Study Edge – Get It Using Smart Drugs


I’m going to let you in to a not so well kept secret, everyone is taking smart to get a profound study edge. This study edge people are getting from smart drugs and nootropics and the like is borderline cheating, if it wasn’t so accessible to everyone. To ignore the huge study edge you can get from what is also known as professor’s little helpers will mean you are left with a big disadvantage to those people which have appropriately implemented them into their education regime.

Study Edge

Students and academics have been getting a study edge in the past century using raw stimulants, which are still used and abused today but what we know is that classic stimulants have as much down side as they do upsides. The side effects from hardcore stimulants common logic would advise its wise just to stay clear of them. Even caffeine is somewhat addictive and will leave you feeling worse for wear if you over do it.

1900 – 1980 What was taken in the past to get a study edge

ChemicalMechanismSide effects
Amphetamines (Adderal)Dopamine – ClassicalAddictive/ crashes
Nicotine (Tobacco)Nicotine receptor agonistAddictive/ short acting
Methylphenidate(Ritalin)Dopamine – ClassicalAddictive/ crashes
Caffeine (Coffee)Adenosine receptor antagonistShort acting/ jitteriness

The major problem with these chemicals is that weren’t specific in their action and gave a overwhelming amount of full body stimulation combined with the euphoria, which ultimately was habit forming.

Most Popular Smart Drug To Get A Study Edge In 2017

The smart drug industry is being overloaded with pseudo science and ineffective supplements but you don’t need to waste your time crawling through the literature to get 80% of any possible cognitive enhancement.

I’m going to make the argument that modafinil in 2017 is still the only worthwhile smart drug you should consider taking to get a study edge for the following reasons:

Study Edge How To Get It Google Trends

The wisdom of crowds, as you can see from the google trends image above the google web search data shows modafinil is by far the most popular smart drug.

Is Taking A Pill To Get A Study Edge Cheating?

How do you feel about private tuition, is that fair? Not everyone has access to it, yet its does give an unfair advantage to those who can afford it. Currently society deems taking a pill to get an enhancement as cheating, such as in competitive sport. However academics is not supposed to be fair in this way and shouldn’t be compared to competitive sport as they two difference domains. Would you reject a PhD students research on a cure for cancer if they discovered it under the influence of modafinil? Smart drugs are just a tool, and if used responsible an incredible safe tool to give people a study edge.

Limitless Season 2 Airs on Amazon 2018 with Cooper

Limitless Season 2
What’s going on with the limitless series and when is limitless season 2 release date? Good news limitless fans Amazon has suggested that they will be taking up where CBS failed and hopefully it will be more like the limitless movie. So load up on your NZT or if you’re a true limitless fan buy modafinil in time for limitless season 2.


When can we expect Limitless Season 2 to be aired?

Currently Amazon has not released an official air date for Limitless Season 2 but we’re told that it should be coming to Amazon on demand in 2018. Personally I would rather hold out until they get a new director as Alex Kurtzman did a poor job and towards the end of series 1 myself and others were switching off. From the ratings not many viewers watched pass episode 4 where Brain finds Rebecca’s father is in the NZT files, who didn’t expect that?

Limitless Season 2 cast?

Bradley cooper is back in action and taking the rightful role in limitless series 2, thankfully Jake McDorman is gone, yes, for good. However Jennifer Carpenter and Hill Harper will remain. The plot is supposedly going to follow off from the movie limitless instead of how it span off in limitless season 1 with the FBI.

Limitless Season 2 Plot twist

In the finale of Limitless season 1 part two the NZT lab is raided and shut down, Brain nearly ends up in prison. In limitless season 2 Brian gets assassinated and the storyline goes back to Brains come up, essentially, I’m told from an insider the new script is more “like house of cards and suits”, both series are top on Netflix, but takes off where the movie ended and its more about the protagonist becoming president and how NZT makes him a super leader, tackling the worlds problems from super AI and NK.

Contrary to what IMDB has announced in Limitless season 2 they are not detracting away from NZT and the limitless drug which is what makes the movie and series infamous . CBS had scripted season 2 and because they were failing in ratings getting a lousy 57% on rotten tomatoes they were going to scrap NZT and focus more on Brain Finches interaction with the FBI.

