Modafinil vs Ritalin for optimum stimulation

Modafinil vs. Ritalin-

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Prescription of Ritalin is for-

There was a time when inattentiveness or hyperactivity and being impulsive were considered normal in children. Society has changed and so have the new generations. A few adults with such symptoms have additional problems of interpersonal relationships. These are all patients of ADHD. Such patients need Ritalin, a drug that controls the symptoms.

Modafinilimage1Modafinil is prescribed for…

Then there are those people who find it difficult to keep awake during the day even after sleeping all night. The brain does not retain any information. They have problems in coordinating skills, emotions and other mental activities. A smart drug called modafinil is administered to help such patients. In fact, this is a drug that is also used for patients who have ADHD indications. It is mild and stimulates the mind to work better.

Ever since there have been reports of ADHD and also ADD patients improving with Modafinil, or Adrafinil, there is a bigger demand for it. Ritalin has been in existence for long but with the entry of Modafinil, the equations have changed. There is a debate featuring ModafinilVs Ritalin. Which is better for serious patients?  How does Modafinil score when Ritalin is already being prescribed?

What is the Ritalin profile?

Vis a vis, issues of ADD and ADHD, Ritalin is a Schedule II drug as classified by FDA. Doctors prescribe it for ADHD symptoms exclusively. When a dose of this medication is taken the mind is at peace. The attention span also increases. It is also a central nervous stimulant. It is able to control the impulsiveness and hyperactivity areas of the brain. It is also useful in case of people who feel the need to sleep even during the day. Those who have anxiety problems cannot use this drug. Person who remains awake with this medication does so with dopamine and norepinephrine.

Understanding ADHD symptoms which manifest before the age of 7 years

There are three kinds of ADHD as classified by medical fraternity:


  1. Combined (which is very common). It concerns with hyperactivity, inattentive ness and impulsiveness.
  2. Inattentive (also called ADD). The patient has no attention span and has difficulty in concentrating.
  3. Hyperactive-impulsive ADHD. There is no inattentiveness involved.

Such people will make careless mistakes, even in adult life. They do not remain in one activity for long.

Focus on Modafinil for the last decade

There are many reasons why Modafinil is making more waves by the user groups of ADHD. It is stimulating and at the same time mild. It has lesser side effects. It can calm the nerves and the mind for a longer period. Unlike Ritalin, it can also be purchased off the counter. While Ritalin uses dopamines to help the brain to clam down, in case of Modafinil, it is the histamines. These are natural chemicals of the body and far safer to use. If branded Modafinil is taken, then it is expensive. However, its generic variety is more economical.

Why Modafinil has 0 side effects

Buy True Quality Modafinil

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Does the number of online vendors that sell smart drugs overwhelm you? It can be a hard decision to buy true quality modafinil, which is one of the most common in demand. How do you know the source is genuine and will not turn out to be a scam? Browse through this database to know what could be helpful. This is one smart drug, which is increasingly becoming popular.


No serious side effects make it popularModafinilimage2


A lot of friends recommend this drug rather than the doctor, which is not right! With the number of buyers increasing, it is important to pick the genuine vendor online. When the number of scamsters equals the authentic ones, then what sets one online vendor from another?


  1. A scam website will definitely ship the pills. However, they will not be genuine Modafinil. They will be caffeine stimulants. You may feel awake for 2 hours, but it is not right. The real one will ensure that you are awake and also alert for at least 16 hours. So when you buy, don’t order it in bulk straight away.
  2. Modafinil is the generic or the basic name of a formulation that works. Each pharma company has their own formulation of it. Hence there are different names like Provigil, Alertec, Modiodal, Mod alert and Modapro. Ask a doctor as to which one should you take for the first time.
  3. Some websites may claim that their cheap selling brands are better and economical. However, the main ingredient has to be Modafinil. Then only you can buy true quality Modafinil online. If this active ingredient is not there the brand is useless.
  4. The smart drug modafinil is the one that keeps one active and alert. So look out for the description on the website and the visual of the label.
  5. A legit site will have an SSL certification.
  6. One pill of 200 mg costs about USD 2. There is no need to pay more than this.


