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For the best prices on Bitcoins, your best bet is often to pay in cash. You avoid credit card fees and other transaction fees. This will get you the best price for our products at

The easiest way to get Bitcoins with cash is by using will put you in touch with other users who have Bitcoins. You pay them, and they provide you with coins at great prices. You can then use these Bitcoins to buy from, and remember there’s a 33% discount if you use Bitcoin when you purchase our products.

The home page looks like this:


Signing up just takes a minute. After you click the link in your email you will be directed to this page:

bitcoin modafinilHere you can set the search parameters for your Bitcoin purchase. Simply select a location, the amount you want to spend, and the payment method. The methods vary from person to person. Usually the cheapest way is to do a bank transfer. Walk into a branch, and deposit cash to the account. You can also arrange in person meetings, or look for online-only options.

For example, let’s say I want to search for a seller in Australia. I type in Sydney Australia and put in “all online offers” to see the most results. For the price, just take the price of the product from plus shipping, and convert it to the currency. For example, a 2 week supply is 29.99 GBP, plus 9.99 standard shipping. So let’s convert 39.98 to AUD. The result is $68. Because Bitcoin prices fluctuate, it’s a good idea to buy a little more than you need, just in case. This also covers small transaction fees So let’s search for $70.


Here we can see the result of my search. The seller’s feedback rating is located next to his name. Here he has over 100 feedbacks, and 100% of them are positive. This is a good trusted seller. recommends using trusted sellers, it will make your experience better and speed up the buying process. The method of payment involves a bank-to-bank transfer that can be completed online. His Bitcoin price is $252.74 AUD for 1.0 BTC. That means if we want to spend $70, we’ll get about 0.28 BTC. You can compare offers and prices and find one that suits you.

If we click this offer we get more information:


Each seller has different requirements regarding identity verification and purchase limits. This seller requires you to verify your phone number for instance.

Localbitcoins uses an escrow system to protect you. When you purchase, the coins will be put into escrow on the website. Once you release the payment, the seller will confirm this and the money is released from escrow. You should keep any documentation of payment as proof in case there is a dispute.

Let’s look at a case where we are authorized to purchase:


Here there is a handy converter to help you figure out exactly how much currency you need to send to the user. You can begin the transaction by typing in a message if you wish.

After the deal is made, you simply follow the seller’s instructions. Most transactions can be finalized in just a few hours. The Bitcoins will go to your wallet, not your personal one (if you have one).

Once you have your Bitcoins, you can proceed to send them directly to and pay for your order. Click on the Wallet button at the top of the page:


Once your Localbitcoins wallet is updated, you can input the wallet address from, specify the amount, and confirm it with your password. With, buying from with Bitcoins couldn’t be any easier, or faster!