How Net Neutrality could Affect your Modafinil

Net Neutrality is a hot topic that you’ve probably heard of, but might not fully understand. Net Neutrality has been the standard way of doing this since the dawn of the internet, but now, it’s at risk. The United States’ government, which generally sets the tone for the rest of the world online, is considering new laws that would remove net neutrality and change the internet forever.

And this could have huge implications for websites like So, read on, learn about the threat to net neutrality, and how you can help to defend it.

What is Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is the practice of treating all internet traffic equally, regardless of where it’s coming from or where it’s going. Whenever you go online and access a site, your computer first sends a packet to that site to request information. Then the site sends information back. This is why there’s a brief delay between when you type the name of a site into your browser and when the information actually appears.

Under current net neutrality rules, all those packets are treated the same. Your internet service provider (ISP) doesn’t slow one down, or speed up another.

However, new laws would allow companies to do just that.

Why killing net neutrality will change the internet

Let’s imagine a world without net neutrality. In this world, an ISP that disapproves of certain “adult content” would simply slow down your connection any time you tried to access it.

Then the ISP gets a call from Netflix. They say, “Hey, make sure our people get the fastest connection possible for our service.” The ISP asks for a payment in exchange for this little favor.

Now you pay for internet, but you also pay a little more for Netflix to make sure they can afford this bribery.

But it gets worse. Your favorite show is on Hulu, not Netflix. You should be able to watch it equally, but you notice it’s extremely slow. Barely 320p. Turns out Netflix also told your ISP not to give you full speed for any other streaming service.

Effectively there’s a bidding war to give you speed. You no longer have a choice. You get to access what the ISP decides, it’s no longer neutral.

Modafinil and net neutrality

So why do we care? Because once net neutrality is gone, governments can start influencing ISPs to do what they want. Other industries can pay ISPs to control your traffic. Imagine a big tobacco company telling ISPs to slow down traffic to sites that talk about the risks of smoking tobacco.

The pharmaceutical industry hates that we sell a product at a much cheaper price than they do. They would LOVE it if you couldn’t go online and buy modafinil. That’s how they retain control. And considering that big pharma spends more on lobbying in congress than almost any other group, you can bet that they’ll do the same with ISPs.

How you can fight for net neutrality

Right now the biggest threat to net neutrality is coming from the United States. Whether you are an American citizen or not you can help by signing petitions and writing congress. You can find out more about what you can do on

If asking congress won’t work, then perhaps breaking the internet will. On December 12th, numerous sites are planning to post up false popups that will scare the reader.

Without net neutrality, the internet’s role as the unregulated place of ultimate freedom is at risk. Do something about it.

Bitcoin Crash on Chinese Action

Bitcoin investors’ hair is falling out. Rising charts reversed direction last week and haven’t looked back. Is bitcoin in a crash? We’ll look at some technical analysis and consider the recent news to determine whether or not you should jump ship. But markets come and go, and while you should stay aware of what’s going on, don’t panic.

Why bitcoin is crashing

Right now, the largest player in Bitcoin is China. What China does has a huge impact on the market. We mentioned that China recently moved to regulate ICOs (#2 on the chart). That put some negative pressure on the currency, right after it had nearly cracked an all-time high of $5,000 (see #1 on the chart). Combined with people selling to collect profits at those record-breaking levels, the trend started to turn. You can see that here.

bitcoin chart peak fall china announcements

The three key dates for Bitcoin this month

Still, bitcoin prices didn’t plummet. They found a nice natural support line around $4,400 and hovered between there and $4,700 for a few days. Then it got ugly.

Rumors slipped out that China was going to close Bitcoin exchanges in the country. On September 11th, those were confirmed and BTC-China (BTCC), the largest exchange in China, announced its closure. Since then the BTC price has dropped like a brick in the ocean.

Why China matters

Chinese exchanges like OKCoin and BTCC might not crack the top of the exchange lists, but don’t let that fool you. Chinese players are responsible for at least half the trades in bitcoin on exchanges. Exchanges alone don’t tell the whole story, however. Many trades occur over the counter, in other words through personal transactions or local exchanges. Again, Chinese volume here is powerful. Localbitcoins China saw incredible volume spikes since 2014 when it opened.

