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In keeping with that original goal of making Modafinil available for everyone who wants it, we have continually expanded our payment options. proudly accepts all major credit cards for online orders. And for those who don’t have access to a credit card, we’ve recently posted a variety of guides to help you find a solution. Whether it’s a prepaid card, or using your bank account with Paypal, there is always a way for you to join our growing community of customers.

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Bitcoin Payments
Full Bitcoin Guide
Buy Modafinil With Bitcoins In Australia
Buy Modafinil In Australia With Bitcoins and Cash
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Altcoin Payments

Bitcoin Cash (Bcash)
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As always, we take pride in offering customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You’ll find someone ready to answer your questions even on a holiday. So if you have doubts or concerns about the best way to make a payment, or you need help processing your order, don’t hesitate to ask! If you have a suggestion or would like to know about a payment method that isn’t mentioned on the site, please let us know. If enough people demand a certain method we’ll look into adopting it. But we can’t do that without feedback from you.

Thinking about placing an order? Not sure how you want to do it? Take a look at our payment guides and compare options for yourself. And if you’re a first time shopper here at and you’re concerned about making your purchase here, remember that we have been in the business for quite some time and have a wealth of positive reviews from people just like you. Look us up on Reddit, or check out the reviews that we have posted here. We are committed to providing a quality product with even better quality service. You won’t be disappointed. Protection Status

  • Abbie

    Received my order today 🙂 Thanks Modup

    • ASAP

      How long did it take to get it? and where you from?

      • Abbie

        It took 12 days to get to me in the US.

        • Dbones83

          Where in the US are you located? How soon after you got the tracking
          number did it actually work? I’m in NYC and I ordered on 10/6/14 and
          still the tracking number doesn’t work and haven’t heard back fro Modup

          • Abbie

            Im in CA. My tracking didn’t work until after it got delivered, so 12 days. I’ve read that this is usual from their wiki at

            They give you a free reship or refund if you don’t receive it after 25 days so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

          • Abbie

            “I have ordered and received 5 times from ModUP. I am in the southern US –
            usually takes 2-3 weeks. The tracking has never worked for me so I
            don’t even bother checking anymore! The package always arrived.

          • Dbones83

            The tracking number just started working this morning saying it left India last night to NYC. So maybe it’ll be quicker then what everyone is saying….Hopefully. Thanks for the info

  • Ula

    I’m damn impressed with the Modup team! Moda is a difficult nootropic to get ahold of and you make it as easy as Amazon. You have a lifetime customer.

  • Anonymous_person

    Hey Modup, I want to know if you ship to costa rica. Thanks.

  • Quinas

    So, I’ve used Bitcoin to buy modafinil ad other things in the past. I wonder if anyone has used PayPal? How does it work?

  • Alex

    I switched to Modup right after MC closed down. So far, they’ve been 100% reliable.

  • Yu Shin

    i just wanto say that this company had problum with custom on my package but they solved tha problum right way and now sending new package. i am very thank you for great customer saport. 🙂

  • John Perkins

    does this stuff come from overseas??

  • Tracie

    I put in my order on June 21 and received a white package today, on August 2. It took about 12 days to arrive. Will keep you all posted on my experience with modafinil!

  • Gary Donley

    we purchased some modafinil for our son, who struggles with ADD. he used to take Ritalin, but it destroyed his social life, and now the doctor refuses to prescribe him anything else. we will try modafinil and see if it makes a difference.

  • icantbelieveitsnotbutter

    which do you suggest to buy modafinil online? bitcoin litcoin or ether?
    or something else maybe?

  • Logan

    my modafinil order arrived yesterday! SO stoked to try it out!!!

  • Gaygsiz

    Hallo Modup,
    Do you sell to Germany? How can I place an order with bitcoins?

  • Tristen

    I don’t think modup ships to Canada, but you can check with their customer service over at the forum. Here is the link for Pre-sale questions:

  • Kelsea

    For anyone else who is wondering what to expect after placing your order, I found this unboxing and review video super helpful:

  • londontario1234

    maybe you will find this discussion helpful:

  • bocaratonbro

    Do you sell modafinil powder or just in tablet form? Also, can I buy armodafinil at

  • Craig

    I just ordered 100 pills, can I change my order to 300 modafinil pills? Please and Thank you. 😀