Limitless Season 2 is going to be exclusively airing on Amazon in 2018, but you will have the option to buy the entire Limiltess Season 2 at the end of 2018 and I’m sure its going to be a gifted to many, lets just hope its not another disappointment and Bradley Cooper and the the screen writer from the limitless movie make it a hit and go on to make develop the series further. The limitless series does have the potential to be great like the original movie if only they kept Bradley Cooper and hired Alan Glynn who was a avid modafinil taker. Protection Status

10 Interesting Facts About The Brain

Brain facts 10 Interesting Facts About The Human Brain

Fact 1

Works Harder While Asleep

Sleep follows a pattern of non-rapid eye movement (NREM) and rapid eye movement (REM) for every 90 minutes. During the REM phase, the brain receives more energy and stays very active. Typically, dreams occur during the REM phase.

Fact 2

Faster Than a Racing Car

The information travels to and from the brain through the nerve cells or neurons at different speeds. Sometimes, the information can travel as fast as 268 miles per hour, making it faster than a racing car!

Fact 3

Wrap Around the Earth

The axon is a long nerve fiber used for transmitting messages from a neuron to other neurons or to the body tissues. It is estimated that the brain contains about 100 billion neurons and approximately 100,000 miles of axons that could wrap around the earth four times!

Fact 4

Brain Can Feel No Pain

The brain itself doesn’t have any pain receptors. Performing surgery on the brain would not result in any pain. However, the brain is still involved in sensing the pain through the nerve system. When a body part that has the pain receptors undergoes injury, the impulse is carried through the nerve to the brain to detect pain.

Fact 5


According to the researchers, 60 percent of the fat in a human body is accumulated in the brain, making it the fattest organ in the body. The brain needs fat for proper functioning, and any reduced level of fat might result in neurological disorders.

Fact 6

Brain vs. Tofu

The human brain contains Cephaline that is typically found in soybean. It is said that the human brain has the same consistency as a tofu or Chinese cheese that is made from the soybean milk. Just like soft tofu, the human brain contains about 75 percent of water, further adding to this similarity.

Fact 7

Powering a Light Bulb

There are 100 billion neurons present in the brain with each neuron generating a tiny amount of electricity. When the electricity from all the neurons is combined, that is enough to power up a 25 watt light bulb.

Fact 8

Size Doesn’t Make You Smarter

A large brain doesn’t necessarily make one smarter. Human intelligence depends on the organization of the brain and the molecular activity at the synapses, and not the size. In fact, Einstein had a relatively smaller brain, yet he had a higher IQ, and is considered as one of the most intelligent scientists of all time.

Fact 9

Pregnancy and Shrinking Brain

It has been discovered that pregnancy actually causes the brain to shrink, although it comes back to normalcy postpartum. The hormonal alterations during pregnancy seem to be the reason for this shrinkage. Apart from the shrinkage, some of the cognitive functions also seem to take a hit during the pregnancy.

Fact  10

Energy Hungry

Even though the brain represents only 2% of the total body weight, it uses 20% of the oxygen and the calories used by the human body, irrespective of the cognitive and motoric activities. The oxygen is so important to the brain that the lack of oxygen for 5 to 10 minutes could result in permanent brain damage.

Learn how to be productive with these 10 CRITICAL Steps

How to be productive


Learn how to be productive with these 10 CRITICAL Steps.

Step 1

Cut-Out Morning Routines

Whether it’s standing in line for coffee or discussing last night’s episode of Homeland with colleagues – way too much time is wasted during the first hour of the day. When you arrive in the morning, get straight to work – you’ll see your productivity increase dramatically.

Step 2

Disconnect from Distractions

Try turning your cell phone off when you want a productive work day. And sign-out of your personal email, and social media accounts. The fewer the distractions, the better. Also try and be strict separating personal stuff and work stuff. You’ll impress yourself by the results of doing so.

Step 3

Discover New Work Spaces.

