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You may use your credit or debit card to purchase Modafinil from our site, however to obtain the 33% discount you will need to use Bitcoin. This post will help you to obtain Bitcoin using your credit card. is a great site to buy Bitcoin with your credit card. Coinmama charges higher prices for Bitcoin than other methods, but is probably the fastest way to buy Bitcoins with your credit card. Coinmama works from everywhere in the world at the same price. Coinmama processes payments using Google Wallet, and they are instantly transferred to your Bitcoin Wallet. You will need your own wallet, check out our guide here if you haven’t already.

Coinmama is the best route for people who:

  • Want to make a purchase as soon as possible (less than 30 minutes)
  • Have a Google account (you can create one quickly though)
  • Want to use a credit card (everything except American Express)

Once you have Bitcoins, you can use them to buy Modafinil at You can also take advantage of our 33% discount for customers who pay with Bitcoin.

Start by going to



The sign in page shows the option to create a new account. Click on it and this will appear:



You must use your actual information on Coinmama is one of the only sites that allows you to buy Bitcoin from anywhere in the world. You don’t need to wait for a confirmation email, just go right in.

You will see this screen when you log in for the first time:



Click the link to buy bitcoins.

buy modafinil with credit card


This will direct you to their pricing page. You may select a preset offer or request a quote for another amount. You should calculate the amount of BTC you need according to our prices at We offer a 4 week supply for 64.98 GBP plus shipping, this equals $104 USD. $104 USD is about 0.48 BTC, so you can see here that Coinmama charges a higher rate for BTC than other sites. However is here to help you with our 33% discount for purchases in Bitcoin. That will make Coinmama’s prices about equal to current Bitcoin exchange rates.

Here you can input your Bitcoin Wallet address. Be sure to paste it in from the “receive” page of your wallet software, if there is a typo you will lose your money. After you do this, you will be redirected to the account verification site.



When all the files have been approved, you can proceed to payment. You need to use Google Wallet to use the credit card system.

Google Wallet is an extremely easy to use system that stores your credit card data in your Google account so that you can buy things online quickly.

Go to to get started.



Sign in with your account. You can also download it to your mobile device if it supports Google Wallet, but that is not necessary right now. Simply click sign in, and log in with your Google account. Click Payment Methods on the left side.



Here any credit cards you’ve already added will appear. I have one already. If you click Add a credit card this will appear:



Input your credit card information. Your address may already appear, but you can add or change addresses by clicking the box.

Once you’ve done this, you can return to Coinmama and finish the transaction.

Your Bitcoin Wallet will indicate that a new transfer has been recorded. It will appear as unconfirmed, but will usually be confirmed within 15-60 minutes, but typically on the short end. Mine was recorded in 5 minutes. Now you can send the money from your Bitcoin wallet to