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For our Australian customers this guide will explain how you can get Bitcoins using cash in Australia. After you get your Bitcoins, you can use them to buy Modafinil at great prices on Take advantage of our 33% discount on purchases made with Bitcoin.

We’re going to show you how to use, and to buy Bitcoins quickly and easily. Before you begin, make sure that you have a Bitcoin Wallet, you can download the Multibit software and have a wallet in less than 5 minutes, no sign up required. and are best for people who:

  • Are located in Australia
  • Want to buy Bitcoins with cash
  • Want Bitcoins fast (no sign up necessary, rapid delivery)

Which service should I use?

Both services are fundamentally the same but with two small differences:

Spendbitcoins charges 10% above market price

Getbitcoins charges either 4.4% or 5.4% above market price

So why would you use Spendbitcoins instead of Getbitcoins if the latter is cheaper? Well one main reason is that you have to deposit cash to a bank account to get your Bitcoins, and each service uses different banks:

Spendbitcoins uses: NAB, St. George, Bendigo, and Westpac banks

Getbitcoins uses: Bankwest, Commonwealth, and also NAB and Westpac Banks

For the best deal on Modafinil with, you should use Getbitcoins. Note that you do not have to have an account in the bank, you simply must be able to go to the bank to make the deposit.

We will show you how to use each site, they are almost completely identical.

Go to and click the Buy Bitcoins button on the top.



Getbitcoins is very transparent about their fees. You can see how the current BTC price is calculated, and what their fee is.

They have two options, either a 20 minute or 4 hour deposit window. The 20 minute window is cheaper, but it means you’ll have to get to the bank immediately. You could use your smart phone to do this more easily.

Provide your email, and then paste your Bitcoin Wallet address into the field. Make sure to double check it, if there is a mistake you will not receive your Bitcoins, and the transaction cannot be refunded.

To figure out how much you need, go to This is a great converter for Bitcoin. Take the price of one of our premium Modafinil products from, add the shipping, and you will see how much BTC you need. A two week supply of Modafinil with shipping is 39.98 GBP, which equates to about 0.31 BTC. Since Bitcoin fluctuates somewhat, add a little more to be sure. Remember, we’re the only site offering a 33% discount on Bitcoin-made purchases, so you’ll save even more when you use Bitcoin at

Complete the form, run off to the bank, and the coins will arrive in your wallet within 30 minutes. Once they are confirmed (another 15-60 minutes), you can send them to our address at How simple was that?


If none of Getbitcoins’ banks are near you, consider using They offer virtually the exact same service, albeit at a slightly higher price.

First, go to and click on the Buy Bitcoins button.

You will see the home page:



The current BItcoin price is located to the left of the screen, in Australian Dollars. A 10% surcharge is added. Basically Spendbitcoins offers you the market price with a reasonable markup.

You need to enter your deposit information, simply put an email address, your Bitcoin address (make sure to paste it in, if there is a typo it will not arrive and you will lose your money).

Then you must either select how much in AUD to spend, or how much BTC to get. You should calculate this according to our prices on Simply take our product price, plus shipping, and go to Preev is the fastest and most accurate BTC currency converter.

Our 4 week supply of high quality Modafinil plus shipping costs $64.98 GBP. Converted to BTC this is about 0.5. Don’t forget about our 33% discount for Bitcoin purchases!

Now, type in the amount of BTC that you need, and select a deposit location. Spendbitcoins lets you deposit money in one of four accounts, located in different banks across Australia. You can choose from NAB, St. George, Bendigo, or Westpac. Simply go to the bank and make the deposit by following the instructions provided.

The price you get from Spendbitcoins is only valid for 4 hours, so it’s best to place your order and then go to the bank right away. Logically placing an order at night is more complicated since banks are closed. You will get your Bitcoins in a few hours. The Bitcoins will appear in your wallet. Once they are confirmed (approximately 15-60 minutes) you will be able to send them to to pay for your order. is one of the fastest ways for Australian customers to get Bitcoins fast! And that means you get the best prices on




  • Ken

    Has anyone used or I want to know whether they work or not.

  • Isabela

    Hi, Ken. I used spenditbitcoins and have bought modafinil here. I can confirm that it works well and is very easy to use.