Armodafinil Long-Term Use

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Armodafinil Long-Term Use

So if you have ever heard the names of Armodafinil and Modafinil, these are nothing but the drugs to treat excessive daytime sleepiness. This is a really concerning disease for many, especially those who suffer from varying sleep disorders.


What is Provigil?


Provigil is used by people to increase their wakefulness and treat excessive sleepiness. This is normally meant for those who suffer from sleep disorders. Though this does not cure sleep disorders but it reduces the sleepiness.


Provigil is the earlier version of this medicine, which was initiated during the 1990s for the treatment of daytime sleepiness. It was in 2007 that an upgraded version of the drug – Armodafinil – came into the market. The drug under which the Provigil medicine is sold is the Modafinil, whereas Armodafinil is sold in the names of Nuvigil and Waklert.


Basically the function of the both is the same, with some believing that Armodafinil has better influence, and hence is entirely a choice based on individual perceptions.



The Armodafinil has proven to be successful in treating sleepiness effectively. With this drug, the sense of alertness increases, along with an enhancement in the levels of one’s energy and functions.


The version is an upgraded form of the Modafinil with effects being similar but believed to be having a greater efficiency level.




The normal dosage of the Armodafinil is 150 to 250mg for adults that has to be taken in every morning, or just before one starts their work.


The doses, however, might vary depending on the exact sleep disorder that an tyrosineindividual is suffering. Safety is however important for the use of the drug in individuals younger than 18 years.


Long-Term Use


Long term use is certainly not recommended, as in some cases, you might suffer from negative impacts or side effects. Generally the medicine works well towards recovery of the sleep disorder, in few weeks.


Short-Term Use


It is always the best if you consider the drug on doctor’s prescription. That way, you also know for how many days you need to take in the medicine. And, if you don’t recover within that phase, you need to consult the doctor again before continuing the drug for long.


Use for Narcolepsy


Narcolepsy or the condition that leads to excessive sleepiness during the day, has been found to be effectively treated by Armodafinil. 150-250mg every day is all that one requires to have to recover from their excessive daytime sleepiness.


Nootropic Use


As far as the nootropic use of the Armodafinil drug is concerned, the drug is already named as a smart drug, extremely potent and powerful.




Reviews are also strong and positive about the drug, with several individuals being regular users of the Armodafinil.


You should not take Provogil if you are allergic or develop a rash to armodafinil or any of the ingredients contained in Provigil. You should also not do dangerous activities as well as drive or even drink alcohol when using Provigil.


There are no contraindications to Provigil except for those who are allergic to it but people with cirrhosis and cardiovascular problems should take care. As also there could be adverse effects when combined with hormonal contraceptives.


Side Effects


Side effects, yes there are. You might suffer from some breathing troubles, dry mouth, dizziness, stomach upset, and so on, which however need to be informed and consulted with your physician immediately before continuing on the drug.




The drug is not only a researched product, but also approved by the FDA. Doctors are increasingly prescribing it to patients, as a completely safe drug. In most countries, Provigil is treated as a prescription drug. In the US, Provigil is treated as a Controlled substance under Schedule IV drugs and therefore one cannot buy it off the counter. The reason is that there are chances of possible addiction.




Sleep disorders are indeed concerning and disturbs one’s complete work-life cycle. Armodafinil in that sense offers a great solution to overcome the sleepiness impacts effectively. Provigil is a powerful drug which does have benefits but it should be used with caution and should be used responsibly. If the user indiscriminately uses it, like anything else, this would prove to be more harmful than good.