Neuroscientist’s opinion of Modafinil

I’m a university student studying Neuroscience in the UK. I adore the course but there is a huge amount of content to re-cover during the exams that requires focused attention for many hours of the day. I have always been a procrastinator and when my friend told me about modafanil they sounded too good to be true. I found and immediately found them to be the cheapest supplier to buy modafinil (with a bitcoin payment discount sealing the deal). The order process was quick and the parcel was sent with a tracking number making the whole process easy to follow. The delivery, by international standards, was very quick taking just over a reach to arrive (due to a bank holiday).

neuroscienceThe packaging was sound with each individual tablet being foil sealed in it’s own tear off blister, this made it very easy to pack the tablets in advance. It was the afternoon the day of arrival so I waited until the next morning to begin my first trial. I was blown away, I am NOT a morning person however I woke up popped one of these and half an hour later I was collected and motivated to get on with the day.

I sat down to do some revision for the coming exams, and every time I looked at the clock hours had past. Once I set myself on a task I was immersed. This form of hyper-focus was absolutely unbelievable and perfect for what was required of me during this period of high intensity mental work. A warning, this hyper-focus (from my personal experience) meant things like breaks for lunches etc were forgotten. Be sure to set yourself time aside to put you over your work and keep the nutrition up.

Some comparisons, I have tried a range of nootropics (although I wouldn’t call modafanil a nootropic) however mymodafinil provided me with the cognitive ability I have been searching for in many other sources e.g. noopept, piracetam and DMAE. Whilst on modafanil you have 10-13 hours of near perfect mental clarity and energy without the awful crash you experience with stimulants. I found a tolerance was developed after 4-5 consecutive days of modafanil but taking a weekend off brings you straight back to day one.

I found it I had mild insomnia in the first couple of days however that past permanently after the first week. In summary modafanil allowed me to stay focused and energised without loosing myself, emotional changes and personality changes like a lot of other options out there. The drug is safe but check for interactions with other medicines to ensure you don’t invest in something dangerous. After doing this I will never look back and I will always use modafanil in those times where the workload requires my best. No regrets.

Process Manager using Modafinil

I work in a position where I review and analyze processes for a financial institution. I am constantly adopting new information for different tech we might be incorporating into our business. We handle several dozen different specific functions all with different security needs, special handling for particular clients as well as dealing with government regulations. This is a constantly changing field and one of the things that is required is constant learning. I spend a large amount of time every week going over our actions and looking to correct for obstacles and improve the end results. This means I am always studying market trends and pouring over what seem to be endless amounts of data. I can do it without much problem most days. There are also days where I have been going for up to 14 hours. Those days a quite a bit more difficult. Just as I do with my plans for business I can plan for my body and mind. I eat well, sleep when I can and buy modafinil from Modup to smooth out the rest. The days where I would be drug down don’t happen when I am prepared. I work it into my routine and it has made my life a lot simpler.

20 year old student studying sciences at university

I’m a 20 year old student studying sciences at university, and I need a lot of sleep. I can manage on 8 hours a day for a little while but before long it starts to wear me down. I need to start taking naps or just getting longer nights asleep when this happens, otherwise I learn nothing in lectures and don’t do my work as well as I could. This is something I can deal with for most of the year, but when it comes to exam period it’s important to be able to get the most out of a full day without being drowsy and generally dim.
I used to drink coffee for this kind of thing, but tolerance builds up quickly and by the end of exams I’d be drinking a few cups a day and it made me feel no good. I’d heard about buying modafinil and thought it would make a decent caffeine replacement – its effects lasted far longer, and supposedly increased focus and mental agility far better than caffeine ever could.
coffeSo, I ordered modafinil online and tried it out and it was great!
I would take half a pill [150mg] in the morning every couple of study days, which would last me all day. I alternated this with coffee on the other days. I did this to avoid heavy usage in either, keeing tolerance low (I’ve never enjoyed dependency). This means that my dose might not suffice for daily users – a friend who used modafinil daily took a whole pill each a day, but never became dependant.
The modafinil days were undoubtedly better than the caffeine ones. Sometimes when revising I’d get that awful mental clouding that I’m sure everyone is familiar with, but on days that I took modafinil this was suddenly lifted, and I felt so much more able to do what I wanted to. I was willing to do more work too. Distractions weren’t non-existent, but pulling myself away from them was easy, so what would have kept me from work for an hour at a time before (I’m looking at you, reddit), only took up five/ten minutes of my time now.
All in all, I’d say that modafinil didn’t make me feel like some adderall-driven work machine. It was just me, but on a really good day – awake, attentive and focused.
NB. My only warning would be that – especially for those lacking tolerance – taking it late in the day will definitely make getting an early night impossible. On a couple of occasions I took some at 5/6pm to stay attentive until bed time at around 11pm, but ended up staying up doing things until nearly 4am! Still, on one of those nights I wrote an application to a competitive Summer course at 3am, and was accepted! Normally doing anything at that time would be a recipe for disaster for me.
Some info about me that might be important is that I’m male, 69kg, 1.88m. (So a lanky guy basically.)