If you’re a freelancer, or someone who has work-flexibility, you should mix up your work spaces. Coffee shops are great for getting away from your usual surroundings and we are confident you’ll be surprised how a change in location can spark your creative energy.

Step 4

Have External Meetings.

Steve Jobs was famous for taking walks when he wanted to have one on one meeting. Have a meeting with more than one? Organise lunch. You need a lunch – so combining it with a meeting not only saves you time, but will also build camaraderie.

Step 5

Become Familiar with the “Pomodoro Technique”

We at ModUp are huge fans of the Pomodoro Technique when we have not taken Madininol. The Technique is simple to follow – You simply use a timer to break your work into short intervals, such as 15 minutes to 25 minutes. Each work interval is then separated by a short break. This method is proven to increase mental agility.

Step 6

Schedule Meetings and Phone Calls for the Afternoon

For many people, the morning work hours are the most productive part of our day. We recommend you use this time for key tasks and shecual your meetings, phone calls and admin duties in the afternoon.

Step 7

Adopt the “One-Touch” Method

This simple technique for dealing with requests we like to use is called the “One-Touch” Method. Basically whenever you receive emails, voice mails, bills, etc. you decide whether to do, delegate, delete or file it. This allows you to quickly deal with and prioritize requests effectivly.

Step 8

Ask for Help

If there are competitive tasks you do daily, ask yourself if you could hire someone, or outsource and train someone to handle these projects for you. You’ll be amazed how much time you can save with an extra pair of hands on duty.

Step 9

Say No (sometimes).

Staying productive and staying focused on your business or tasks require a lot of dedication, but we live in a world where we are always presented with distractions. By learning to say no most of the time, you’ll find yourself freeing up your day to have more time and energy focused on what matters most. Try and get good at saying no and let us know the results.

Step 10

Have a Check-list

A simple pen and paper check-list is one of the most underrated productivity hacks on the planet. The satisfaction you’ll get a) waking up knowing what you need to work on and b) physically crossing off each task as you complete it, is highly satisfying and most importantly, productive!

What productivity tips do you have? Feel free to leave them in the comments below.

9 Tips For Improving Your Morning Routine

Having an established morning routine can dramatically increase focus, give you a sense of accomplishment and vastly improve the rest of your day. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider turning the dreaded morning routine into a life changing habit you will become to love:


Waking up early with a plan sets the tone for the rest of your day. While most continue smacking their snooze button, can achieve a full days work by the time everyone else gets up – giving yourself a competitive advantage.

Laser Focus

When a regular morning routine has been set in place, your mind can focus on the tasks at hand, instead of wasting energy in trying to decide what to do. Over time, your morning routine will become natural and systematic, so you can really focus on your tasks and get stuff done.

Sense Of Achievement

Who doesn’t feel a sense of achievement when the morning runs smoothly and the day’s rhythm is already beating with a steady pulse?

Okay, so you like the idea of becoming more productive, more focused and gaining a sense of achievement before the rest of the world wakes up. How do you start and implement a morning routine? We hear you. Here are some ideas that have worked well for the ModUp team:

Log off from work an hour before going to bed

This is a must. You need to give your brain a break and let your mind relax and let go of today’s projects and anxieties. By the time bedtime approaches, you will have disengaged from work and have prepared your body and mind for sleep.

We can’t recommend this enough. An hour before you are due to sleep, try spending time connecting with your family, or read a good book (fiction works better than business books!), or chill on the sofa and watch a great movie.

Get up early. Every day of the week.

A lot of data shows we are more productive when waking up early. You should look at this as a lifestyle change, and form the habit and discipline of waking up early not only on work days, but also at the weekends too.

Regular morning exercise routines

When you hear advice you should exercise, your probably thinking of going to the gym for an hour at the crack of dawn. But that doesn’t need to be the case. Just 10 minutes of exercise every morning is enough to rev-up your energy levels which will result in getting you pumped and excited for the day ahead.

Healthy breakfast

Throughout the day, your body and mind will benefit from the decision to fuel your day with a healthy breakfast every morning. Try balancing your breakfast with a lot of fruit, nuts and protein, which will keep you energized throughout the day.

