Buy Modafinil with International Bank Transfers Using Bitcoins

Need Modafinil? How much do you need?

Buy Now offers the best prices for Modafinil using Bitcoin, and one of the best ways to get Bitcoin worldwide is by using This guide will help you to buy Bitcoins using

Bitstamp is one of the leading international Bitcoin exchanges. It works much like a stock exchange, you post the price you’re willing to pay, and you receive Bitcoin if the offer is accepted. You can also buy at the current asking price, without having to specify a price. Bitstamp allows people from anywhere in the world to make a purchase, but it is especially useful for European customers. is perfect for people who:

  • Want to exchange at the best possible price
  • Want to use European funds
  • Want to place a large order is based out of the UK, and charges a very low commission rate of only 0.5%, meaning that you get more Bitcoins for you money. This gets you the best prices on our products at Don’t forget about our 33% discount for purchases made with Bitcoin, that means the savings are even greater.

Setting up a Bitstamp account is very simple. First, go to and click on the option to create a new account.


Fill in the information on the left and an email will be sent to you with a numerical username and password. Write these down or keep your email open. You can change the password later, but the username is always numerical.

Once you’ve logged in, you will see this screen:



Here you can see your account balance.

You will need to deposit money into your Bitstamp account in order to exchange it for Bitcoin.

Click on Deposit to go to the deposit screen.


Bitstamp works very well with European buyers. It uses the SEPA transfer method which gives you lower fees. You can choose your option on the left and find what works best for you.

Before you do anything though, you will have to verify your account. As soon as you click a method you will see this:


Click the link to proceed.


You will need to upload a photo ID and a proof of residence for your location. If your upload is successful the message will change to “Pending”. I sent a picture of my ID and a recent electric bill. The information was approved later that day.

Once you are approved, click on settings and you will see this screen.


You need to put your bank information here before you use a deposit method. When you try to deposit, Bitstamp will use this information to process your payment.

After this information is saved, click the deposit button at the top of the screen. Choose your preferred method of funding your Bitstamp account. If you are in the EU, use the SEPA method, as it has lower fees.


SEPA deposits are fast and easy to process. Type in the information and click deposit.


For people outside the EU, you can use an international bank transfer. Bank transfers typically take a couple of days to process, and have a minimum fee. Once they are complete, your account will have currency in it which you can use to buy Bitcoins.


Now that you have money in the account, it’s time to buy some Bitcoins. You can use these to purchase your products at, and get that great 33% discount with your Bitcoin-made purchase.

Click on the buy/sell tab at the top of the page.


Bitstamp has instant order options where you don’t have to wait, or a name your price option that works much like a stock exchange. Either way, once the order is complete you’ll have your Bitcoins in a few moments.

Click on the Buy button.


Here you can input the price of your order at Once you place the order, if you select Bitcoin as your payment method we will tell you exactly how much you need. Make sure to spend enough to buy that amount. Alternatively if you haven’t placed an order you can go to and check the latest exchange rates. It’s a good idea to buy a little more than you need to cover fluctuations and transaction fees.

Click Buy and when the order is approved the Bitcoins will appear in your account as a pending transaction. Your balance at the top of the page will change.

Now it’s time to send the Bitcoins to us for payment. Click on the Withdraw tab on Bitstamp.


When you make your order, you will receive our current Bitcoin wallet address. Be sure to copy and paste it into the “your Bitcoin Address” field, as any errors will result in a lost payment.

Specify the amount, this should match the amount of your order. Click on Withdraw.

That’s it, you’re done! You’ve successfully bought, and sent Bitcoins using makes it incredibly easy for anyone to get Bitcoins at the best prices. And they allow you to transfer them to fast! We highly recommend using Bitstamp to get our 33% discount when you buy with Bitcoin. It’s the safest and easiest way for our European customers to make purchases of premium Modafinil via