Modafinil vs Adderall – Student Review

I use Modafinil for my academics, mainly in computer science. Nothing more, nothing less (alright, maybe a bit more, but that’s for later.) I do not have ADD or ADHD, nor do I have any sleep problems. I simply lack motivation and the energy to do work. This was why my entire freshman year was filled with sleepless nights because I frankly didn’t want to study for complete homework. I turned to Adderall without much thought. And at first, it. felt. great. I started with 20 mg Adderall XR and I could study for hours on end on the most boring-ass subjects and nearly always manage to pulling off an A in the class. Then on the weekends, I would catch up on sleep, eating some pizza, and all would be good. Naturally, my body slowly adjusted to the drug and I kept trying to find the same “focus.” It got to the point where I was taking more than 60 mg of Adderall and the effects just weren’t the same. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t focus. I just kept… darting my eyes around. I stayed up for 3 days without sleep.

Modafinil vs Adderall

I know I probably should have been more careful, but at that point I knew I need a more “stable” substance that could give me the original focus and clarity of Adderall, without the horrible side effects. My roommate’s friend, Eric, brought up Modafinil and asked if I’ve tried it before. Turns out, he used ModUP to buy modafinil online on somewhat a regular basis for his own reasons. And thank god he told me about it. After taking Modafinil, I felt even more awake and it miraculously saved my grade from dropping like a rock and I got to graduate. I didn’t have trouble sleeping or staying focused. In fact, other than a daily vitamin, Modafinil is the only substance I use and it is more than enough. I don’t need “stacks” of substances to maintain a sharp mind.

Modafinil vs Adderall

To sum it up, I’ve used Modafinil for just a bit over 2 months and it feels great. I just pop a pill every day and I just feel a surge of energy that keeps me alert. It has helped me successfully finish college and I cannot be grateful enough for that.

I could not have written this without Modafinil

The more people we have sharing positive experiences, the more validation Modafinil receives.

I respect that you are compiling a montage of success stories to shine a reformative light on something that can benefit many who unfortunately do not have access to, or do not know they have access to, something as useful as Modafinil, and would like to participate in this process by sharing my Modafinil story.

My name is Peter, and I am a twenty one year old engineering student working part time at college as a Physics Lab Coordinator Assistant. Most days I wake up at 8am to make it to work by 10am until 2pm- immediately when Chem lecture starts for two hours- until I move to Calculus and then Chem lab until 10pm. Normally, I am fairly vigilant when it comes to studious activities, schooling, and the like- mainly because I deeply admire education. Straining my mind for a half a day at a time is not a problem; I would get through it regardless. The only difference is that a 200mg dose in the morning not only gets me through the day; it enhances my performance.


I wake up, take my Modafinil after breakfast, and start noticing effects within thirty minutes. To compare between what it is like without Modafinil and with Modafinil will illustrate how it works. Without it, I am caught up in my own thoughts, asking questions that are irrelevant to what I am doing and imagining answers outside of my immediate vicinity, like “I wonder what so-and-so is doing” and “for tomorrow I should do this-this-and-this, but only if that happens and if so then I will blank but only if I get this reaction, and…”. My thoughts wander. I daydream about things that only have slight chances of happening. It is a real waste of time. Time that can be spent studying Calculus, practicing Chemistry, or learning new C++ functions.

Modafinil redirects my energy to doing exactly these productivities. With Modafinil, I think in the present-tense. The rudimentary wisdom of focusing on what is in front of you suddenly applies in my life, and I no longer daze out into my own daydreams. It is as if my mind tells itself to save the dreaming for nighttime- which pays off with a wonderful sleep-time experience. My mind also functions as if everything that is not a priority is a distraction. For example, while searching the internet for unfamiliar text during my readings when I am not taking Modafinil, I get distracted by the YouTube and Facebook tabs conveniently located under my URL bar.

Girl-Watching-YoutubeA ten minute video quickly turns into an hour wasted as I fail to resist the urge to click on yet another link on the page of the last one. With Modafinil, my mind instead processes YouTube and Facebook as distractions, allowing me to resume where I left off before searching for the unfamiliar word. There are many other benefits I experience, including improved memory, increased social enthusiasm, brightened mood, and boost in confidence and self-esteem. But those specific experiences would take hours to explain, given that they last for such a long combination of events.

Generally speaking, I am now who I would often daydream about being before buying Modafinil. I am ready, alert, bright, creative, friendly, and productive. I cannot imagine where I will be in ten years after I earn my professional degrees. I cannot imagine where I will be because I am too busy in the process of going there in real life. Hopefully this is along the lines of what you are looking for. Again, thank so much for this opportunity.

I could not have written this in less than an hour- if at all- if it were not for the amazingness of Modafinil.

My life has done an entire 180 with Modafinil

I’ve completed 3 purchases from Modup, all of which arrived in a speedy time. My life has done an entire 180 with Modafinil. I left a career in the military to fulfill aspirations of becoming a lawyer.

