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Always staying so far ahead of the game that we can see tomorrow’s backside, is now accepting Ethereum as a form of payment! Now you can buy modafinil with Ethereum. Ethereum is quickly shaping up to be a major player, and we’re proud to support it. We put our money where our mouth is: You get a 33% discount on your order when you buy modafinil with Ethereum.

We’d like nothing more than to see crypto-currencies take over the world. Help us make that happen.

Why Use Ethereum to Buy Modafinil?

Ethereum is a direct competitor to Bitcoin, making it one of the “Altcoins” out there. But unlike most of them, Ethereum has nearly limitless potential. The Ethereum network is more than just a digital currency, it’s also a marketplace for shared computing power. You can create programs that run on the network, and pay people for their processing with Ether, the Ethereum currency.

That probably doesn’t concern you. You just want a good deal. But it’s important to understand that Ethereum is going to be around for a long time. It has a dedicated team of developers and is poised to overthrow Bitcoin as the king of the crypto-currencies. Which is why we’re putting our support into it, and why you should too.

Oh, and unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is crazy fast. Like under a minute transfer speeds. Bitcoin is so backlogged these days that your transfer could take over an hour. Fees are better too. It’s great.

How to buy Modafinil with Ethereum

First order of business is, well, to place an order! Fill out the order form and you’ll get a confirmation number:

modup order placed

As these currencies are still in their infancy we don’t have an integrated payment system yet. Coming soon!

But for now, you just need to let us know that you’d like to pay for your order with Ethereum.

Scroll down and click on the Order Inquiry Form:

order enquiry form button

Give us your info and let us know you’d like to pay with Ethereum, like so:

order inquiry ETH Our sleepless service staff will get back to you so fast you’ll probably whip your head around to see if they’re right behind you.

And you’ll get a discounted price to boot. Aren’t we sweet?

How do I pay for my order with Ethereum?

So you’ve placed an order, and an address to send the money to. Now what? You’re going to need an Ethereum wallet. is by far the easiest way to send and receive Ether (Ethereum’s currency).

Ethereum wallet

Click Register and fill out the form. It takes seconds. Once you’re in, scroll down to the Receive Ethereum section.

Ethereum wallet receive address

Click “New Address” to generate an address where you can get Ethereum. Keep this window open.

Now you need to get some Ethereum. There are many ways to go about getting Ethereum, but the most common way is to buy it with Bitcoin. As far as getting Bitcoin goes, we’ve covered that in a series of guides. Always trying to be helpful.

Buy modafinil with Ethereum using Shapeshift

Got some Bitcoin? Great. Now we’re going to exchange it for Ethereum. Shapeshift makes this process so simple your children could probably do it. Maybe get them out of the room so they don’t end up buying pile of Dogecoin. Head over to

Shapeshift homepage BTC to ETH

Click on the currency icons to open a menu. Select the ones you want. In this case we’ll be buying ETH with Bitcoin (BTC). When you’re ready, click continue.

Shapeshift purchase BTC to ETH

Shapeshift asks for two things: A destination address for your purchased ETH, and a refund address for your BTC. The refund address is just in case your order cannot be completed for some reason. This basically never happens, but it’s good to have it there just in case.

You’ll notice the exchange rate at the top of the page. Write this down. Don’t worry if it changes a bit, that’s normal and reflects a very small change in price (less than a cent sometimes).

Plug in the address you just generated on and a BTC receive address. Agree to terms and start the transaction.

Shapeshift order generated BTC ETH

Here you’ll get a BTC address to deposit to. To figure out how much you need, we’ll need to do a bit of math:

  • Divide 1 BTC by the exchange rate for ETH, this gives you the price per ETH
  • Multiply that number by the amount of ETH you need for your Modup order.
  • Round up to the nearest hundredth, and send that much BTC to the address Shapeshift gives you.

After the BTC deposit is sent you’ll see the status of your Shapeshift order change. Once a confirmation has occurred (within an hour) you’ll receive your ETH at your account.

Now head back to your Ethereum wallet

Ethereum Wallet balance updated

You’ll see that your balance has been updated. Now all that’s left is to send it to to buy modafinil with Ethereum.

ethereum wallet send

Put in the address that we emailed you and the correct amount.

Click submit, and that’s it! Ethereum transactions are insanely fast, so you’ll get an email from us confirming your order. And because we’re extremely fast too, you’ll get your shipping confirmation right away.

That’s all you have to do to buy modafinil with Ethereum. Congratulations! Not only did you help push a cutting-edge technology one step further, you scored the best deal you could get on Modafinil. When you buy modafinil with Ethereum, you get our great 33% crypto-currency discount on top of already-awesome prices.

If you need any help along the way, just ask! Our customer support staff does this in their sleep.

Thanks for choosing Always one step ahead to make sure you have the most options possible.

  • Crypto_Fanatic

    THIS IS THE BEST NEWS I HAVE READ ALL DAY! i have been buying modafinil from another site, but I will be using Modup from now on because i have so much money in ether right now. i bought several hundred ETH when it was worth about 11 dollars. to anyone who is reading this: BUY ETHER NOW! you will have enough to buy a lifetime supply of modafinil in a years time if not sooner. 🙂

    • digitalk

      Welcome to the future, friend. Soon you can buy not just modafinil but anything you want with BTC, Ether, and others. 🙂

  • Ed

    I just used Ether to buy my first batch of modafinil. Should arrive any day now! Just a quick question: do you accept any other cryptocurrencies like Dash or Litecoin? Or just Bitcoin and Ether?

  • Crypto_Fanatic

    I bought some modafinil when ETH hit the 200 mark…now I have modafinil for life haha! But seriously, when will you be accepting ethereum classic?

    • digitalk

      I hope soon! ETC is skyrocketing as of lately due to new exchanges and investment funds opening.

      • hhsd

        Yeah, no shit! It’s pretty stable now, too. The real question is…which will be worth more in 10 years: ETH or ETC?

  • Kristiana

    i feel dumb asking this question, but what is the difference between bitcoin and ether?