Sunifiram: Supplement For A “Sunny” Brain

What is Sunifiram?
Sunifiram is part of the nootropic family, which are known as “smart drugs”. These smart drugs, including Sunifiram, carry benefits such as improved attention span, enhanced memory, improved focus, and cognitive functions that overall improve mental performance. Sunifiram is known as an ampakine since it interacts with the glutamatergic AMPA receptor–the most common receptor found in the nervous system. It is derived from another nootropic drug, Piracetam, but is over 1,000x more potent than Piracetam for the same dosage.
What People Are Saying About Sunifiram
Not only has Sunifiram gained both popularity and praise among those wishing to increase cognitive function, but has also showed some promise in treating patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. Although researchers have said the drug shows promise, it has not yet been established if the effects can be 100% predictable. As with all drugs, Sunifiram’s effects differ from person to person and the effects can depend ultimately on the severity of the current cognitive abilities, the individual’s needs, and lifestyle conditions.
Modafinil4Aside from research, consumers of Sunifiram have taken notice that the drug gives them an overall “sunny” and clear disposition (hence the nickname). Here are some of the positive reviews found on from people who have purchased and taken Sunifiram. Keep in mind that every individual’s experience is different and that the recommended dose (7mg up to three times per day) was not confirmed in each individual review.
– Good improvement to focus with an energy burst within an hour
– Felt some of the classic effects of Adderall (used to treat ADD) /prefer Sunifiram over Adderall )
– Overall good mood and ability to reduce stress at work
– More sociable
– Soothed the brain while dealing with stress
– More goal-driven: Some reviewers applauded Sunifiram for helping them sit down and do what needed to be done, rather than just thinking of what needed to be done.
– Short-term and long-term memory boosted
– Reduced anxiety
– Greater perceptual awareness
– Increased sex-drive (although a direct connection between Sunifiram and libido is unknown)
– Increased stamina
Although many positive reviews from real people exist, one must note that Sunifiram, like any other medication on the market, may have some negative side effects including insomnia, headaches, anxiety, brain fog, nausea, indigestion, jitters, and sleeplessness. It is recommended that Sunifiram should not be taken after 6pm if one wishes to have a good night’s sleep.
Taking more than the recommended dosage is more likely to produce side effects. Although none of the side effects pose a severe threat to health, it is strongly recommended that those who are currently taking any other medications talk to their doctor before taking Sunifiram or any other nootropic.
It is also recommended that first-time users of Sunifiram take half the recommended dosage to get a feel of how the drug works on their body. Also, since a tolerance can be developed over time, some people suggest taking Sunifiram in cycles, rather than consistently. It should be noted that taking more than the recommended dose in order to increase effects will likely produce an inability to think clearly while the drug is still in the body and may increase the speed of a tolerance buildup.

Where to Buy Sunifiram
Where and how can you buy Sunifiram? Sunifiram can be purchased in capsules, powder, or tablets and does not require a prescription. Online websites that are currently offering Sunifiram include:

The Sunifiram Verdict
Studies are still trying to determine the overall safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of Sunifiram, however, this “Sunny” nootropic holds promising effects in which most users agree is worth the money spent. All studies have already pointed to Sunifiram being extremely beneficial to those who need a “brain boost”, including Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s Disease patients. Nootropics may not hold the overall answer to increasing brain power, but reviewers who have purchased Sunifiram applaud the drug for helping them reestablish, maintain, and improve their cognitive function as well as several other added benefits. Further studies into the drug will be well worth the wait.

Smart Drugs

Smart drugs are commonly sold for the purposes of improving cognitive development and for helping people who suffer from mental disorders. Neurological researchers have been testing these drugs for years to determine the extent of their effectiveness. Over the years researchers have figured out that some of these drugs actually do provide their prescribed benefits while others are still questionable. The following information will explain some major points about smart drugs and some of the common types that are available for sale on the market.
Why Would Consumers want Smart Drugs?
Smart drugs can provide people with specific benefits that build up their cognitive functions, improve their sight and help to make them more intelligent. At least one type of smart drug can be used for some type of mental enhancing function. For example, a young adult suffering from depression could buy Sunifiram to change their mood or to enhance their ability to make better decisions. A college student could buy Noopept which is another smart drug that has the ability to increase their learning capacity and focus.

Modafinil5General Smart Drug Usage
Speaking of college students and young adults, these two of the primary groups of people who commonly use smart drugs. College students often take nootropics (smart drugs) to stay awake for a longer period of time and to improve their concentration. Young adults who work in highly competitive occupations such as computer programming or journalism typically use nootropics to keep their edge. Many young adults have a tendency to abuse these types of drugs because of their addictive nature.
The Drug Enforcement Agency classifies certain smart drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin in the same category as cocaine. In other words they are a class two drugs and if they are taken illegally people could possibly face criminal prosecution. People should only take these substances if they have been given a prescription by a medical professional.

