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If you are interested in using Litecoin to pay for your Modafinil purchase on, there are several options that you can use. This guide focuses on using to help you buy Litecoins.

Litetree is a currency exchange website that focuses on exchanging Bitcoin, LItecoin, and other similar currencies. It’s the fastest and safest way to buy Litecoin online.

Litetree allows US residents to add funds to their Litetree account, but only ClearXchange members, which include First bank, Wells Fargo, Chase, and Bank of America customers. This covers a lot of people. For those who don’t have those options, EgoPay and OKpay are also accepted.

Go to and click on the sign up button in the top left corner:



Set up your account, and you will get a confirmation link from your email. This also has a unique ID which will be your username for the account.



Put the information from the email and your password.

You will then be asked to validate your device, since it is your first time logging in.



You can use your email again here, or you can use Google Authenticator. Either way, validate the account to continue.

Once you have your account activated, you need to validate your identity, this takes about 24 hours. It’s a good idea to do this before proceeding so that it is finished by the time you are ready to place your order. Click on the overview tab, and then click on the link to validate your account.

litecoin verify


Provide all the information and a scan of your ID. All the information must match.

You may deposit before you are validated, but you have to validate to withdraw. Click on the deposit tab.

litecoin deposit


Here you will see your various options. If you have a US Bank account with ClearXChange, you can use that to add funds. You can also use EgoPay or OKPay.

For ClearXChange customers, use your bank’s online banking, and be sure to put your account number in the comments.

For international users, we will now show you how to get set up with OKPay. OKPay is a leading online banking provider for users located around the world. It functions very much like Paypal.

Go to



Click on the Sign up button above the row of grey buttons.

okpay signup


Complete the form and you will receive a confirmation email. Click the link to activate your account.

ltc account


A window will pop up, you should select the Buyers account. It’s free and provides everything that you need to complete your order on

You need to add funds to your account.

my account


Before you can send a wire transfer, you will need to Verify your account first. Click the blue link.



The first two are necessary to wire money into your account. Scan and provide the files and you will be verified within 24 hours.

After you’ve been verified, click the add funds button on the right hand side of the page.

add money


Select the Wire Transfer option, and the instructions will appear. Now follow the instructions, and the money will appear in your account within a couple of days.

Now you can go back to and add funds.



Use the OKPay method, and deposit the amount you wish to use. You will be asked for your OKPay information to complete the transaction.

Regardless of whichever method you used, now that you have money in your Litetree account, you can buy Litecoins or Bitcoins to pay for your order at Click the Buy/Sell tab.

buy sell


This screen will appear. Since you don’t have any order history, you need to click “Create New Order”

LiteTree is very much like a stock exchange. You will have to make an offer, specifying how much you will spend for each LTC unit, and how many LTC you want. You should use the number that we gave you when you placed your order on This will be the exact LTC price, so you can make sure you get the right amount. Remember that there is a 0.02 LTC fee on transactions, so you should buy a little more than you need.

buy litecoin


Select USD, or your currency, from the first dropdown menu. This is the price you will pay per 1 LTC. Then input the amount of coins you need, this number should equal our order information, plus a little more to cover transaction fees.

The total price will appear. Confirm the order, and you will have to wait and see if it is accepted. If not, you can cancel it and try another price. Your price should be around the market exchange rate value. Again, think of it is a stock. If you offered to pay only $5 for Apple stock, you wouldn’t find any takers.

Once your purchase is complete, you need to send your Litecoins to to pay for your order.

Click the Withdrawal tab. You will see this page:



Select Litecoins as the transfer option, paste the address that you received when you placed your order on, and input the amount that the order indicates. There is no fee besides the standard 0.02 LTC transaction fee. Be sure to double check the address, if there is a mistake you will lose your Litecoins and the order will not be paid for.

The maximum amount will vary depending on your verification level and experience using Litetree, but it will be enough for you to complete your order at

And there you have it! You’ve paid for your order with Litecoin.

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