Best Modafinil

Best Modafinil

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Modafinil is a medication recommended for the treatment of excessive sleepiness. Best modafinil is the ultimate formulation for the promotion of wakefulness. Several factors are responsible for sleepiness, most prominent among them are narcolepsy, and apnea, there are other causes which may be discussed later. Best modafinil is used for other unique purposes.

Modafinil works very well. It is a member of the drug class known as vigilance promoting medications. This drug helps its users to remain alert by causing the secretion of hormones responsible for that to the brain center. This would begin to work on the part of the brain responsible for wakefulness and sleep.

The drug is relatively new into the nootropic market. Its powerful entrant into the market has made lot of people to switch over to it. It is unique from other drugs of the family. Its method of action is quite different from other drugs. This is because unlike others it targets the concentration ability and the energy levels of its users. In the United States of America and in some other countries of the world, the medication is considered a prescription drug. You have to confer with your doctor before you start to use the drug. As said, the drug works by alerting the histamine levels in your brain. It promotes wakefulness by so doing.

The drug was initially formulated for the treatment of some sleeping disorder problems like narcolepsy. Such problems cause fatigue and tiredness for most people during the daytime. The drug was initially formulated to treat such cases.


The drug could be used to boost productivity because, users have identified that the drug could boost their energy by making them work at a higher level even when they do not sleep a lot.

There are other benefits apart from those mentioned above. It appears that the major reason for the use of modafinil by people in recent times is to improve their energy and alertness. Many people use it not just to boost their energy level. Sleeping disorder patients are recommended by their doctors to purchase the drugs, because it has the capacity to normalize the sleep pattern of such patients and bring them to a normal level. Many people who are deprived of vital functions they would have performed in the course of the day because of sleepiness and tiredness can now perform their daily functions without disturbances. Research has shown that some people who take about two hundred mg of the medication can be very active for more than 14 hours. When some people have a very serious task at hands they always rely on the drug for a sufficient energy to get such a task accomplished.

Such thing as time passing never worries its users because they always acquire enough energy, which they would use to finish a certain project at the required time. The drug can be regarded as a stimulant, but the side effect is not as dangerous as other harmful stimulants on the market. This is because it is less risky. You would not be in danger of the drug once you take it according to your doctor’s prescriptions. The use of the medication would continue to be on the increase because users report that they do not only get more energy, they get better mood, stronger confidence as well as develop more ambitious. Test conducted has shown that the best modafinil enhances the mental activities of workers, especially those employed on a shift basis. People who often complain of excessive fatigue during the daytime use the medication to solve that problem.

Before you use modafinil or any other medication for that matter, it is recommended that you seek your doctor’s advice. This is because most medications have adverse side effects and the doctor knows the best drug for every sickness. It is recommended to modafinil when you are allergic to it or nuvigil.

Moreover, there is certain information you need to check with your doctor before you apply this medication. Check whether you are suffering from kidney or liver related disease, chest pain, heart problem. Moreover, check whether you have heard any drug addiction problem and so on. Furthermore, consider whether you are taking any type of blood pressure medication or a recent history of heart attack.

Ascertaining all these are important, because the medication could affect the nervous system as well as impairing the thinking processes. It is recommended that you keep away from all sorts of dangerous activities until you are certain that your wakefulness has been restored.

Modafinil or Adderall?

Modafinil or Adderall?


For many patients with ADHD, and a history of medicating with Adderall, the classic amphetamine salts mixture can seem like a true wonder drug for the mind. New stimulant drugs however, known as eurogenics, the “afinl’s” (as called on reddit) and nootropics, are taking the cake as the more powerful, more efficient, and safer drug. If after reading this post, you still don’t believe me and still find my words too good to be true, simply google Modafinil, tons of CNN blogposts about businessmen and popular entrepreneurial blogs will pop up, giving their humble opinions on just how much Modafinil has furthered their success in business. Modafinil is just like Adderall, just with much less side effects, and with more of your own mind doing much of the work and focus. With Adderall-it supplies the motivation for you, like any amphetamine, it floods your synapses with so much dopamine that you have no choice but to work like a maniac. The downside..put quite simply, is a crash from hell. Modafinil, is much different in this respect.