The sheer number of people in China makes this possible. It also allows for many mining operations. Since the payout for mining has relatively more buying power in China, the Chinese process more of our transactions than anywhere else in the world. So when China says it’s cutting back on Bitcoin, the whole network is put at risk.

Will the Crash Continue?

As of the time of this writing, the crash has erased all the gains of the last month. While that has people in tears, it could be the end. Long-term bulls who bought in around $3,000 haven’t really lost anything. So they’re likely to stick around. But if the bad news keeps pouring in, don’t be surprised if they abandon ship now. They likely have stop-loss sales ready around $3,000. Should prices start to dip below that, a massive sell-off could occur.

Understand that a market crash is brought on by fear and uncertainty. This latest news has definitely injected some fear into the equation. But is this fear rational? Yes and no. China will likely continue to shut down bitcoin in the country, but just because China does it doesn’t mean the currency should fail. Nor does it mean other countries will follow suit.

Why China wants to ban exchanges

The problem for China is that bitcoin allows people to skirt the rules of their strictly controlled economy. The last thing China wants is for people to send their money out of the country. They want it reinvested into China. A Chinese exchange hooked up to Chinese banks makes it easy to send money elsewhere.

But you don’t need an exchange to move your money. Anyone in China could simply buy bitcoin privately over the counter and send it away.

So while stopping the exchanges is going to slow people down, it’s not going to stop them. Which is why I believe China will continue to push against bitcoin transactions.

Mining, however, cannot be stopped. Since that never involves fiat currency, there’s no risk to the network.

The crash will stop when traders see the bigger picture: China isn’t bitcoin. It might take us until the end of the month to see the light, as Chinese volume is going to exit the market hard in the following weeks. Stay tuned.

How does the crash affect modafinil?

Here’s the good news: We’re still all in. However, due to higher volatility, you should buy the bitcoin you need and use it immediately. We will continue to accept bitcoin payments, regardless of the market. We’re bigger than our fears.


Don’t Buy Modafinil from China

Pretty much everything is made in China. What about modafinil? China’s pharmaceutical market differs greatly from the rest of the world. If you want to buy modafinil from China, you’re going to have a few more obstacles. Let’s see why it’s not so simple.

Modafinil Powder from China

Yes, you read that right. It’s not pills coming from China, it’s powder. In many cases, Chinese laboratories will sell powder, which will later be made into pills. Many generic drugs around the world are made with Chinese powder. You’ll likely see bulk deals offered online that can be as cheap as $2 per gram.

On the surface, this screams savings. One gram of modafinil would be the equivalent of five pills. If only it were that simple.

When you use powder you need to measure your dose carefully. It’s not like sugar in your coffee. There’s a risk of getting too much, or too little. Ultimately you can end up wasting your stash.

The Dangers of Chinese Modafinil

Besides the inconvenience of powdered modafinil, there’s also the potential for danger. Chinese manufacturing is notorious for cutting corners. Traditional Chinese medicine products have been shown to cause serious organ failures. Since the powder you’re getting hasn’t been tested by any agency, how can you be sure it’s safe to consume?

As this one forum thread shows, a customer was completely unsure if what he received was actually modafinil or not.

Shipping from China

Chinese shipping tends to take longer. There’s a greater risk of your package getting lost in transit or even seized as it passes through many borders. However, Chinese companies are usually very slick when it comes to evading customs. Vendors will offer to put another label on the package to prevent loss.

Shipping costs are comparable to modafinil sourced from other places, such as India. Overall, this is one area that won’t set you back.

Payment to China

Nowadays, China is embracing Bitcoin. Beware of sites encouraging you to use Paypal, as they’ve put the clamps on the modafinil business. Paypal wants nothing to do with online pharmacies these days. Don’t put your account at risk.

While Bitcoin makes it easy to buy modafinil from China, it also exposes you to some risk. Chinese companies tend to delay in delivering orders, and there are many scammers out there. Avoid getting ripped off and do your research.

Should you buy modafinil from china?

Ultimately we don’t think so. The Indian generic market is not only more regulated, but it has more experience. They deliver quality pills, not questionable powder. Shipping is reasonably priced and done at the drop of a hat, saving you time and money. Modup continues to rely on India as it’s proven itself to be the best country for generic modafinil.