Map out your day

This tip directly correlates with the success of our first three tips. Whether you like using your phone, iPad, or good ‘ol-fashioned pen and paper, make that to-do list. Include 3 important things you would like to accomplish, and 3 smaller things that you can tackle and check-off to complete the more insignificant tasks.

Limit social media checking

It’s undeniable that we all spend too much time on social media. It’s too accessible, and while entertaining, we recommend you limit your usage to just 15 minutes per morning. This will allow you to focus on other aspects of your morning routine in a more meaningful way.

What tips and ideas did we miss? Feel free to let us know how you manage your morning routine in the comments below.

Modafinil vs Ritalin

Modafinil vs. Ritalin

For quite a long time, there have been endless discussions and debates on the functionality of the two smart drugs, Modafinil and Ritalin. While, Ritalin is largely popular all across the globe, for uncontrollable mental imbalances, Modafinil is known for enhancing overall cognitive power and control among users. However, it has been noted that patients, who have been prescribed Ritalin for longer periods of time, have been experiencing several side effects, causing a host of inconveniences. Let us analyse the pros and cons of both, Modafinil and Ritalin, before reaching to any conclusion, as to which of the smart drugs is ideally recommended.

Ritalin and Its Functions:

Ritalin, chemically known as Methylphenidate, is a smart drug. The drug is mostly used to treat the symptoms of ADHD. It can subdue the uncontrollable mental imbalance, and the contemplation related with such disorder. Because the smart drug has a strong stimulating power, it is often prescribed to people, who are unable to stay awake for longer time; and in contrast to Modafinil drug, Ritalin enables a person to stay awake completely, with the aid of dopamine and norepinephrine, which are known to generate energy within the body, while subduing the eccentric emotions. However, it is found that, in many cases, the energy spikes often cause the children to depend upon the drug, when prescribed with Ritalin for a longer period of time.

Modafinil and its functions:

Modafinil is a popular smart drug that was discovered in the late 1970s for stimulating narcolepsy patients, and keeping them awake for a longer time. During the 90s, the effective smart drug was promoted as Provigil, and was mostly used by the patients suffering from sleeping disorders. In case of the employees, who work in night shifts, Modafinil is highly effective.

Additional Benefits of Modafinil:

In recent times, buying Modafinil has been acknowledged as the most effective way to enhance the cognitive skills and productivity of an individual. Apart from helping the students to stay awake, it also benefits an individual manifold, by releasing histamines that are natural chemicals. This is why; the patients have a better control on their sleep, thereby enhancing the alertness of their mind and concentration power. Unfortunately, despite the endless benefits of Modafinil, it is only prescribed to the patients suffering from sleeping disorders!

Expense on Modafinil vs Ritalin:

Affordability is another vital factor that determines whether one should opt for Modafinil or Ritalin. Despite an array of benefits that the smart drugs fetch, many people are unable to afford them, which demands analysis of the affordability of these drugs!

Because of the immense benefits of the smart drug, Modafinil being promoted under the brand-name Provigil is highly expensive. It is practically impossible to afford the drug for a long time, unless one bears a health insurance; besides, most of the time, Modafinil drug is not covered under health insurance, making it harder for the patients to afford it.

On the other hand, Ritalin is a much cheaper, smart drug that can be afforded by anybody; and it is also covered under insurance, which makes it easier to treat the patients of ADHD.

Even though both Modafinil and Ritalin are legal, they are only supplied, when prescribed. Obtaining the smart drugs, without a prescription is illegal, and it also brings in the chances of fraudulent products, or impure drugs. The only way to obtain the drugs without prescription is by ordering them online from the worldwide pharmacies. Otherwise, one may also opt for the online medicine stores that offer legal nootropic drugs that serve to be better alternatives to these drugs.


Benefits of Modafinil

The 7 Crystal-Clear Benefits of Modafinil That I’ve Noticed

A few years ago I read that Modafinil is the most effective nootropic – or brain enhancing-supplement. I always wanted to try it but I didn’t know where to get it.