Address of the website should be real


It is important to ascertain that the website address (not the url) but the real address of the vendor is also mentioned. This creates a trust level to buy the genuine drug. There are many offshore vendors that sell cheap drugs. They ship them across continents and are reputed. However, some are not, and that’s where the trouble is. Get the container checked by the local chemist and also try to tell the symptoms after taking the dose. It will determine if you are taking the right quality drug.


A refund policy and proper terms and conditions should be specified by the website. Ask for some form of communication to ensure that you will not be scammed. According to the FDA, this nootropic is classified in Schedule IV and is regulated. There is no way it can be abused or addictive to the person using it. In some countries, a prescription is important to be produced before you buy true quality Modafinil online.s


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There are two sides to every story. So is the case when it comes to taking smart drugs to increase mental performance. Worrying that, you may fall prey to some scam is scary hence being medically informed about them is better. Even if some of them are available online without the prescription it makes sense to know about them, especially the ones that are very popular like Modafinil. Most students and professionals rush to buy them without knowing the consequences. To buy cheap Modafinil online, we present our perspective. It may be helpful to source the right vendor on the net, which you will see, is full of information overload.

Worrying gets you nowhere-

Modafinilimage3Many types of mental disorders, mild to serious ones, need to be diagnosed as such in the first place. So if you are a student who needs to spruce up just before the exams and cram everything, then it is best to speak to the doctor first. You may have heard that Modafinil will help you to remain awake and concentrate on the studies. And then help you to recall the same information in the exam hall the next day. There may be worries and anxiety that, ‘if this is not true, then it will result in failure’. Such anxieties do occur. In high school, the brain has not developed as much. A fully developed brain occurs only when a person is between 22-25 years of age. The maturing process differs in girls and boys. At such times, drinking some stimulants like coffee is best. However, if the problem of attention deficit is serious, then the doctor may prescribe pills. Modafinil is the mild smart drug. It works when taken in right doses.


What makes Modafinil the most trusted drug to be sold online?


What works in favor of this smart drug, also called nootropic, is that it keeps one alert when required. It will also improve the capacity to remember and brighten one’s mood. It is better than the amphetamines that are available in the market. It is also known by its brand names like Provigil, or Aletec or Vigicer. To buy cheap modafinil online on has to surf the Internet to get to the secure websites. The reason being the medication reaches only when the credit card payment has been done. Hence a secure website is important. There are several fake ones that are selling low quality formulations. There are several scam websites, which after payment do not even send the medicines as promised. Hence, the need to buy from a reputed vendor is critical.


While checking the website also check if the area from where the medication will be delivered. If it is from overseas, then check the laws for shipping and accepting such packets. Few vendors sell different brands and also provide the data on the brand. This allows the buyer to decide from where to buy. Few websites offer medication in simple envelopes so no one knows what is in it except the buyer.

Buy Modafinil Online

Buy Modafinil online

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Ordering pills on the Internet is like getting fresh quality medication at the earliest. There is no other better method to buy Modafinil online than to choose the right web store. If you are looking for super mind enhancing cognitive drugs like this, then order cheap and good-quality ones online. This is how the process works. What’s more, while searching you can also find the latest information that can be useful for bulking up the brain.


Why direct online selling helps


Modafinilimage4On the Internet, there are few variables that the vendor has to spend money on. His biggest expenditure is the warehouse where he will stock the medicines at the right temperature. He deals directly with the manufacturers. There are no middlemen and no other distribution system. When a customer orders, it goes straight via home delivery. That is the only other expenditure called shipping that is done. This makes medications like Modafinil very cheap to source from the Internet. Even if you walk down to the neighborhood chemist, he may charge a bigger amount for the same container and dosage compared to the Internet vendor. There are few stocks kept, hence when the purchase order comes via the website, then the freshest stock will be sent. There is no compromise on the quality, and this makes all the difference. When it comes to smart drugs, the potency works if it is fresh. The Internet also gives various brand options, which may not be available with physical chemists. A website which has a secure SSL checkout will be preferred by most buyers. It keeps the data and sensitive credit card information safer.