Buy Modafinil with Monero

Ready to shake the shackles of credit cards and cash off your feet? The wait is over: Now you can buy modafinil on with Monero! Best of all, you’ll get 33% off your order when you use Monero to buy modafinil.

Why use Monero to Buy Modafinil?

Monero, like Bitcoin, is a crypto-currency, or digital cash. But unlike Bitcoin, privacy is Monero’s #1 strength. You’ll be stealthier than a ninja in the dark with Monero, since the transactions cannot be traced. And let’s face it, privacy online is getting harder and harder to come by. Websites track your every move, companies sell your data to advertisers, and hackers break into accounts on the reg.

With Monero you can avoid those digital disasters. When you buy modafinil from with Monero, your secret is safe with us. No credit card records, no evidence left behind. Just one happy customer.

How to buy modafinil with Monero

Easy! We’ll walk you right through it. The first thing you’ll need to do is place an order on Just go to our home page and fill out the order form. Once you are finished, you’ll get an Order ID. Write this number down!

modup order placed

In order to keep Monero orders private, you’ll need to send us an email letting us know you want to pay with Monero.

Once you have an Order ID, go to the bottom of the page to find our “Order Enquiry Form” link.

order enquiry form button

Here, all you need to do is include Monero in the subject line, put your order number, and today’s date.

order inquiry

Our top-notch, 24/7 customer service team will send you an email giving you the final price (with a big 33% discount!) in Monero, and a Monero address to send the money to.

How do I pay for my order with Monero?

First, you’ll have to acquire some Monero currency. Because of its privacy, you can’t buy Monero with a bank account or credit card online (and don’t trust sites that say you can!)

What you need to do is purchase Monero with Bitcoin. There are many ways to get Bitcoin, covered in a series of guides here at The important thing is to have enough Bitcoin to buy the amount of Monero you’ll need. Check out the Bitcoin to Monero exchange rate online here. It’s a good idea to get a little more Bitcoin than you need, just in case the Bitcoin price fluctuates.

Buy Monero on Shapeshift

Shapeshift is the the Millennium Falcon of crypto-currency exchange. No accounts, no logins, no BS, just a lightning-quick network of people looking to swap Altcoins. Efficient and elegant, we highly encourage you to use Shapeshift. But before you do, you’re going to need a wallet for Monero. Shapeshift never stores your coins on its site, which is great for your privacy and security. So go to to set up a Monero wallet. All you have to do is click on the Create a New Account button.

mymonero account created

Yes, it’s that easy. Scroll down and you’ll see a pass phrase of about 10 words. Write this down! You don’t need a login, just this pass phrase. Quite simple really. Just don’t lose it.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see an address that you can use to deposit Monero.

Mymonero wallet

Copy this address to the clipboard, and head over to

Shapeshift homepage BTC to XMR

Click on the currency symbols to open up the menu. The goal here is to receive Monero. When you’re ready, click continue.shapeshift purchase page BTC to XMR

You’ll notice that the “instant rate” fluctuates every few seconds. Just like a real life exchange rate, the exact amount moves in small increments. The jumps may seem like a lot, but in reality they represent fractions of cents. So don’t panic.

Shapeshift works by requesting two things: A destination address for the currency you want to receive, and a refund address for the currency you are paying with. The refund address is just in case it can’t complete your order.

Plug in the address from your Monero wallet and your BTC wallet, you can see that mine matches the address that gave me.

Shapeshift purchase BTC to XMR Completed

Agree to terms and start the transaction. You’ll then see this screen.

Shapeshift order generated BTC XMR

Here, Shapeshift gives you a deposit address. You need to send your BTC (or whatever currency you’re paying with) to that address.

The amount that you send will be converted to Monero. Do the math: How much Monero do you need to pay for your Modup order? What was the exchange rate? Here’s an example:

  • If you need 25 Monero (XMR) to pay for your order,
  • And the current rate is 1 BTC to 65.2014 XMR,
  • Divide 1 by 65.2014 = the cost of 1 XMR,
  • Multiply that number by how much you need to pay Modup (in this instance, 25)
  • The final result is how much BTC you should send.

It’s a good idea to round up to cover fees and possible fluctuations. You can always sell the extra if you need to.