My first year at university was one filled with sleepless nights, restless days, and an overall lack of energy. Despite the fact that I was genuinely interested in my classwork and coursework, I was still without energy, and found myself downing several cups of coffee to sluggishly get through each day. I found studying to be a chore, and it felt almost impossible to study for more than 30 minutes without feeling lethargic.

I did some researching on the internet, and stumbled upon Modafinil and eventually Modup. Admittidly, I was a bit apprehensive at first, but I was willing to give anything a shot to combat my lack of energy and possibly help me through my day to day life. As soon as I took my first tablet, I was waiting for some magical jolt of energy. After about an hour, I felt myself awake and alert, I felt the ability to focus and cruise through work. It was an entire 180 from my previous self. I could study for hours and hours on end with little difficulty and large assignments soon became much less overwhelming.


As a student, modafinil is a blessing, and something I can’t picture my life without. The turn around is extremely obvious in my GPA, I went from a 2.8 student to a 3.8 student in a matter of one semester, and I owe a large part of that to my modafinil usage. I recently completed the LSAT exam whilst supplementing modafinil, one tablet a day, and did quite well on the exam. Modafinil truly allows me to have clean, non-jittery energy like no other supplement has. Finally, modafinil makes my brain feel sharp and acute at a moment’s notice. As a student pursuing a career in the law field, I complete an internship at a law office, amonst some very witty co-workers. On Modafinil, I can feel the words flow easily from brain to tongue, and my responses are witty and logical.

This ability to converse at a whole new level has given me a new level of self-confidence which I wouldn’t trade for the world. It is the only supplement which I feel has given me the energy I want, with no negative side effects. I currently supplement 1 tablet everyday, and have been doing so for about 1 year now, and have come back with perfect bloodwork.

Adderall vs Modafinil

Before I begin, I would like to say that I am partial in modafinil but would entirely say the same thing to a friend, and in fact, have recommended modafinil to friends. Before I begin, my experience is a unique one as I have suffered from ADD for the past 6 years. During these 6 years, me and my physician had tried Adderall vs Modafinil, vynase, and many different other amphetamines for my condition, experimenting with dosages, and different medications. The result was the same with each one; inability to sleep, even more lack of focus, and a speedy, jittery energy that wouldn’t let me get through my day without my fingers shaking, every minute, of every day.

I stumbled upon Modafinil through some research of my own, and a friend of mine who suffers from ADHD which began taking it. I was hesitant at first as I had been through a ton of medications, all of which did little to nothing for my condition. Modafinil felt like the best cup of coffee I ever had, but unlike the rollercoaster of energy caffiene gave me, modafinil lasted throughout the day with clean, focused energy, rather than nasty, jittery caffeine energy. I currently work the overnight shift as a volunteer paramedic as well as a full time student and I honestly don’t believe I could do this all without modafinil. As a volunteer paramedic, I often have shifts which start at 8PM and last until 6AM the following day, these 8 hour shifts are after a day of classes, and I am often left with only three to four hours of sleep. Instead of walking around like a zombie through my classes and lacking any motivation or focus, modafinil allows me to fully function on limited sleep, and even provides me with a deeper feeling of sleep.

With modafinil, I feel as though my days are exponentially more productive, stuctured, and focused. Modafinil has allowed me to keep a very busy lifestyle without suffering from excessive tiredness or extreme fatigue. As a student, I would recommend modafinil to anyone who finds themselves a little too busy or finds that they have a little too much on their plate. Modafinil has provided me with a tool to achieve a busy lifestlye as well as one that allows me to study for exams, and excel on these exams. I’ve even had certain professors comment on my tenacity while studying or completing work while on modafinil.

Hollywood Stimulants

After the popularity of our post covering CPH4 from the new Lucy movie, we also decided to cover WHYPHY from 22 Jump Street, and other Hollywood Stimulants.

Alright so given the interest in the WHYPHY drug from 22 Jump Street we thought it best to bring up the first half of the drug as a separate discussion. The drug’s letters are an acronym for “Work Hard Yes, Party Hard Yes”. Today I’m going to be diving into the first half of that equation: Work Hard Yes.

The film 22 Jump Street parodies common drug trends among students with its fictional WHYPHY drug. Today’s youth are under larger amounts of pressure, tighter deadlines, and heavier workloads. As a result, any drug that can give students an advantage in their studies has become very popular. This trend dates back a long ways. Caffeine and University have enjoyed a very long and mostly healthy relationship. We first saw students venture out into harder substances with Ephedrine. The energy spike was highly desired, and staying thin never hurt anyone’s university experience. More recently Adderall and Ritalin’s success in helping ADHD students stay focused has been exploited by non-ADHD users.


So using drugs to get an edge is clearly nothing new, just ask any Major League Baseball player. But what is new is the increase in consumption of these drugs. A survey at the University of Kentucky, Lexington shows that 34% of the students surveyed had tried Adderall or other ADHD medications for the sole purpose of studying better.