Every dosage matters


When you buy Modafinil online then ensure that you are purchasing the correct dosage. Speak to the doctor, who will be the best guide in the matter. Start with a low dose and then go higher if you feel there are no considerable effects. There is always the pressure of performing, which is on the mind. However, take care and discern if a higher dosage is needed. Having 200 mg in the morning with the right kind of meals is the best way to make it work for the brain. Some foods are more toxic and hence when you are on medication ensure that food habits are altered to help the medication work.


Never take a smart drug to keep awake in the night if you have nothing else to do. Unless you are very tired and need to drive in the night, it is not advisable. Sleep is an integral part of human being. The sleep-wake cycle should not be disturbed by too much medication. When you have the doctor’s prescription, you will know when dosage needs to be changed.


Is it legal?


Yes, of course it is legal and also approved by FDA. However, go for well-known vendors on the net from whom you choose to buy. Keep focused on the legal aspect and how it will make mental focus stronger.

Buy Cheap Modafinil

Buy Cheap Modafinil


If you have non-stop work to do and need something to keep you alert for long hours, then Modafinil is the best remedy. It can help you achieve those impossible targets without you feeling fatigued. Would you like to know where to buy cheap Modafinil without wasting time or searching for the right price? And then there are other solutions, but we also explain why Modafinil is a better option.


Knowing about high-performing mental drugs


Did you know that even academicians,Modafinilimage5Poker champs and musicians are now taking pills to sharpen their grey matter? And it’s all-legal. All this is being done despite the fact that some have potential side effects in the long run. Now more people do not mind taking prescription pills to improve their lives. If they have embraced smart drugs like Modafinil in a big way, it is because mental faculties are being ignited in the right manner. The labs may be racing themselves to develop a more potent and smarter drug for even healthy people. However, there is an impact on them physiologically. Memory pills will be the next-best things ever since Viagra was introduced. Think about it. They are helping achievers to improve in every possible way. We do know that it is difficult to replace the ubiquitous stimulant, which we have every morning, the coffee or tea, but then what is the harm if such drugs keep us focused to the goals that are close to the heart.


Buy cheap Modafinil on the e-store


If it is your first time, then know about the basic description that will be necessary to understand. Then making the purchase order will not be difficult. Modafinil comes in 200 mg or 100 mg in the form of pills. It will help you to remain alert and also let the memory store information and recall rapidly. When 200 mg is used it works longer. It is a bigger dose of the stimulant. However, care should be taken as side effects can mar the continuous administration. Once you have taken the pill continuously do not stay awake for more than 40 hours. You have to make up for the sleep. Otherwise, the positive actions will start to reverse.


There are several options of buying, but the online purchase from home is the cheapest and best. It will allow you to understand the pricing on various websites. It will also give you the opportunity to know the dosage of the pills, its side effects and benefits. Its descriptive features on several websites differ. Hence, you will need to know the quality of each. Modafinil will be available in generic form and lesser-known brands that are cheaper to Provigil. Bigger the brand name, more price will it have.


It takes a lot of mental energy to perform continuously in a particular sector. It could be a poker tournament, a classical concert, or coding a software program. When you are in the best frame of mind then more goals are achieved.


Modafinil vs. the Racetams

Modafinil vs. Racetams

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Finding the real or correct medication that sparks the brain to perform is a rarity. It is like searching for the Holy Grail. However, there are a group of smart drugs also called nootropics that are being used to test the brain’s ability to work. There is Modafinil and then there are a couple of them from the Racetam family that is being slotted as the best by the users. But which is the best? Or is it a combination that works?  How do the basic cognitive faculties that we are born with can be enhanced artificially? Right now, the fight is between Modafinil Vs Racetams. Which stimulation works?

What methods work the best as brain boosters?