We know, math sucks. Just remember, you’re saving 33% on your order. Now that’s some fun math.

When you’re done depositing the order will change its status and after the Bitcoin network confirms the deposit, your Monero will be delivered to your MyMonero wallet.

You’re almost done! All that’s left is to send your newly-bought Monero to Modup.

Go back to your MyMonero wallet and this time click send. Input the address that we gave you, and a Payment ID if specified. Put in the correct amount and click send.

MyMonero send funds

And that’s it! You’ll get a confirmation that the transaction was successful and shortly after we’ll email you with shipping details. That wasn’t so hard. Just a couple of extra steps, and in 15 minutes you’ve guaranteed your privacy and saved yourself 33%. It’s easier to buy modafinil with Monero than ever with

If you need any help along the way just get in touch with our customer support. Altcoins can be a bit confusing the first time around, but pretty soon you’ll be a crypto-currency captain.

5 Reasons you can Trust Modup

You can get modafinil from dozens of sites these days. But they’re not all created equal. It’s nice to have options, but sometimes those can end up confusing or even scaring customers. How do you know that the site you’re buying from is legitimate? Will they deliver what they promise?

We here at Modup understand your concerns. We strive to ensure that every order is perfect, from the second you land on our home page. To that end, we’d like to share with you five reasons why you can trust Modup to bring the best quality modafinil and armodafinil right to your door.

1. We only ship high-quality modafinil and armodafinil

A business is only as good as its product. If Apple didn’t make great products, nobody would be buying iPhones. That’s why we source our modafinil straight from one of the best labs out there: HAB Pharma. A major pharmaceutical manufacturer in India (which is the largest producer of pharmaceuticals in the world) sends its modafinil right to your door. Though they’re a smaller company, they work harder to compete. Their packaging is superior and their product doesn’t leave you wanting. Like modafinilcat, we put our faith in the best products.

These generics are tested to ensure that they meet basic generic requirements. When you order from us, you get the best quality generic modafinil money can buy, a product you can trust.

2. Our shipping doesn’t cut corners

When your order has to travel halfway around the world, you deserve to know where it is. That’s why we make sure all our shipments include tracking. For a small fee you can even get your order expedited and have it arrive in nearly a week.

Because we use HAB Pharma’s Modvigil, we deal with less instances of lost packages and broken pills arriving. Whether you order 30 or 300 we make sure it gets to your home safe and sound, and in the shortest time possible.

Even if you’re in a country we don’t ship to, we’ll help you get connected with mail forwarders who can get your order to your door.

3. Nobody beats our Bitcoin Discount

As early adopters of this amazing technology, we can proudly say that nobody else has offered the kinds of Bitcoin deals we do. From day one to today we continue to offer a massive Bitcoin discount.

At the same time we recognize that buying with Bitcoin can be tricky. That’s why we’ve prepared a bunch of convenient guides with illustrations to help you get started. We keep them up to date too. That’s service you can trust. Which reminds me…

4. Our customer service doesn’t sleep

If you have a problem on Christmas someone will be there to answer your email. That is how dedicated we are to being the best in the business. We get orders from all over the world every day, meaning we need a full-time staff available 24 hours a day. Whether you’re in Shanghai or Chi town we’ll get back to you ASAP. Try it right now if you don’t believe us.

And whenever you have a problem, we reship orders and make sure you’re satisfied.

5. Trust our experience

Modup has been in business for several years without a hitch. We’ve constantly adapted to our customers’ needs, finding the best ways to provide better, more consistent service. We got into this game before a lot of others, and that’s one of our biggest assets. New sites may claim to have better prices or better products, but do they really know how to navigate these waters? Have they personally travelled to the places where their product is made? Spoken with shipping? Are they alive and well on every social media platform with nothing but positive comments?

That’s the Modup difference you can trust. We walk the walk around here. What you see is what you get, great service, great modafinil, all at great prices. Thanks for stopping by.

Tis the season for Modafinil

December is just around the corner, which means one thing: Christmas!

If that sentence made you sigh, you’re not alone. Holiday-related stress is so bad, the Mayo Clinic ( has tips on how to manage it. Some people even get depressed! Quite the opposite of the holiday spirit, isn’t it?

Between the shopping, decorating, travel plans, family visits, and everything in between, Christmas time can really wear you out. What you need is Santa’s little helper: Modafinil.