Medical Research and Smart Drugs
Medical researchers that evaluate neurological substances for mental disorders also work with nootropics and smart drugs. Certain smart drugs such as Physostigmine and Tacrine are sometimes used to treat patients with Alzheimer’s. Other nootropics such Sabeluzole is also used for treat certain neurological disorders. Neurological researchers are constantly evaluating the usefulness of smart drugs for mental disorders.
Substances such as nicotine and caffeine are also considered smart drugs because they can help people to stay alert. Consumers can purchase caffeine or they can buy Adrafinil Capsules to deal with conditions such as narcolepsy or they can buy Phenylpiracetam to manage stress. Most smart drugs can be ordered online or purchased from a pharmacy or health store.
There are a variety of different side effects that could occur from the use of smart drugs. They could include irritability, anxiousness and a person could become psychotic if they take too much of a particular substance. People need to thoroughly evaluate the side effects of a particular nootropic before ingesting them into there body.
Consumers can buy CDP Choline for ADD or they can buy Phenibut to depress their central nervous system. Why would a person want to depress something as important as their nervous system? If an individual is suffering from insomnia or from acute stress disorder; they would benefit from this type of drug.

Basic Information about Smart Drugs
The smart drug market first came into existence during the 1960s but it has not been a big hit with consumers until recently. Starting in 2013 nootropics have been enjoying a rise in popularity. Though they have been in use by certain professions, young adults and the university culture they are now being marketed for general consumer usage.
Nooprotic marketers are now encouraging consumers to use various forms of smart drugs to enhance their mental abilities and to improve certain functions within their body. They can be used as supplements to help increase stamina, alertness and to relieve all sorts of ailments. Nootropics are usually sold in the form of grams and they could come in the form of a capsule or tablet form.

Nootropics are usually sold in the form of grams and they could come in the form of a capsule or tablet form. Most smart drugs are not safe for use for children under the age of 18. People who take smart drugs should do so under the guidance of their physician or a trained medical professional.

Supplements for the Mind

Imagine this scenario. You have a lot of work to get done and there is a big project coming up that you are in charge of. In addition, you have made the decision to go back to school and you are trying to get your master’s degree because you are tired of working overtime and struggling to make ends meet. You have to take care of your family and make sure that meals get cooked and the house gets cleaned. In other words, you are running on empty almost all of the time. In addition to being exhausted, you are also finding it more and more difficult to focus both at work and at school. You find yourself making mistakes that you’ve never made before and it is making you look like you’re being careless in your work.
Rest assured, if you find yourself in this situation, you’re not alone. The question is, what are you going to do about it? Fortunately, there are supplements that you can take the can help you think more clearly and focus your attention where it needs to be. For example, when you buy Sunifiram or you buy Noopept, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to keep doing work at the level that you have always been accustomed to doing it. These are supplements that can help you pay attention and wrap your head around all of the things that you have going on without making careless mistakes due to exhaustion or simple frustration. They are designed to focus your attention and simultaneously give you the ability to understand things better and more clearly. There are also a number of other products that essentially do the same thing.
Modafinil3For example, you can buy Adrafinil or you can buy Phenylpiracetam. You might even make the choice to buy CDP Choline or you can buy Phenibut. All of these things are designed to help you reclaim your ability to focus your attention on the things that you are working on at the time. When you are working on the big project for work, your attention will be focused there as opposed to allowing your mind to drift to other things. By the same token, when you need to focus on your homework, you can do that. It makes it much easier to pay attention when you are up late studying or you’re pulling an all nighter to try to get the next big homework assignment in. It also makes it less likely that you will make those careless mistakes without catching them first.
Now you know that all of the supplements can do roughly the same thing, it is important to note the things that makes them stand out from one another. For the most part, the supplements are not really all that different but there are a few that have more potential side effects than others. For example, Noopept is a supplement that has been widely touted for its ability to be effective for those who use it, but it has also come under quite a bit of fire for potential side effects. If you choose to take it, the things that you need to watch out for include irritability, racing heartbeat, elevated blood pressure and trouble sleeping.
In truth, you can expect similar types of potential side effects with most of the supplements. That does not necessarily mean that you should not take them, only that you should watch for adverse side effects and stop taking them if you experience something that makes you uncomfortable or causes potential harm to your health. The best thing that you can do is have a discussion with your physician and tell him what you are thinking about taking. You can then have an honest discussion about whether or not a particular supplement is safe for you personally and if so, how you should go about taking it. It is the safest way to take any supplement and it is something that you should do no matter what you plan on taking. This way, you can enjoy the greatest benefits possible without worrying about whether or not a particular supplement is actually causing harm to your body.