No crash, your brain does the work, not the Modafinil…
Modafinilimage21With Modafinil, there’s no horrific crash like Adderall, no risk of addiction, dependency and withdrawal, and no horrible side effects. At the expense of many of your disappointments however, there’s also no crazy, manic rush of needing to work on something. While the energy and the focus are there, and the alertness stems on something just like that of an amphetamine-like drug, you don’t feel the need to get crazy amounts of work done-at least not to the degree that Adderall would cause this. Instead what happens is, once you start on a project, like say…a  term paper for example, you’re off! There’s no stopping you on your quest to finish that term paper, you will not get distracted by youtube or checking your email, friends in the way or repeating the lyrics to the song you have on. Quite simply, you will focus on the paper at hand, until there’s no longer a paper.


The Focus is nothing short of Fantastic


With Modafinil, your focus and alertness is far better than Adderall because there’s no crazy, manic like euphoria to distract you from the task at hand with “how grandiose and smart you feel.” The Modafinil doesn’t take over like Adderall does, instead you just feel like yourself, you can eat, drink, and sleep on it, and the crazy focus effect only kicks in when you start mental work-the rest of the time, the alertness is just there. Modafinil is a great nootropic drug (it’s also prescription and FDA approved for a host of conditions, including ADHD), has all the benefits of Adderall without all the side effects, and has no risk of addiction or harsh dependency!


Side Effects


Modafinil, as safe as it is, does obviously come with some array of side effects, and though extremely mild, here’s the rundown. On standard dosages of Modafinil at 1-400mg per day, typical effects are headache, dry mouth, loss of appetite, extreme thirst and insomnia-yet compared to Adderall (where these effects are extremely exaggerated) any user will tell you that these results are much weaker.


Modafinil vs. Adderall


Overall, Modafinil is far better alternative long-term, both for health and productivity. Adderall is known to be extremely addictive, and even in patients who take their medication as prescribed, still has a very high rate of addiction and dependency. Crashes are terrible, brain function drops in favor of hypomania, and for studying the side effects seem to do more harm than good. Consider switching to Modafinil and seeing the lighter side of stimulant enhancement.






Modafinil, as a prescription, can be as much as six-hundred dollars per month. It is, however, extremely save to order it online..if you have a reliable vendor (such as yours truly at We sell Modafinil for just under a dollar a tablet, and offer an express shipping option that can get it anywhere internationally for just under a dollar a pill. Checkout our expanded Modup nootropics shop too for our improved section of nootropics!


Final Thoughts


Comment down below with your experiences of Adderall or Modafinil, we want to hear your story.

Buy Artvigil (Armodafinil)

This is a follow up to the original Launch of Artvigil, which we covered in this post:

With the issues surrounding Waklert on going, HAB pharmasuticals has continued to capitalise on the gap in the market for a high quality 150mg Armodafinil tablet, while other generic brands such as Armod continue to suffer from falling sales.

Online Pharmacies, niche nootropic sellers and independent Modafinil retailers have all embraced Artvigil, not only is the quality on par with Waklert, there have been no supply issues since launch, this is a huge plus, as it has stopped the frequent delays previously assosiated with buying Armodafinil online.

ArtvigilAs shown by the above picture, Artvigil is actually manufactured by Signature Labs, this is a common topic of discussion amongst Nootropic communities, from our understanding Signature buys certain HAB products such as Modvigil and Artvigil, and then markets and resells them, after conducting their own independent testing and analysis of the product. This means that products like Artvigil have been tested atleast twice before reaching the consumer.

We at Modup have recognised the popularity of Artvigil on our sister site, and we plan to make purchase of Artvigil avaliable through Credit/Debit card and PayPal, we will also be introducing our 33% Bitcoin discount to Artvigil, making it the cheapest on the market, when purchased through

Hydrafinil Launch by Ceretropic

Warning: Hydrafinil is a High Risk/Untested Product, and is currently being sold as “not intended for human consumption”.

Hydrafinil also know as 9-hydroxyfluorene is a Modafinil eugeroic developed by Cephalon, to be a potential sucessor to Modafinil, although it has not been officaly released yet, it has been bought to market by a Research Chemical company based in the USA.


Hydrafinil is currently only being produced in powder form in 2 and 5 gram quantities, although the product has only just been launched it appears a few users from /r/Nootropics are reporting Modafinil type effects in terms of wakefulness promotion, with the duration reported to be around 5 hours, with a noticeable crash after. This gives Hydrafinil many potential uses in the real world, for example study sessions, or being used just during the work day.