Make Christmas Easy with Modafinil

If you’re staring down the barrel of a million things to do, modafinil is just the thing for you. It’ll give you energy for the whole day, so you can take care of everything without getting burnt out. Besides that, it locks you into your tasks, providing a level of determination you didn’t even know you had (because you didn’t until now).

Let’s look at how you can make your Christmas a smashing success with modafinil.

Shopping with Modafinil

While online sales have increased dramatically over the last few years, you’ll still find great deals in stores. Retail has no choice but to put up some incredible offers to compete. On top of that, there’s nothing better than the feeling of having it now.

But those crowded shops and wicked lines can make your day a hassle. Modafinil comes to the rescue by elevating your mood and helping you ignore the annoying people, and focus on getting your shopping list finished. Make that list, carry it with you, and proudly cross items off as you dart from aisle to aisle.

Make decorating a breeze

Whether you’re the type that consumes more electricity than the entire island of Haiti with your display, or just a humble interior decorator for Christmas, modafinil will help you get it done. The work outdoors can be brutal with cold temperatures and little time, but modafinil gives you the energy to plow through the work.

Pretty soon you’ll be smiling with pride at your perfectly decorated Christmas tree. Just don’t get too caught up in it. Modafinil has the tendency to get you too focused on something. You might end up spending 6 hours adjusting ornaments until they all hang in perfect symmetry. Relax, they won’t notice the difference.

Travel like a pro: Modafinil on the go

Whether it’s a splendid road trip to visit relatives or a plane ride, modafinil makes travel a cinch. I take at least one international trip a year, and I loathe the process. I always feel like I’m going to forget something. Modafinil helps me pack and organize prior to leaving the house. Plus, the whole check-in and security process is much easier when you’re sharp and concentrated. That’s often difficult at a busy airport when you’re scrambling to get your family to the gate.

Give the Gift of Modafinil this Christmas

Now here’s a novel idea. Got a student on your wishlist? Stuff their stocking with modafinil! They’ll thank you when their grades go up. Hard working breadwinner taking care of the family? Give them the strength they need to come home and still have gas in the tank to spend time together. Or maybe you just want your crazy aunt to clean her house for once.

But if you want your modafinil by Christmas time, you’ll need to order now. Fortunately ( has some of the fastest shipping times in the industry, and unbeatable prices.

For yourself, your friends, or your family, modafinil will really make this year a holiday to remember.

How Does Fladrafinil Work?

In addition to Modafinil, we also sell Analogue’s, such as Adrafinil, Hydrafinil, Fladrafinil, and Flmodafinil, Click this Link to checkout our homepage store

How Does Fladrafinil Work?

What is Fladrafinil?

Another name for Fladrafinil is fluorafinil or CRL-40,941. The drug belongs to the nootropic category. Nootropics are also known as smart drugs. The drug works on the brain, and that is why is sometimes referred to as intelligence, brain and memory drug. It promotes wakefulness for its users. It could equally enhance user’s cognitive abilities. The smart drug is almost the same thing to modafinil and adrafinil. Many people prefer fladrafinil to the two because it is better than they are. This means that the drug is more potent than the two.


The smart drug is very useful to its users for a number of reasons. First, research has shown that the drug promotes wakefulness. Moreover, many users confirm that it improves their concentration. Users are always very proactive, because it removes fatigue among its users. Many users always prefer the drug above those in the same category because it is more portent. Research has shown that the drug is even two times stronger than adrafinil. This means that if you have been using adrafinil and it ceases to be effective, you can easily switch over to fladrafinil. People suffering from excessive aggression use the drug because it lowers aggression. It has a calming effect and this is good for those having hyperactivity problem.

6Side Effects

There is no documented side effect associated with the use of the smart drug. However, some users complain that they observe sad odors from their urine. There is a report that the drug could cause the narrowing of the blood vessels. Some people insisted that the side effects are worse than the benefits. As said there no documented evidence to confirm all these.


It is recommended that 200 to 400 mg of the drug should be taken every morning. You can always take the drug anytime you desire an extra edge. When the drug is used repeatedly, it would build tolerance. It is better if you use it for one week and avoid using it for another week. Before you use, it is good to consult professionals for advice on the best way to use the drug.