From time to time, people have resorted to various methods lie brain training via puzzles, dietary supplements, nutrients, herbs, even giving electric jolts and now come neuro-enhancements. It is like opening a new era in brain performing technology. Can these artificial methods to become intelligent really work? But what may work are the some Modafinilimage6smart drugs that can let the brain think ten times its normal capacity. They will not change the basic DNA of the organ nor will they make a person super human. However, for sometime they will bring a sense of neuro-elasticity to the region and activate some chemicals.


The medical community started to work on how to curtail drowsiness or excessive sleepiness in individuals that was impairing the brain from working.  Even age-related brain fog, degenerative issues, OSA and ADHD in children made them think of deriving some formulations for such patients. As the formulations started to help them, its major successes were seen in how the cognitive abilities improved. This was the impetus for even normal people who were being depraved and brain fogged to try them out. As lifestyles have changed so have the needs to cope with it. Keeping an agile mind is important.


Modafinil Vs Racetams


What works for Modafinil?


It has been the first nootropic to make it to the smart drug club. Some users claim to work non-stop without any fatigue for 48 hours. It was used mainly to treat narcolepsy and OSA. People with shift sleep disorder also are prescribed with this medication. It can be purchased without a prescription as well. It is a mild stimulant.


What works for Racetams?


Racetams have the same chemical structure but may vary with some additional molecule. In the USA, they are not regulated. Hence they are sold as dietary supplements online. Each comes with a different ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. The more fat soluble they are, the easier it is for them to affect the brain’s performance.


The main ones sold on the market are:

  • Piracetam
  • Aniracetam
  • Oxiracetam
  • Pramiracetam


Piracetam is one of the first smart drugs that can disable the enzyme of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. It is water soluble, unlike Pramiracetam and Oxiracetam, which are fat-soluble. These are also known as cognitive enhancers.


Between the Racetams and Modafinil the latter is milder.

Provigil vs. Modafinil vs. Armodafinil

Provigil, Buy Modafinil, Armodafinil? How do these compare


It would not be wrong to say that if a person is of mediocre intelligence, then there is no way his brain can be ‘upgraded’. However, what can be done is to introduce the brain to some remedy that will energize it and make it work much better. There are many kinds of natural, synthetic and chemical brain boosters that have hit the market. Among the most noticeable that can be said to improve the functioning of the grey matter include well-known names like Provigil, Modafinil and Armodafinil. How do these compare with each other to help a user? It would be best to understand each one’s formulation before taking a decision as to which one is apt.


How do you sharpen your wits?


To look smart often people choose clothes from the best brands. Athletes choose various kinds of supplements to ensure they are physically fit and perform well. In the same manner, some people need a boost for the grey matter. To sharpen your wits you need to be alert and vigilant. The sharpness will manifest when proper boosters are taken. There Modafinilimage7are a variety of boosters that work on different areas of the brain. It allows the person to be focused, have memory recall and also be in a good mood. Nutrients, herbs and chemical formulations are known to give the best results. Today the biggest demand from the market is for brain boosters like Provigil, Modafinil and Armodafinil. However, people wish to know how each one compares over the other.



Brand name for ModafinilHelps in regulating sleepEnergizes the mind with small doses
Works just like generic modafinilMild stimulantNo nervousness
Used by people to remain alert and vigilantLess usage recommendedNo high or low BP
Needs a doctor’s recommendationNo prescription requiredPrescription needed
Works for narcolepsy, OSACan be used by normal peopleOn withdrawal it does not impact the serious patient
Impact for 10 hoursImpact for 5-10 hoursRemain awake for longer time


The main difference between Modafinil and Armodafinil is in its molecular structure. The latter is an enantiomer of generic modafinil. It is a purer version of the original structure. Since Armodafinil is pure, a lesser dose is sufficient to help the user. Provigil is the brand that contains the modafinil structure. A French company originally made it but now Cephalon of USA manufactures this drug. However, the potency of the drugs differs from one user to another. One person may have a side effect, but the other may not have that but another adverse reaction. So one will eventually have to go by personal experience to understand which drug works better.


All smart drugs process information faster


With the nature of the molecular structure, most of the smart drugs are able to help the user to sift information easily. They are able to enhance the thinking pattern and focus is very proper. Mental activity can be heightened in these ways.