One of the biggest advantages of Hydrafinil identified by Cephalon is low toxicity and no liver interactions compared to Modafinil. Hydrafinil (9-hydroxyfluorene) is also 140% as effective as Modafinil, making it more potent. The increased potency and the lower production costs of Hydrafinil mean it should eventually be much cheaper than Modafinil based on a single dose.


9-hydroxyfluorene is not technically an “afinil”, its not even really a Modaifnil analogue it is technically a misnomer. The name “Hydrafinil” is more of a branding and marketing ploy by Ceretropic.

The current dose being used by users brave enough to try Hydrafinil is between 50 and 100mg, our recommendation is customers give this product some time on the market, so some data can be collected before giving it a try.

You can buy Hydrafinil Here:

You can join the Reddit discussion here, or post a response in the comments.


Modiodal by Cephalon, Inc

Modiodal is the brand name for Modafinil distributed in France, Denmark, Iceland, Greece, Cyprus, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Japan, Spain by Cephalon (one of the worlds leading biopharmaceutical companies in the world, with an estimated annual revenue of $2.8 billion.)

Modiodal typically comes in boxes of 30 tablets, in 100mg doses. The external packaging and internal blister pack used across Europe is shown below:


Across the distribution jurisdictions listed above Modiodal is approved for use as a wakeful promoting agent to combat sleep apnea and narcolepsy, much like the other Modafinl brands.

We do not supply Modiodal, however we do supply a generic Indian brand called Modvigil, which comes in packs of 10 x 200mg tablets.

Generic Modafinil Brands

Modafinil is sold under a wide variety of brand names world wide.

  • Alertec – Canada, Ecuador
  • BravaMax – Egypt, Morocco
  • Carim – Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Uruguay
  • Provake – India (also Modalert, Modapro, Modafil, Modvigil, Modatec)
  • Modasomil Austria, Switzerland
  • Modavigil – Australia, New Zealand
  • Modiodal – France, Denmark, Iceland, Greece, Cyprus, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Japan, Spain
  • Provigil – Belgium, Ireland, Italy, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Israel, Finland
  • Resotyl – Chile (also Mentix, Alertex, Zalux)
  • Stavigile – Brazil
  • Vigia – Colombia
  • Vigicer – Argentina
  • Vigil – Germany

Adrafinil Vs Modafinil vs Armodafinil

As the market for Modafinil has increased greatly over the last few years, drug makers are capitalizing on this by introducing new products to the market. These new products are marketed as successors to Modafinil, or as newer more superior versions of the popular pill. But how different are they in reality? In this article Adrafinil vs Modafinil vs Armodafinil we will examine the differences in the chemical structures of these products.


Buy Adrafinil - adrafinil vs modafinil -

Adrafinil was actually created before Modafinil. In the 1970s it was designed by the French pharmaceutical company Group Lafon. Adrafinil is a prodrug of Modafinil. A prodrug is any drug that transforms into another when the body metabolizes it. Prodrugs are actually quite common. For instance, many formulations of cough syrup contain codeine, which is later converted into morphine inside the body. So codeine is a prodrug of morphine.

This means that Adrafinil is converted to Modafinil naturally inside the liver. As a result, the effects are identical; a dose of Adrafinil literally becomes a dose of Modafinil. However the additional processing that is required by the liver does have some consequences. There is stress on the liver during the conversion process as enzymes are consumed. These enzymes are replenished over time, but in some cases they are necessary for other conversions. This is why combining medicines can exacerbate side effects and symptoms. The first drug consumes the enzyme that the second drug needs, and so the second drug’s effects are modified.

Also due to the additional processing, Adrafinil takes longer to take effect than Modafinil.
Adrafinil was sold as Olmifon by Cephalon, the same company that sells Modafinil in its brand-name form. Cephalon discontinued sales of Adrafinil in 2011. It is currently still available in powder form from various Chinese suppliers. Some people have recommended buying Adrafinil this way because Adrafinil is unregulated in numerous countries and is therefore easier to import and possess. However these suppliers have unreliable quality control and pose a danger to the consumer’s health. In general, you should only purchase medicine from licensed pharmaceutical manufacturers.


