What Reddit Doesn’t Want you to Know

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Reddit can be a great source for information. Virtually every topic has its own subreddit, and you get news straight from other users. If you want to buy Provigil online, reddit should be a good place to find out how. Or so you might think.

The truth is if you want to buy Provigil online reddit isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Using reddit to buy Provigil online

Reddit does acknowledge this basic truth: You can’t really buy name-brand Provigil online. Since it’s only sold at pharmacies with a prescription, you need to buy generic Provigil online. Reddit has a community dedicated to just this subject. It’s /r/modafinil, the modafinil subreddit. Its FAQ page lists several vendors for modafinil. These pages feature reviews of customer service, shipping, and the product itself.

But reddit doesn’t tell the whole truth.

Reddit and free speech are not synonyms

Reddit marketed itself as a bastion of free speech and online liberty. Anonymity plus communal voting meant that good posts rose and bad ones sank, and no harm came to anyone. The flaw with this logic is the same reason democracies worldwide are struggling: Tyranny of the majority. If lots of people don’t like your comment, it vanishes.
Like most social media platforms, reddit’s users lean liberal. And they censor content just because they don’t like it, all with the click of a mouse.

Reddit users censor content, following their masters’ example

Once the users’ preferences were clear, reddit’s administrators closed subreddits that they deemed unacceptable. They also silenced communities that had right-wing followers.

Try and argue that a leftist viewpoint is wrong, or propose something that’s not “politically correct” on /r/CMV (change my view). Supposedly THE subreddit for open debate, this place simply shouts down ideas the left doesn’t like.

/r/The_Donald, a popular Trump supporter subreddit, never gets promoted to the top of the home page, despite having thousands more upvotes than other popular sections.

Reddit moderators delete content they don’t like

Reddit’s heavy-handed censorship of entire communities trickled down to the moderators too. Have you ever explored /r/TRP (the Red Pill)? Well now you’re banned from /r/offmychest. Those moderators automatically ban anyone who ever spent any time on a subreddit that they disapprove of.

Moderators were given more power and authority in order to prevent the rise of “toxic communities”. But they just abuse this power.

Reddit censors information to buy Provigil online

So, reddit censors communities they don’t like. Users censor comments they don’t like. Moderators censor users they don’t like. And so the /r/modafinil community has picked their favorite vendors, ones who they probably have a connection to. If you’re not on the friends list, you don’t get on the FAQ. New vendors don’t get a chance to be seen.

Modup doesn’t hide the truth of how to buy modafinil online

Reddit’s shady tactics are why Modup.net operates its own subreddit, dedicated to honesty. All reviews, whether positive or not, are posted and never deleted. No

business is perfect (despite what the censors would have you think about their friends). We let you see it all.

If you want a more open, honest environment to discuss modup and other modafinil-related topics, head over to our forums.

  • csheeeeen

    “Reddit and free speech are not synonyms”… SO TRUE! ha ha. Half these people probably never even ordered from Modup. I know they are liers when I look at their profiles on Reddit.. all scams and all lies.

  • Tera

    Can someone do an honest comparison of all the modafinil vendors, PLEASEEE

  • HnkHnsn

    Tera: I found one such comparison on http://modafinilsource.com/

    • Tera

      Thanks for the link, HnkHnsn!

  • Lila

    Can anyone recommend a good Reddit thread for modafinil discussion? Thnx