Pramiracetam for Mental Dominance

Your mental health guide to Pramiracetam

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Among the numerous drugs under the nootropics umbrella, Pramiracetam is one of the oldest and is being used in the East European countries until today. It is still undergoing various kinds of clinical trials to make it more potent. In case you are looking forward to improving your mental health knowing more about this smart drug can be useful. It has been one of the earliest brain boosters to come on the market. Today it is being sold online. What does one need to know about Pramiracetam?


Modafinilimage8A strong remedy for becoming intelligent


Who does not wish to be really intelligent? Only a few of us are naturally smart the rest need an external push. One of the strongest remedies is to use Pramiracetam that can help increase degrees of intelligence in a person. However, do not expect to become intelligent in a short span. It takes time to improve the mental faculties. It is not magical but a sustained effort to increase the way the brain works. It certainly helps one to reason, ask questions and making learning easier. Once you understand how it diminishes the brain fog and helps the IQ then it is easier to take it. One needs to understand how the brain receptors and neurons work in agile people. If you admire people who are able to multi-task and not make mistakes, those who are clever, people who are smart and have agile thinking patterns-then know what makes them typical geniuses.


You can also become gifted with the help of Pramiracetam. One thing that many gifted people are unable to tell is that at some point they also become depressed or anxious or in extreme cases become suicidal. They too have a brain fog but cover their tracks until they become normal. These are not exactly signs of mental illness but ways how some people overcome mental issues plaguing them. Many people in the 19th century thought that mental illness, and creativity went hand in hand. Today, medicine has advanced to channel the creativity of every single individual.


How Pramiracetam diminishes illness and enhances creativity


Most intelligent people are also creative. Like the other nootropic drugs, Pramiracetam’s exact ability is yet to be understood to help brainpower. However, when it is taken in the form of a pill, it is absorbed by the intestinal tract. It enters the blood through the fatty acids. It takes half an hour for this to happen, and then it reaches the brain. This state of bioavailability helps the neurotransmitters to get activated and modulated. Once activated it helps in the learning process and develops an ability to become creative. It works on the Hippocampus (part of the brain) to store all the new memories. The acetylcholine level is circulated in the brain and the impulse flow increases. As the blood flows the area is oxygenated. The brain fog clears, and the person becomes clear and thoughts arise naturally. One can think rapidly as this is an important facet of intelligence.s




Modafinil is legal right?……….

The brow-raising question: Is Modafinil Legal? Get Modafinil Here

There have been lots of controversial questions over the legal status of Modafinil. People have been pondering whether the so-called ‘Limitless’ inspired Modafinil is legal in real life or not. Wondering, what are the restrictions on buying Provigil? Is it legal at your residing area? Well, Modafinil is the wakefulness and alertness promoting drug that belongs to the category of drugs known as eugeroics. Eugeroics are such drugs that are taken under prescription to treat sleep related apnea, narcolepsy, and excessive daytime drowsiness. It has the capacity of offering improved motivation and increased level of productivity by giving the feeling of wakefulness. For off-level uses, Modafinil is the best. Executives, entrepreneurs, students, military men, athletes rely upon the Modafinil drug. The drug shoots up energy level, motivation, wakefulness, and boosts up mental performance. Metabolised by liver into Modafinil, the drug works primarily in the brain by increasing the activity of dopamine, histamine and adrenergic. Differing from several other psychostimulants, eugeroics like Modafinil is considered non-addictive that does not produce side effects. It never invites potential hazards like increased nervousness, nausea and agitation. Modafinil is one such smart drug that enhances cognition and is connected to the class of drugs known as ‘nootropics’.

Modafinilimage9Is Modafinil legal in various parts of the world?