One day while browsing Reddit I saw someone refer to Modup. I did several searches and I found out that Modup was a legitimate Modafinil vendor. From my research it was clear that they have the best quality Modafinil at the cheapest price. So I gave them a try. I’ve now ordered from them three times and each time the shipment came with no problems.

I’m an entrepreneur who creates small information websites. I generate income by placing advertising on these sites. Creativity and strategic thinking is critical to what I do. I have to deal with competitors stealing my Google juice all the time and I have to continually think of new ideas for sites. My main daily tasks are writing, coding, and thinking about new markets. Modafinil has been an enormous help to me in all three areas.

I’ve noticed 7 clear benefits that have had a huge impact on my life since buying Modafinil.


Fluidity of Thought

Big oil splash

New ideas flow into my head more frequently now. It was quite surprising actually when it first started happening. It was like I had developed a new super power. Over time I learned how to better exploit this new power. I don’t act as impatiently as I used to because I expect new ideas to flow to me naturally. The process is fast. Just a moment’s hesitation is enough.

This improved fluidity of thought makes writing much easier. If I had to estimate I think that I can write about twice as fast as I used to. I move from sentence to sentence with greater ease. Writer’s block has all but gone away. It’s just so much easier to transition from idea to idea and make everything coherent. The quality of my ideas have improved as well.


I’m Less Apt to Say The Wrong Thing in Conversations


My mind moves a little bit faster now. That little bit makes a huge difference. In social situations it usually only takes a split second to realize that I’ve said something stupid. Before I started taking Modafinil this usually happened AFTER I said something awkward. But now I’m able to catch myself BEFORE I make a fool of myself. It’s like I have a social coach/editor in my head.

This came in real handy just yesterday. I was talking to a cute girl whom I’m interested in. She actually said something flirtatious to me and I was able to come up with a real suave response. Usually this is when I say something awkward and ruin everything. But not yesterday! I ended up getting a date with her for this weekend. I’m so stoked.


I’m Better Able to Think Outside the Box


I’m better able to think of novel solutions to problems. Often these solutions are clever and indirect. Again, at first this was surprising but now I expect it. This has really boosted my confidence. I know that I can adapt to anything much easier now. I’m bolder and less timid. Other people have definitely noticed because they are now more prone to defer to me. It’s curious — my friends and acquaintances are now looking for me to lead the way. They’re more interested to hear my opinion on things. I’m the one who decides which bar we go to next. I have to admit, I kinda like it.


My Thinking is Faster and More Organized


It’s much easier to maintain a train of thought from point A to point Z without having to retrace my steps. This has an oddly euphoric feel. I think this is similar to what professional athletes refer to as flow.


Better Attention to Details


Coding is the part of my job that I’m worst at. I’m prone to constantly making little typos which are so hard to debug. Now I make these mistakes much less frequently. If I had to estimate I’d say that Modafinil is saving me 2-3 hours a week in debugging time.


Better Memory

Letters in head.

I noticed this when I was playing poker with my friends. We were playing seven card stud and I found that I was able to remember all the cards people folded — suits included. In seven card stud about half the cards are dealt face up. Being able to remember which cards have been folded is a HUGE advantage. I ended up being able to make some key calls because I remembered that a key card was folded. I’ve become the bluff-catcher lol.


Reduced Appetite


This was the first thing I noticed. It’s really nice because I needed to lose a few pounds. I decided that now was the time to start that diet that I’ve been putting off. I ended up dropping 22 pounds over 7 weeks. This wasn’t a magic bullet though. I could still eat as much as I did before. It didn’t kill my appetite, it just greatly reduced hunger pains. I could eat less and be satisfied longer. I no longer craved snacks between meals. But I still have to watch what I eat because I still have the ability to down a double Whopper meal with ease. It’s just easier not to.

I was able to stick to a structured diet (which I struggled with before). I only needed about 1,100 calories per day to feel full and satisfied. This was enough to lose weight quickly. Now I’m at my ideal weight so I can eat more. It’s about maintenance now.

So that’s what I’ve noticed Modafinil’s effects to be. I like it. I like it a lot. Needless to say I’m making Modafinil a permanent part of my daily regimen.