Supplements That Help You Think

Have you ever thought about purchasing supplements to help you think more clearly and focus your attention on things? If you are an individual that has problems paying attention or you find yourself distracted easily, there is every chance that you have thought about doing exactly that. The truth is, you have probably thought about doing it even if you have always been able to pay attention with intense focus, largely because as your life continues to get busier and busier, it becomes more and more difficult to pay attention to everything with the level of intensity that is really necessary. As a result, you may have thought about turning to supplements to help you realign your focus and regain control of your life.
Supplements can easily be found that can help you do all of these things. Consider what would happen if you made the decision to buy Sunifiram or to buy Adrafinil. You may just as easily choose to buy Phenylpiracetam or even to buy Noopept. For the most part, all of the supplements help you do the same thing and that is pay attention. They help you refocus your mind to pay more attention to the things that you need to direct your attention to and they help you shut out distractions. If you are having issues with these things, you may also consider making a decision to buy CDP Choline or to buy Phenibut.
Modafinil2All of these supplements can help you shut out the things that cause you so much frustration throughout your day. For example, when you find yourself becoming easily distracted when you are paying the bills or trying to work through any other daily task, these are the supplements that can help you learn to really focus on what you are doing so that you can get it done and move on to the next task. There is nothing more frustrating than sitting down to do something and being so distracted by every little thing that you suddenly realize several hours have passed and you have essentially gotten nothing accomplished. These types of supplements can help you eliminate that problem and when you do, you may find that you actually have a lot more free time than you ever thought you would have.
When you are deciding which one of these products to try, it is important that you conduct your own impromptu review of each one. For simplicity, you know that they all accomplish the same basic goal and that is to help you increase your focus and have better mental clarity. When it comes to side effects, they all have the same basic side effects but some of them have a larger propensity to cause these side effects than others. For instance, you can expect to experience side effects such as trouble sleeping, restlessness or a fast heartbeat with most supplements of this type. Fortunately, the side effects are usually negligible and they go away after a short amount of time. However, there are some supplements that can cause more noticeable side effects than others. Noopept has been blamed for causing a lot of side effects in many individuals but the truth is, every person’s body reacts differently to supplements and you will have to discover for yourself which one is the best choice for you.
Any time that you make the decision to take any supplement, you should always talk to your doctor first. This should go without saying. It is important that you inform your doctor any time that you plan on taking anything, even something as simple as an aspirin. That way, you can make sure that you know exactly what you are taking and your physician is aware of it as well. If you are taking prescription medications, this is even more important because it will help you ensure that you are not taking something that can have an adverse reaction with the prescription medication you are already taking. That way, you can safely take supplements without worrying about potential side effects.

Review – Oxiracetam

Everyone dreams of finding that “wonder drug” that will give them super mental abilities. Well, at least one that will improve their memory, attention span, and general brain functions. By all accounts, Oxiracetam just may be that miracle they’ve been looking for.
Oxiracetam is a member of the nootropic supplement family. Nootropics are cognitive enhancement supplements which have been proven to be effective as memory enhancers and have been used to successfully treat Alzheimer’s patients and those with Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, and ADHD. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study involving Dementia patients. Oxiracetam showed “a significant effect in favor of Oxyracetam in the quality of life scale and confirmed by significant differences in some neuropsychological tests.” Side effects reported when using Oxiracetam are rare and minor: headaches, dizziness, nausea, insomnia, irritability, and gastrointestinal distress. Modafinil1No dangerous or life-threatening side effects have been reported.
More and more people these days are turning away from pharmaceuticals and turning to more natural or natural-based treatments such as nootropics. In today’s competitive work force focus and concentration are everything. Oxiracetam improves not only these mental qualities, it also increases motivation and drive.
Oxiracetam works by increasing and regulating the actions of the brain’s main neurotransmitters, enhancing the mind’s performance. For students, this is especially helpful as it promotes quicker memory recall by tapping onto deeper-seated memories. It has also shown positive indications in assisting with public speaking and enhancing the ability to clarify andexpress complex ideas.
In elderly users, there has been indication of Oxiracetam being “a vigilance-enhancing compiund with some effect on spontaneous memory.” For those who deal consistently with large work loads, Oxiracetam has been clinically proven to enhance and increase mental stamina. Writers, teachers, and others have reported that after taking Oxiracetam their reading comprehension and even their typing speed increased exponentially.
Dosage of Oxiracetam varies according to individual need, but generally large doese are not necessary as the compound is highly concentrated. A recommended dosage of 800-1,500mg. per day is the general recommended daily amount. Studies have indicated that taken in even larger doses Oxiracetam is not harmful tothe body. It is hailed as one of the truly safest drugs on the market today and the most effective of all the “smart drugs”.

