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Bitcoin over $4000. A brand new cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash exists. What’s a Hard Fork? Is Bitcoin still reliable? And above all, can you buy modafinil with bitcoin cash? All your questions answered on the Modup Blog.

How Bitcoin Cash was born

Bitcoin was starting to hit something of a wall. More users meant more value for the currency, which meant more users as investors and speculators joined in. All those users were like hungry patrons crowding the line at Chipotle. You can only make so many burritos per minute, so the line just got longer and longer.

Just as Chipotle has a limited kitchen capacity, Bitcoin also has a limited transaction capacity. This was hard-wired into its programming over a decade ago, well before it blew up. So it was time for an upgrade, a bigger kitchen. But how does that work?

Bitcoin’s Hard Fork Creates Bitcoin Cash

If more than half of the Bitcoin miners out there agree to change the programming, then it changes. But what if some people don’t agree? That’s exactly what happened. Much like ordering a pizza with a vegetarian in the house, we went halfsies and put pepperoni on just one side. The split is called a fork, and it results in two separate versions of the blockchain. One uses the new programming agreed upon by the majority, and the minority version splits off and heads its own way.

Bitcoin Cash is the minority version of the currency. Fundamentally, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are very similar, they only differ in how they expand transaction volume. Now two currencies exist, although one is soaring and the other is floundering.

How do you get Bitcoin Cash?

Some exchanges are supporting Bcash (shorthand name in use) but many of the largest ones have denounced it for the time being. But if you had Bitcoin stored in a wallet offline, you actually have an equal amount of both! The fork cloned the blockchain, so there’s an equal amount of Bitcoin and Bcash out there.

Can I buy Modafinil with Bitcoin Cash?

So this is the big question. The answer is yes! However, Bcash is totally new and only supported by a minority of users. The question is can it last? Will it be able to establish itself as a stable currency? It seems unlikely, since it offers no real practical advantage to Bitcoin, and due to its smaller support has been plagued with slow transaction times. Oh the irony. The very thing it was supposed to defeat.

Unlike other vendors who scoff at the new altcoin, we will take orders with Bcash if you let us know ahead of time. The value of Bcash has fluctuated greatly since its release, so make sure you contact us.

And since many exchanges don’t support it at the moment, vendors don’t have an easy way to convert Bcash to actual money, although it can be converted to Bitcoin fairly easily. However shapeshift is an easy way to convert cryptocurrencies and you can use it in seconds to get the Bcash you want.

If you want to buy modafinil with cryptocurrencies, you can always count on us. We’ve added support for Monero and Ethereum in recent months and will continue to stay on top of the altcoin market to make sure that you always have a choice.


  • gf42

    How much time does it take to process payments with bitcoin cash?

  • Fotis

    My BTC was in an exchange, so it split when the hard form happened. I want to use the BTC Cash to buy some modafinil on Modup, but how can I do it?

  • Jarison

    Great deal! Just made my purchase using BCC!!! 😀 😀 😀