Buy Modafinil, modalert

Modafinil is the most popular form of the drug available on the market today. It’s proven to be the most reliable, effective, and consistent way to improve your energy and focus for an entire day. The drug is marketed under a large number of brand names, most of which are generic. Modafinil is sold under the names Alertec, Alertex, BravaMax, Carim, Provake, Mentix, Modasomil, Modavigil,Modalert, Modapro, Modafil, Modvigil, Modatec, Modiodal, Provigil, Resotyl, Stavigile, Vigia, Vigicer, Vigil, and Zalux.

Modafinil is a racemic mixture. Racemic mixtures are also quite common in pharmaceuticals. So what are they, and why does it matter?

A large number of chemicals exist in two forms. These forms are called enantiomers. The two forms are chemically identical, and have the exact same structure. The only difference is that they are mirror images of each other. A good analogy can be found in your hands. You have two hands, which are identical and structurally the same, however they are mirror opposites. One is left, and one is right. Enantiomers are the “left and right” versions of a drug. These are labled as the S and R enantiomers.

Just as you have a dominant hand that is usually better at doing most tasks, there is also usually one enantiomer that is responsible for the majority of a drug’s effects. The other enantiomer can contribute to the effects, or in some cases may present adverse side effects. In rare cases, the wrong enantiomer can be extremely harmful. Sometimes one enantiomer is completely useless.

Most racemic mixtures are equally balanced, meaning that the amount of the “left” enantiomer is equal to the amount of the “right” one. Modafinil is an equal combination of its S- and R- enantiomers. This is important, because in Modafinil’s case both enantiomers have a psychoactive function. A study in 2003 revealed that the S- enantiomer is also responsible for effects, and also showed that it is removed from the body faster than the R- enantiomer. Neither one is more or less responsible for negative side effects. Just as you sometimes need two hands to do a job correctly, Modafinil uses both of its enantiomers to provide the ideal effect on your body and mind.

Armodafinil vs Modafinil

Buy Armodafinil - modafinil vs armodafinil

Armodafinil has appeared on markets more recently under brand names such as Armod, Artvigil, Biryth, Nuvigil, Waklert. It’s been marketed as the successor to Modafinil, and is purportedly more effective at lower doses. Armodafinil was introduced in 2007 by Cephalon.

Armodafinil is an enantiopure drug. Enantiopure drugs are those that contain only one of the enantiomers available, R or S. What this means is that Modafinil already contains Armodafinil. Armodafinil is half of the racemic mixture in Modafinil.

As mentioned, the R enantiomer is longer acting and is the one most responsible for the effects of Modafinil. Since the S enantiomer is not as strong, Armodafinil’s dosage is therefore lower. Most doses are 150mg compared to Modafinil’s 200mg standard dose. The effects last about the same time, but Armodafinil takes longer to reach its peak than Modafinil does. This is because the S enantiomer peaks faster, and also leaves the body faster. Without this enantiomer Armodafinil users find that the effects take longer to kick in and are less noticeable at first. Reports of headaches were higher in patients taking Armodafinl, according to a 2009 study which compared Armodafinil to Modafinil. The potential benefit is that users will have more effects later in the day, perhaps when they need them more.

Armodafinil shows the exact same side effect profile as Modafinil. Why then was the S enantiomer removed? If it’s not doing any harm, and in fact contributes to the potent effect of Modafinil, why take it out?

The answer can be found by looking at the pharmaceutical industry itself. Drugs cost billions of dollars to produce. This is because numerous drugs that are researched and tested fail to become successful. One successful drug has to pay for 8-10 more that didn’t work. When a successful drug is found, a patent is filed and the company gets 20 years to produce the drug exclusively, ensuring a profit. As the patent expires, drug companies attempt to find ways to continue making money from their successful product.

Modafinil’s patent was set to expire around 2010. This would mean that Cephalon would no longer profit as much since generic formulations would quickly take over the market. In order to reduce the impact of Modafinil’s generic availability, they created a patent for its R- enantiomer as an emantiopure drug. Patent law allows for different formulations to be treated as completely separate drugs. This means that Armodafinil was created without spending money on additional research, essentially Cephalon got two drugs for the price of one. Armodafinil was released in 2007, and Cephalon began marketing it shortly after Modafinil’s patent officially expired.