Modafinil vs Nootropics, How Does Modafinil Compare to Top Nootropics?

Modafinil vs Nootropics, How Does Modafinil Compare to Top Nootropics?

Modafinil vs Nootropics, with regards to effects, are actually very similar in that they both significantly improve cognition. They differ however in their specific effects and strengths, in that Modafinil is usually a stronger alternative to most of the primary nootropics on the market. The following article will look at the most popular nootropics for mental stimulation, and will compare them to Modafinil to see how their overall effects stack up.

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting and eurogenic nootropic drug that has a wide range of cognitive-enhancing effects on those who take it, including improved working memory, mood, focus, energy levels and overall cognition. Modafinil has been called the “world’s first safe Smart Drug” for how it benefits and increases brain function significantly,and is very well known among nootropic supplement users. It is also an FDA approved drug for Narolepsy, COPD, ADHD and Worker-Shift Sleep Disorder, and is very effective on both a short and long-term basis.

Modafinil vs Nootropics, What are the Top Stimulating Nootropics and How Do They Compare to Modafinil?

Some of the main nootropics that Modafinil is regularly compared to include Piracetam, Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, Pramiracetam, Phenylpiracetam, Ashwagandha, and many more popular and stimulating nootropics. In loads of online blogs, many of these nootropics are even pitched to readers as a type of “alternative to Modafinil,” which actually speaks wonders to Modafinil’s overall potency in that other supplement salesman are trying to mimic its effects. While there is no doubt that these nootropics work in their own way, and that each targets a different area of the brain with a different degree of intensity, most don’t come near Modafinil in overall brain enhancement. Let’s look at the facts:

PiracetamPiracetam is the original nootropic drug, and while it has more than fifty years of research backing it, is a relatively weak and subtle nootropic, and many users complain that they cannot feel the effects of the drug working.

Oxiracetam-Oxiracetam has much more noticeable effects than Piracetam, and is often called the “speedy racetam” for its potent stimulation. Still, it comes nowhere near Modafinil with regards to its duration, as it only lasts around 4 hours at most.

Phenylpiracetam-Now we’re getting closer, Phenylpiracetam is close to Modafinil in many ways and is actually almost identical to it with regards to potency of stimulation. What it lacks however, much like Oxiracetam (though stronger) is length of duration. Phenylpiracetam lasts somewhere around 6 hours, and also requires a choline source in order to function properly, otherwise you’ll get a nasty headache and the drug won’t last. Modafinil does not require a choline source and lasts 12 to 15 hours on a single 200 milligram dosage.

Adrafinil-Adrafinil is a prodrug of Modafinil and is by far the closest to Modafinil with regards to overall effects. It lasts about the same amount of time as Modafinil, and while it is only slightly weaker, it has an added danger that Modafinil doesn’t,and that is on liver toxicity. Adrafinil can increase the number of enzymes in the liver to quite a significant degree, and is therefore fairly dangerous to take on a regular basis. Modafinil is safe and less risky in this regard, so is still a much better Smart Drug overall.

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Noopept-Noopept is around 1000 times more powerful than the original Smart Drug, Piracetam. However, many users review complaints say that the drug made them tired at high dosages (when they were trying to get very stimulated) and that they could barely feel it at low dosages (when they were taking the drug as intended.) Even with all of its strength and benefits on memory and the brain, Noopept is still not a stimulant or a wakefulness-promoting drug, and for for the kind of noticeable cognitive enhancement that most nootropic users are seeking out, Provigil is still the better drug.

Research on Modafinil

You can get plenty of .gov clinical trial research on Modafinil right here at the following URLS:

The world’s first true “smart drug” enhances cognition and is deemed safe by health experts

For more information on the subject you can also checkout our blog for hundreds of articles about Provigil and Modafinil.

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Final Thoughts on Modafinil vs Nootropics

Overall, Modafinil is a stronger and more effective substitute to nootropics and is a much better Smart Drug for your brain with regards to length of duration, and potency of effects. For more on Modafinil, checkout our blog for nearly 500 articles on the subject,and tune in next week for another Modafinil related blog post!



*Disclaimer: Statements found within have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult a physician if you are unsure about taking a new supplement. Do not take this supplement if you are under 18, if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any cardiovascular issues. Scientific studies cited are not conclusive and have limitations, due to of their closed environment nature. Referenced studies will not necessarily determine your experience with a supplement, since there are many unaccounted variables, which fall outside the scope of the studies. All refunds must be brought to our attention within 7 days of delivery in order to be considered for reimbursement