shrinking Brain

It has been discovered that pregnancy actually causes the brain to shrink, although it comes back to normalcy postpartum. The hormonal alterations during pregnancy seem to be the reason for this shrinkage. Apart from the shrinkage, some of the cognitive functions also seem to take a hit during the pregnancy.

Fact  10

Energy Hungry

Even though the brain represents only 2% of the total body weight, it uses 20% of the oxygen and the calories used by the human body, irrespective of the cognitive and motoric activities. The oxygen is so important to the brain that the lack of oxygen for 5 to 10 minutes could result in permanent brain damage.