How does this feel?

When you use the drug, you would start to see the effects. You would become more wakeful and focused. You would also become more cheerful and increase in your productivity. It reduces drowsiness and enhances your stamina, and does away with sleepiness. If you are looking for a drug that would remove distractions, you have to opt for fladrafinil.

Long-term use

Many people use the drug because of its long-term benefits. In the end, you would see that the drug would make its users to become more proactive and even productive. Because of its aggressive properties, the drug is very useful in eliminating aggression. In the end, you would observe that users would have a better concentration and understanding. Because it is very powerful, the long-term benefits are always better than those drugs with less than its strength.

Short-term use

When you take the smart drug, you can also benefit from its short-term use. As said earlier it leads to increase in wakefulness, as well as concentration, both in short and long terms. However, as you enjoy the positive side of the drug, there are other effects. There is an unconfirmed report that the drug could lead to high blood pressure.


In terms of the preparation of the drug, you can see that they contain the same type of substances used in the preparation of other smart drugs like adrafinil; the difference is that the chemical of the former was altered. Research conducted on the substance indicated that is helpful because it could promote wakefulness among its users. Research conducted on animal indicated that it could reduce aggression among the animals. There is not enough research on its effect on humans. However, you should know that the drug is more effective than other nootropic substances.


Research has shown that the drug was invented in the year 1970, and was famous for its anti aggressive properties. It was a research conducted on animals indicated that it is more powerful than adrafinil. Though, many people accept the drug, yet the drug is not yet available in different countries of the world.

Final thoughts

The drug is very effective. Many users of the product have claimed that they have received tremendous benefits from using it. It is found to be very powerful and those who are afraid of that can simply choose the less powerful products like adrafinil. This is because this could have minimal side effects on the body. Moreover, because studies are still ongoing about the product, it is advisable that users stay away from it. As said, studies are still going on the impact of the drug. It is better to stay away until all the necessary findings are completely documented.

Hydrafinil Benefits

In addition to Modafinil, we also sell Analogue’s, such as Adrafinil, Hydrafinil, Fladrafinil, and Flmodafinil, Click this Link to checkout our homepage store

Hydrafinil Benefits

How does hydrafinil affect brain function

One of the nootropic drugs on the market to help with wakefulness is hydrafinil. But before you can take it, you should know how does hydrafinil affect brain function? This article will answer that and give more information about the drug.

What is this

Hydrafinil is a brand of 9-hydroxyfluorene developed by Cephalon as a replacement for modafinil. It is in effect a smart drug that can be used to treat cases of narcolepsy, depression as well as boosting brain performance.


How to use

It is recommended that one takes the drug about 1 hour before the start of a working day and it should be taken orally. Hydrafinil is best taken after eating because the brain is going to be doing extra work so it should be fed to get more energy as well as avoid excess exhaustion.


Side effects

Hydrafinil is a relatively new drug on the market and still needs further clinical research to ascertain if there are any major side effects however so far both the company that manufactures it and the people who have taken it have not reported any major side Modafinil2effects. It is said to be milder than modafinil which also did not have any major side effects. However depending on the time you take it, you may experience insomnia as a side effect considering that this is a wakefulness drug. When it wears off, there may be a feeling of mild exhaustion.

It is also important for people with allergies to check and see if any of the ingredients of hydrafinil may have an allergic effect on them.



It is said to be twice as strong as modafinil which it is supposed to replace so the dosage would be half of modafinil. This means that that a dosage of between 50 to 100 mg would be enough for a period of about 5 hours. It is important however to note that individuals can have different tolerance levels so you may need to test and see what dosage is best for you especially if you are taking it as a study aid or to be alert during the day. For treatment of a disease, you will have to depend on the recommendation of a doctor.



Some of the major benefits reported by users of this drug include:

– Increased attention

– Better focus on projects

– Improved short-term memory

– Keeps you awake especially for night shifts

– It does not have any serious side effects

– It has no toxins


Long-term use

Hydrafinil is a relatively new drug and sufficient study may still have to be done to confirm the long-term use effects. But according to lab tests by its makers, it showed signs of increasing long-term memory in the mice that were tested and it rejuvenates brain functions that may have succumbed to effects of ageing.


