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To take advantage of the special Bitcoin discount available at you’ll need to get some Bitcoins first. We’ve covered other ways in which you can do this, such as using your bank account or buying directly from someone who has Bitcoin. This guide will walk you through a simple process to use your credit card to buy Bitcoin so that you can purchase Modafinil through with the best possible price.

A fair warning before we proceed: Buying Bitcoin with a credit card often means extra fees. For one thing, the Bitcoin vendor may charge a fee similar to the one your credit card company (Visa, Mastercard, etc…) charges. This is because Bitcoin is effectively cash and if they didn’t charge you the fee then they would be losing money with each transaction. Secondly, your bank may apply a cash advance fee on your credit card, since the Bitcoin can be used like cash. Consult your bank’s policies before placing an order. Even with the extra fees, the 33% discount on Modup can still be worth taking a few extra minutes.

The easiest way to purchase Bitcoin nowadays is through Go there and create an account:


Be sure to use your real information as this will be checked against your credit card or bank account data. Circle uses 2-factor authentication meaning that nobody can get into your account but you, as long as you have your phone secured. They’ll send a text message to your phone which will allow you to verify your account. This process is repeated for every transaction, which makes Circle a very safe way to purchase Bitcoin.

Once your account is set up, you’ll need to add your credit card. Log in, and your name or email will be shown in the top right corner. Select Settings from the dropdown menu:


Now click “Cards and Banks” on the left side:


You can see here I have a bank account already connected. This is another great way to purchase Bitcoin with a bank account, however there is a delay before you can buy as the company sends ‘test transactions’ to make sure you are the real owner. Click “Add Account” and you’ll be given three options, click Add a Credit Card (or Debit card, if you wish). A form will appear:


Now complete the process and you’ll be able to buy Bitcoin. Simply go back to the home page, click Buy Bitcoin, and you’ll get this screen:


Select your credit card account on the account’s list if you have more than one.

Type in the exact amount of Bitcoin from your order on When you place the order, a set price is agreed upon, so you don’t have to worry about fluctuations in the Bitcoin price, provided you make the payment in the given time. The price in dollars will appear as well. When you are finished, click “Buy Bitcoin” and the transaction will be processed.

Bitcoin transactions require a short time to pass so that they can be verified. This can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes, although in my experience with Circle it’s closer to 10.

When your account has been credited, the final thing to do is to pay You can do this right from Circle, all you need is the address.

When you placed your order and chose Bitcoin, you were shown this screen:


In Circle, click on “Send Money”, and fill in the blanks according to your order:


Copy and paste the address, and double check it. If you make a mistake it’s like giving cash to a stranger, don’t expect to see it again. Type the amount correctly, as’s payment processing software looks for an exact match for that specific address, and an incorrect amount could show up as the payment not having been made at all.

Once the payment has been verified, you will receive a confirmation of payment and your order will proceed to shipping. It’s really quite simple.

Our customer service is always happy to assist you with making these purchases online. Rest assured, it’s not very difficult to buy Bitcoin with a credit card, or any other means for that matter. In less than 10 minutes you can get the best prices on Modafinil by taking advantage of our industry-leading discounts.

  • Jennifer

    are there any other ways to get Bitcoin without creating a account?

  • Kai_vf

    Thanks modup for the instructions on buying Bitcoin with a credit card. I wonder what would be the advantage (or advantages) of using bitcoin to buy modafinil vs. a credit card?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Steve no longer offer Bitcoin :-/