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For UK customers who want to save a bundle on’s modafinil, there’s an excellent way to buy Bitcoins using your UK bank account! This guide will show you one of the fastest ways to buy Bitcoins, which you can use at And you’ll save 33% on the order price when you pay with Bitcoin.

We’ll be showing you how to use to buy Bitcoins almost instantly, and at a great price!

Bittylicious is the best choice for people who:

  • Have a bank account in the UK (online transfers are required)
  • Want Bitcoins as fast as possible at a great price
  • Want to use cash from their bank account

Before you start, make sure you have a Bitcoin wallet, because Bittylicious will deposit the Bitcoins into your wallet after the purchase.

You should also go to and place your order, selecting Bitcoin as the payment option. This way you’ll know exactly how much you need to buy. You should round up a little to make sure you have enough to cover possible fluctuations in Bitcoin value and transaction fees, even though these are very small.

When you’re ready, go to, the whole process should take you no more than a few minutes.

Bitcoin Modalert

Bitcoin Modalert

Bittylicious limits first time buyers from abroad, it’s ideally for UK users. Simply copy and paste your Bitcoin Wallet address (make sure you double check it for errors, as typos will result in you losing your deposit). Place your email address in here as well.

Select the amount you need, which you can get directly from when you purchase your order. If you haven’t placed your order yet, you can always calculate the price yourself. For example, a two week supply of Modafinil from plus shipping is 39.98 GBP. Go to and convert that price into BTC for the latest rates. Remember, you get a 33% discount. It’s always a good idea to round up a little.

Type in the amount, and click the green button.

Bitcoin Modalert

Bitcoin Modalert

Bittylicious is serious about its business. So make sure you’re information is correct and that you are ready to make the transfer online once you accept the deal. Otherwise your email and bitcoin wallet will be banned. You can always get a new wallet address without much hassle, but it’s best to get it right the first time.

The order screen will appear:

Bitcoin Modalert

Bitcoin Modalert

This page contains all the information that you need to place your order. Now simply log in to your online banking account in the UK, and make a transfer to the account number and bank given. Be sure to use the reference code provided here.

Once you click “I have sent Payment” Bittylicious will confirm this on their end, send you an email, and deliver your Bitcoins quickly.

Once your Bitcoins are in your wallet, wait for them to be confirmed. This usually takes 15-60 minutes. Then you can send them to, using the order number and wallet address we gave you.

Buying Bitcoins in the UK couldn’t get much easier than this, and it’ll make your purchase at faster and cheaper!




  • silverf0x

    Is there any other way to get Bitcoins in the UK besides Bittylicious? Can I use a Bitcoin ATM?

  • Dan Brein

    this is really cool, i didnt know you can get bitcoins like that. now how do i buy modafinil with the bitcoins?

    • Adam

      Just place your order and follow the instructions on the check out page. If you have any questions, contact Modup by phone, email, or chat. They are very helpful.

  • Lila

    What other currencies do you accept?

    • star_lark

      You can buy modafinil with any fiat currency and any of the top 10 digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and Dash, at

  • Austin

    Hi Lila,

    From what I know, Modup accepts Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, and maybe a few others as payment for modafinil or armodafinil.