Short-term use

It has proved effective in calming some of the symptoms of hyperactivity and restlessness, causing better focus. It is also able to improve short-term memory for example students seem able to remember much more of what they read just before the test. There is a slight euphoric buzz as well as increased interest and pleasure in day to day activity. When the effect has worn off you will fell a bit tired.


What will I feel when using

There is a feeling of increased energy about 30 minutes to one hour after taking the drug, you will feel more alert about your surrounding and whatever you are doing as a subtle feeling of happiness also takes over your mood, some people may experience a slight increase in temperature along with increased motivation to carry out tasks. The alert and wakefulness feeling will last between 4 to 5 hours before it begins to wear off. After that, you may feel a bit sleepy as your body recovers from the state of activity it has been in.


How it affects the brain

Basically hydrafinil works by increasing blood flow to the brain, with increased blood flow, receptors begin to work much more than they usually do, triggering more production of hormones like dopamine and those responsible for memory. We end up going to sleep when the amount of blood flowing to the brain is reduced to help the brain get some rest, so how hydrafinil affects brain function is by increasing the blood to the brain so that it stays awake and functions better.


Final thoughts

The makers of the drug have explained how hydrafinil affects the brain function and carried out tests on its effectiveness as well as threats to health. The conclusions have been that it is safe and people who have purchased and used it confirm that it was able to do what it says it does. However like with any drug, it is important to exercise caution and not overdose and to discontinue use and seek medical attention if you experience any serious side effects

Unifiram vs Sunifiram potency comparisons

In addition to Modafinil, we also sell Analogue’s, such as Adrafinil, Hydrafinil, Fladrafinil, and Flmodafinil, Click this Link to checkout our homepage store

What is Sunifiram?


Sunifirm is a nootropci which was only researched in the year 2000. Although it is similar in chemical stricture to Piracetam, studies show that Sunifirma is more potent Piracetam. It has very positive results as a memory enhancer.


Side Effects


Provided you take the required dosage, sunifiram is safe. Since this is fairly a new drug, you should know that it can be risky. The only way you can successfully use the supplement is by continuously doing research on the product. Read online testimonials about users who have used it to know what their experience is. Understand that no one is going to have the exact same experience with Sunifiram. Some of the minor side effects that you should expect are insomnia, headaches, feeling anxious and increase in sweating. Talk to your doctor before you take the supplement. You should also speak with sunifiramhim in the event you experience any serious side effects.




This supplement is used to enhance mood with reviewers having reported feeling a sense of calm and relaxation when taking it. Sunifiram is believed to improve learning, reasoning, retention, recall, new memory formation and even counteract some cognitive deficits.


User Reviews


People who have taken this supplement report that it feels like a stimulant which is similar to taking a smart drug such as Adderall. The best thing is that sunifiram does not have the same negative side effects that are there when one takes an amphetamine based ADHD drug like Ritalin. Sunifriam can increase energy levels and increase the ability to concentrate.




When it is compared to Piracetam and other popular racetam nootropics, Sunifiram is more potent and requires less doage. This smart drug is deemed to be stronger than Noopept. You should not assume that they work at the same dose level simply because both have been referred to as one thousand times stronger than piracetam. The recommended dosage is between 4 and 8 mg taken not more than three times a day. Sunifiram works best when it is placed under the tongue.


Use in the workplace


In the workplace, Sunifiram is known to improve short term or working memory. It was first designed to be a memory boosting cognitive enhancer. Clinical studies have shown that there is a link between sunifiram isage and improved short term memory. Some people say that once they hear information, they are able to recall it hours later on. This is something that they typically would not be able to do.


Why is this drug’s popularity increasing so rapidly


The drug is popular because of its ability to increase energy levels and motivation. It is able to enhance mood and motivation by reducing dopamine deterioration in the brain. People need a lot more than memory and focus boost, they also need motivation. This is the drug that is going to provide you with that boost.




The main benefits of sunifiram are in areas of concentration and memory. When the supplement increases glutamate activity, it is able to raise mental energy levels, extend attention span and alertness. Most of users report that they are able to focus and are very productive when they take the supplement. Sunifiram has the energy rush and motivation of a stimulant but in the scientific sense of the word, it is not a stimulant.


