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Making Payments on with Credit Card gladly accepts credit cards as a form of payment. In fact the majority of our customers prefer to use credit cards as a safe, reliable, and fast way to pay for their Modafinil purchase. This guide will explain the process to help you along. accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover cards for online purchases.
Using a credit card to buy Modafinil is remarkably easy! First go to our streamlined home page.
We’ve redesigned the homepage to make it faster for you to get to the checkout process. If you hover over the Prices tab, you’ll see the list of quantities available and their cost:
Once you know what you’d like, click that big Order Now button!
Your email address is very important as it allows us to keep in touch with you if there are any issues with your order. We also send shipping information to that email address, so be sure to enter it correctly.
Here you can select the quantity of high-quality Modafinil from the drop-down menu, as well as the shipping options.
You should provide all of the information requested. The address input here is the shipping address for your order, so be sure to double-check it and make sure that everything is correct. Once you are ready, click “Order Now” again.
Some countries are more difficult to ship to than others. If yours is one of these, this message will appear. You can still choose to continue with your order however it will not be covered by our top-notch refund policy.
Next, you need to select your payment option. In this case we’re looking at credit cards:

In this case you can see that I’ve chosen to buy a 2 weeks’ supply. The total in USD is presented in the middle of the screen. Click the credit card icon to continue. If you have American Express or Discover, don’t worry, just click the Mastercard or Visa logo to continue.
Here you need to input all the information on your credit card account. Billing information must match what your credit card company has on file.
For your actual credit card information, the process is quite easy. The card number is located on the front of the card. The Name on card should be identical to what the card says. The expiration date and year is also on the front, usually to the right of the issue date/year. Remember, this date is in the future.
For example, the card number here is 4455556600224455, and the name is John Smith, the expiration date would be 08/12, or August 2012.
Finally the last field is the CCV field. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover put this on the back as a 3 digit code. AMEX puts it on the front as a 4 digit code. Here are some examples:

  • Takeshi

    Can I use my Visa Vanilla card to buy modafinil? It’s not a credit or debit but a cash card. Thanks!

  • C. A. D.

    does MODUP accept bitcoins? thanx