How to buy your Modafinil with a Bank Transfer

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Wire transfers can be a great way to pay for your Modafinil purchase on Also known as a Bank Transfer, this is when money is taken directly out of your bank account and placed into another account. Bank transfers can occur between the same bank, or through different banks.

Wire transfers have a few advantages, one being that they are extremely fast. When you place a wire transfer request to your bank, they will process it immediately as long as it occurs during operating hours. If not, it will be processed the following business day. As soon as it has been withdrawn, the recipient has immediate access to the funds. This makes wire transfers extremely useful when the person you are sending money to needs it right away.
Wire transfers don’t require a credit card either, so you can prevent giving out your credit card information. Generally, you can ask for a wire transfer via online banking, or by going into your local bank branch and requesting it in person. The process varies depending on the bank you use.

One of the disadvantages is the higher cost of wire transfers. Depending on the bank you use, and the bank you are sending it to, these may range from free to upwards of $40. Many banks also charge a fee to receive a transfer, making it less economical. Wire transfers thus are ideal for sending large amounts of money, instead of smaller amounts which may be consumed entirely by fees.

For this reason at the moment wire transfers for are currently unavailable until we can find an affordable way to complete them in smaller amounts.