Long-Term effects


Studies show that the supplement has some long term effects more so when it comes to memory recall. As a nootropic drug, it enables people to recall events and details which had occurred a long time ago and was forgotten. This has led to its wide usage of the supplement by students who want to improve their memory recall especially during exams and studies.


Short-term effects


The supplement is deemed to be a safe drug with few or no potential side effects that warrant a lot of concern. However, there are some minor side effects which can be mentioned and include anxiety, headaches, nausea and lack of sleep. The best thing about these side effects is that they are treatable and they are not considered as a serious risk to health.


Final thoughts


Sunifiram is an amazing drug when it is taken in the right dosages. You should try and keep tolerance to a minimum and you are going to be well on your way to cognitive success with this drug by your side. At the moment, there are countries where you cannot be able to get this drug on the stores but you can find them online. There are some people who think that this supplement is less affordable than any other nootropics but do not forget that it is very powerful. It is not necessary for you to take a lot for you to get the desired effects. With that in mind, the above information will help you make up your mind about this drug.


Modafinil Euphoria, Unique Side Effects

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Modafinil Euphoria

For those searching for a unique treatment to narcolepsy and other sleep disorders, there is an option ready

made for them. Modafinil is an alternative to some of the traditional treatments for sleep issues. There

are essential dosage details that consumers have to know if they are going to make effective headway with

their disorders. The pill typically comes in a 200 mg tablet for those who have a prescription. It is intended to be taken once daily after meals. But there are new details emerging on the risks and warnings consumers should know before they commit to this form of treatment. It can be combined with other techniques designed to minimize sleep disturbances.

Modafinil is a unique drug in that it has relatively few side effects. While it isn’t without risk, it is often

contrasted against other pills such as Adderall. This appeals to the mindset of parents who want to try a

solution that won’t introduce dangerous toxins. Manufacturers have issued their own guidelines on the drug

and how it should be administered. Consumers need to get an approval from their physician before they start a regiment of this pill.


Modafinilimage23Everyone wants to enjoy a good night’s rest, but they may have a range of medical disorders preventing this from happening. They can contact the manufacturer for a detailed list of contraindications. This will prepare people to face a range of side effects, though they are likely to be minimal. There have been tests that indicate there are high levels of success with this medication. This should put the minds of people at ease when they first get started with this new pill. They can read through consumer reviews to discover more about the ideal treatments underway for them.


The generic name of the drug is Provigil. It has other effects, including a mood enhancement aspect that

is frequently discussed in medical circles. Modanafil euphoria is an appealing aspect of staying linked upwith the medication. It can brighten one’s day and make anyone feel generally happier about themselves. It does improve wakefulness as well, since it will give users a full night’s rest. There are some precautions

that need to take place if people want to get on with their lives. They should carefully monitor the dosage

levels they are taking and consult with a medical professional to learn more about how this works.


Each tablet will be 200 mg, making it easy to keep track of the dosage requirements. It is classified as a

psychostimulant by the FDA regulations put in to place. Consumers need to be wary of mixing drugs that are labeled as such. They can get recommendations from a personal physician willing to diagnose them with a particular condition. This will give consumers more confidence when it comes to managing their sleep schedule. Modafinil euphoria is what makes the medication superior to many other drugs out on the markets.


Finding the right supplier is a challenge that consumers need to remember. They have to get a consistent

supply of pills if they want to maintain a good night’s sleep for long. Real results are possible for those

who suffer from long term sleep ailments. Modafinil euphoria will nullify nagging aches and pains associated

with sleep deprivation. This offers soothing relief and will encourage people to enjoy their rest as best as

possible. Consumers need to be mindful of the consistency behind the pills that they are taking during

each evening. They should follow medication guidelines and keep track of any side effects that they experience.


This will help them manage symptoms and deal with real medical issues that they may encounter. Shipping these pills out is relatively easy and straightforward for consumers throughout the country. They can place their order through a manufacturer or a third party supplier. Modafinil euphoria is well worth the cost required to get on a regiment of pills. There are comparison charts available for competing medications out on the market. But this particular drug is useful in its own distinctive ways as well. This has helped it stack up against Adderall and other prominent brand names already out on the market. It has relatively few side effects and consumers can take some enjoyment out of Modafinil euphoria.