This practice is hardly new. Companies have been doing this for decades. During the 20 years of exclusivity, they have built up a large base of loyal consumers who are pleased with their product, in this case Modafinil. By anticipating the expiration date, they can contact Modafinil users and their doctors, and encourage them to switch to the “new Modafinil.” They will often claim that it is better, “new and improved.” In addition, they will have had time to test the pill for new applications, allowing them to market it to more people. When users switch from Modafinil to Armodafinil, the pharmaceutical company continues to profit. Little do the customers know that they’ve already been taking the same drug, and could be saving hundreds of dollars by taking a generic.

Don’t be fooled by corporate tactics. At the end of the day, Armodafinil is only half of what Modafinil is. Nothing beats the original formulation that we’ve come to know and love.

Modvigil vs Modalert

Modafinil has been available in generic form since 2010 and you can buy modafinil online. In the last few years dozens of companies have stepped up to produce their own generic version of Modafinil. You might be confused when you see the laundry list of names that are out there: Alertec, Alertex, BravaMax, Carim, Provake, Mentix, Modasomil, Modavigil, Modalert, Modapro, Modafil, Modvigil, Modatec, Modiodal, Provigil, Resotyl, Stavigile, Vigia, Vigicer, Vigil, and Zalux. Don’t be, they are in fact one and the same.

Modvigil vs Modalert

Once a patent for a drug expires any pharmaceutical manufacturer can produce it. Modafinil had become quite popular, and so many companies all over the world sought to produce their own version of generic Modafinil. Many of the above names are catered to a local market or language to improve sales. Regardless of what name they have, they are essentially the same exact thing.

Generic medicines are made by following the recipe outlined in the original patent. Think of it like baking a cake. The original brand-name manufacturer made the first cake, and patented its ingredients and methods. Now that information is available to the public, and anyone can make the same cake. The FDA regulates the generic medicine (or cake) market to ensure that the product you receive matches the original brand-name product. If the brand-name product created a “Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake” then the generic version must also be the same exact flavor.

What makes generics different is that they are able to use different quality ingredients, or in some cases different quantities of those ingredients to make their cake. Perhaps one manufacturer uses 100% dark chocolate from Brazil, while another uses a cheaper 90% semi-sweet chocolate from Asia. One factory uses premium flour and sugar while another decides to use an artificial sweetener. The cakes will have the same basic flavor, but they won’t be exactly the same. Some might be a little better than others.


Generics can also use different packaging. One company simply wraps his cake in clear plastic to save some money, while another puts it in an elegant box. The packaging doesn’t affect the taste, just the presentation.
Ultimately this explains the differences in price between generic medicines. The only difference between generic medicines is the ingredients used to make them and the way they are packaged. Generics are always cheaper than brand-name drugs because the generic maker didn’t have to invest in research, testing, or marketing.

But are generics really effective? The FDA requires that all generic medicines contain 85-128% of the brand name’s active ingredient. This means that generics may sometimes be a bit weaker than the original formula, or they could even be a bit stronger. But in general they must fall within that range. All generics, regardless of their brand, contain the same primary ingredient and roughly the same amount.

So why do some people boldly claim that one generic is more effective than other, while other people declare the exact opposite? Based on what has just been said, it’s completely possible that some generics contain more of the active ingredient than others. However if that were the case, there wouldn’t be a debate. People should unanimously agree that one generic is superior.

One of the reasons why users frequently disagree about which generic is better is due to the “Brand Name Placebo Effect.”

Modalert vs Modvigil

This effect occurs when people believe that the drug they have taken is working better due to its name, cost, or packaging. Names matter. There’s a reason why companies spend millions on marketing trying to come up with the best way to sell their product. Have you ever seen an energy drink named “Sleepy Time”? The price matters too. When we pay more for something, we want to justify that increase in price. A pill that costs $4 MUST work better than one which costs $1, right? When something is well packaged, we perceive it as better. Why else would high-end restaurants decorate their plates and spend so much time making them look appetizing? That sprig of parsley doesn’t make the food taste better, it only looks better.

What really matters is if the generic is tested and safe. One problem with generics is that many of the factories are located in different countries where testing standards and inspections are not as well enforced. The only generic to have been subjected to a battery of tests Modvigil, which is sold by Every batch is tested to ensure that it contains a high quantity of Modafinil, nothing more and nothing less. This guarantees your safety, which should be your primary concern any time you put something into your body. Modvigil’s packaging has also been praised as being high quality compared to other brands.