In the United States, Modafinil is sold widely under the name ‘Provigil’ and is taken to be a scheduled drug which implies that you certainly require a physician’s prescription to obtain it legally. You can bring 50 pills of Modafinil to your country, but then you again need a prescription. Even online stores view the prescription to make it accessible. Even in United Kingdom the drug cannot be bought without prescription. In Canada, it is taken to be Schedule F drug that can be availed with prescription only. It is sold under the name ‘Alertec’ in Canada. Again in Australia, it is sold as ‘Modavigil’ Schedule 4 drug that can be gotten with prescription. However, in Mexico the drug is made available under the name ‘Modiodal’ that can be purchased from various stores without the doctor’s prescription. Its usage is legalised on Mexico and is not a controlled substance. Russia considers the drug as Schedule II drug which implies that it cannot be purchased for personal possession. It is not legal in Russia.

Issues relating to the import of Modafinil

Many buyers report that they can acquire by importing Modafinil legally with online pharmacies. Many buy it without or with prescription from reliable stores. This should not be done for the consequence can be very serious. Places where the use of Modafinil is not legalised one must not buy it. Punishments can range from mere cancellation of order to severe prosecutions. One must be careful while importing the nootropic drug, Modafinil for even if laws permit the import, laws are subject to change. Your package of Modafinil can be delayed at the border itself and may not be permitted to enter the boundary. Only go for those online stores that guarantee refund of the exact amount.


Modafinil in comparison to other nootropics?!

Improve your general cognitive abilities with Modafinil

Buy Modafinil Here

The term ‘smart drug’ or ‘nootropic’ was coined by Corneliu Giurgea after he discovered the family of smart drugs, which tended to improve alertness, cognition, memory and alertness. Modafinil is the fantastic nootropic which is prescribed to treat people suffering from lack of sleep for the drug is known for improving alertness and energy levels. Found largely in nootropic stacks put together for helping people perform large amounts of works, the smart drug Modafinil enhances concentration and provides a superb energy boost. It has fewer or no side effects altogether. People who suffer from sleep disorders can purchase Modafinil from major online stores. Research has been conducted upon Modafinil and other nootropics which suggest the superb efficacy of Modafinil over other nootropics. It improves memory, enhances focus and attention, enhances mood by reducing anxiety and improves memory retention, endurance and reaction time.

Modafinilimage10Armodafinil Vs Modafinil

The closely related nootropic drugs for increasing focus and metal skills have certain differentiating factors. The main difference between the nootropic is their chemical structures where Armodafinil is considered to be Modafinil’s enantiomer. Armodafinil comprises of (R)-enatiomer that is the active component of Modafinil. However, the other differences concerning their impact and efficacy depend upon the person who takes them. When compared with Armodafinil, Modafinil has much better mood enhancing capability, which creates only positive sentiments to improve drive and confidence. Armodafinil, unlike Modafinil can lead to nervousness, stress and anxiety. Armodafinil can make the users feel a bit edgy and can make the person aggressive. This is, however, not the case in Modafinil. Users can take the drugs under prescription for a limited period of time to find for themselves the effect. However, if one talks of tolerance level, then Modafinil has more tolerance level than Armodafinil.

Modafinil VS Adrafinil

Both the nootropic drugs, Adrafinil and Modafinil are renowned for improving alertness and focus. They are taken to gain intelligence and success in life. The nootropic drugs, although have similar uses differ in the extent of side effects caused. Adrafinil, in particular, is known for increasing the level of Hypocretin, the neurotransmitter. The chemical superbly checks the chemical reactions taking place in the brain. Modafinil and Adrafinil trigger glutamate receptors to enhance cognition. Speed to recall the past events get greatly improved. Adrafinil, unlike Modafinil has side effects that may lead head ache, increased nervousness, and perspiration. It increases the blood pressure and rate of the heart beat. Modafinil is much safer when one talks of the impacts of Adrafinil over liver. Adrafinil may lead to hypatoxity as on reaching the liver, it gets converted into Modafinil. Such a harmful conversion you can never notice in case of Modafinil so it is better.

When you compare Modafinil and other nootropic drugs you will find that Modafinil is much safer andmore effective in causing cognitive enhancement. Both the locomoter and histamoine activities may be greatly improved by taking Modafinil. The only limitation to Modafinil is the tendency for developing tolerance level by the users which can be curbed by taking only 100-200 mg of Modafinil regularly.