More studies like these exist, and it shows that students are becoming more concerned with “Work Hard Yes” than they are with “Party Hard Yes”. There are several different theories on why this may be. One point that seems rather counter-intuitive is that hours spent in university classrooms have steadily declined in the United States and elsewhere over the past 50 years.


That might seem to go against the logic of needing a drug to compensate. But in many cases, just because there are fewer hours doesn’t mean there is less work. In fact, many universities are now recommending 2-3 hours of study time for every 1 hour of class, when the old rule used to be 2 for every 90 minutes. The change in ratio from 4:3 to 6-9:3 is staggering.

Essentially you could argue that the amount of homework needed has doubled, while the amount of time spent with an actual teacher in a class has been cut in half.
This results in students needing more help. Logically we see more students taking medicines to help them perform. But interestingly, students aren’t really satisfied with their options. Illegal prescription drugs are expensive for one thing: Costing up to $5 and even $10 for a dose. In addition acquiring them is not always consistently possible. And even if you decide to go for one of these popular ADHD meds, you’re still only getting several hours of benefit for a high price.

So it’s not really a big surprise to see Modafinil taking over schools across the world. Modafinil is easier to purchase and import, since it can be ordered from a number of retailers across the web. And its price can’t be beat when compared to the alternatives. Perhaps the best value though lies in the duration of its effects. Modafinil typically gives users a solid 12 hours of productivity, in many cases even a little more. Since it doesn’t have any strong effects on mood, such as strong euphoria, people who take Modafinil also find it easier to work on without getting distracted.

Modafinil makes feelings of drowsiness and sleepiness disappear completely. This enables you to keep working at a high level even during long study sessions or those nights before an exam. 25% of final year students in the UK have already used Modafinil to get ahead. It’s proven to work, and it’s safer to use.


Modafinil’s not just useful for students either. Plenty of workers have found it to be helpful as well. It is even prescribed to people who have to deal with the odd sleep schedules that accompany shift work. Switching from one shift to another can be brutal, and Modafinil can help people to regulate their internal clocks faster by consistently helping them stay awake during the crucial working hours. Besides that, physical work is also made easier by reducing the amount of tiredness one feels.

Truly if you’re goal is to Work Hard Yes, you should give Modafinil a try. Whether you’re a student trying to get things done, or a hard working employee taking care of business, buying Modafinil can work well for you.

Unlocking my Potential by buying Modafinil online

I have always been told by my parents, friends, teachers, co-workers and the like, that I had a very capable mind with potential to be successful. I let that get to my head, and severe procrastination ensued for many years to come.

I managed to fly through high school with ease, cranking out essays and assignments the morning they were due. It’s almost as if I took pride in just how little effort I put into my work, yet still yielding above average/great results.


Jump forward a few years, I was in my 2nd year of university and was on academic probation for having done very poorly the year prior. My life had been reduced to smoking a half quarter of weed each day, and finishing off a 2-4 of beer on the weekends with my mates. One more failed course, and I would have been ‘kicked out’ of school for a minimum of one year. My fellow classmates advised me that they have attained Adderall, and it helped them tremendously with the abilities of focusing, staying up late etc. I extensively researched Adderall, and other nootropics, eventually coming across Modafinil.


I read hundreds of testimonials, articles and watched many videos. I thought to myself “I must start buying modafinil online“.

There was an acquaintance of mine who was incredibly smart. He was very eccentric – an individual thinker, and loved to learn. I simply told him this:

“I’m not going to insult your intelligence and try to force you to do something you don’t want to do. I found this pill called modafinil. I will buy some. I want you to do some research and get back to me in a couple days”

The very next morning, I woke up to a text that read “Let’s do this”. I ordered it online from an Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer using a prepaid credit card. This was before graced us with their presence. Since I live in Canada – where it wasn’t easy to come by at the time – I had to have it shipped to a postal office just past the border of the United States, pick it up, and bring it back to Canada.


It arrived 2 days before my exams were to begin. We took these pills, and it was as if something in our brain just triggered us to work and study none stop. I woke up in the morning, took my pill, and I absorbed an entire semester’s worth of information within a matter of 2 days. It not only allowed us to focus, it enhanced our memory, it triggered our pre-frontal cortex to go into overdrive, and it helped with our abstract thinking and problem solving.

I wrote my exams, passed with flying colours. Not only that; on my final day of exams, I had two three-hour exams which ended at 10 PM. I drive home (still glowing from the feeling of the drug) and I sit on my piano bench until 4 AM perfecting the piano sonata I had begun composing years ago.

At that moment, I knew this drug provided me with the opportunity to finally attain my true potential.

I am now a college graduate with an advanced degree in business administration. I have a successful small business with a clientele of over 500 customers, and work at a financial institution. All of this may have never come to fruition if it wasn’t for modafinil.