Awake and focused with Provigil

Ever since I was a little kid my teachers in school suggest to my parents that I might have ADHD and should get me tested. Growing up in the lower middle class left us with no money for unnecessary hospitable bills and the idea was always put to the back burner. I struggled threw elementary, middle and high school. After high school i took a year off to save some money to attend a university.

About a year and a half ago I was a full time college student struggling to make it to class and even pay attention/stay awake while I was there. I set out to change this, after a few weeks of research I landed on and after researching Modafinal I knew I had to give it a try. Shipping only took about 10 days to the east coast of the US. Right from the first time I took modafinal not only did I feel better but I could tell how much more I was worried about my work, the amount of detail I would put into my projects even shocked myself. I would finish a project or program and sit back and just go “wow, I built this, I deigned this” For once I was waking up for my 8am classes without feeling tired and falling asleep in class. In one semester of usage i was able to turn myself from a C level student into a B+/A- Student. I am glad to report that now I am still this student and am fully on track for a BA in Computer Science programming.

The Modafinal not only helped with my school but also my day to day life. Instead of being tired when spending time with family and friends I was awake and focused. I felt better about myself and helped me have a more positive outlook on my life.

If it was not for I would not be here writing this review today, I owe them more then a thank you for helping me turn my life around and improve on not only my school but way of life.

Improving performance with Armodafinil

As a student in a competitive post-graduate physiotherapy program. There is constant stream of work and I have never had this much demand academically. I originally heard of modafinil from a blog I frequented but never gave it a thought. As I needed a way to cope with this amount of work I decided to give modafinil a try from or more specifically armodafinil. I wanted to get the best quality modafinil (which I researched beforehand) so I went ahead and purchased 150mg armodafinil.


I started out at a half-dose of 75mg and immediately saw benefits that I had not expected. I am an avid gym goer with 4 years of bodybuilding experience. At the time, I was dieting down and it is expected to have poor performance in the gym with strength either maintaining or worst decreasing. Well my performance in the gym improved with an increase in intensity of 1 rep each lift.

On top of this, I felt a decrease in appetite which definitely benefited me dieting down as hormones can often wreck a diet as dieters tend to crave more as they reach lower and lower levels of body fat. While I enjoyed the benefits in the gym. I had simply not received the benefits of focus I wanted. Once I bumped dosage up to regular 150mg with 200mg caffeine the benefits I originally sought were unleashed and additional benefits I had not expected. My first dosage under this protocol I received a peaceful clarity.

A clean type of focus that I have only felt for like 5 minutes after a long session of meditation. This was felt for roughly 8 hours. I feel even more important to this is reduced impulsiveness. When I come home from a 9-5 day at school, I am expected to perform self-directed study for an additional 2-4 hours and work on my course work which is a research paper assigned to me at the beginning of the semester. Sitting at my computer for pretty much the rest of the night I am often bouncing around webpages which includes useless entertainment-based websites that do not serve my purpose. When I am on Armodafinil, I have to force myself to leave my current topic of focus.

There just is not that need to go to reddit, cnn, stand up and walk around, or any sort of creative procrastination technique. This is the focus that I derive from armodafinil While the focus was nice, the next unexpected benefit was definitely a nice bonus. As a student, I must have a social life lest I become a cave-dweller and ultimately create unhappiness within myself. So I like to go out on the weekends and drink at bars. Even with a proper hang-over prevention of water and vitamins, the next day would always end up in being unproductive. Fortunately, armodafinil allows me to have productive days on the weekends now because when taking it first thing in the morning, I feel an immediate shift in attention. It does not bring me up to the level that taking armodafinil without drinking the night before would, but it does allow me perform at a normal level.


It is largely for this benefit that I continue to take armodafinil regularly on the weekend and I have definitely seen an increase in work being completed and a more active social life. Because there would be times where I would sacrifice a weekend out to get work done. Now I am able to accomplish both. Fortunately, I have only had to use armodafinil for its’ anti-fatigue properties once, which was the day before my course work was due. It definitely allowed me to stay focused throughout the night without even needing to go to sleep.

I feel I could have gone to sleep if I chose to, but that it was in my power. Thankfully armodafinil allows me to be productive enough during the day that I don’t need to pull all-nighters. Ultimately, armodafinil has allowed me to balance my life better while being in an intensive Masters program and even improving some aspects as it allows me to live a social life while facilitating a productive weekend, improved performance in the gym and craving control, and reduced impulsiveness that conveys marked clarity that makes work sessions more productive.

Part-time Lifeguard staying alert

My schedule requires me to be sharp between the ears 24/7, and without order provigil online I have no idea how I could accomplish this. I’m a full-time college student and part-time lifeguard. On a typical day I work for a few hours in the morning, go to class in the afternoon, go back to work in the evening, then come home and start on my assignments (which usually require me to stay up late into the night). Before I discovered Modafinil, I would drink around 5 cups of coffee a day. You know the drill: drink a cup, get jittery, crash, and repeat.


It was awful and wrecked my stomach. Now I take 200mg of Modafinil in the morning and I’m set for the rest of the day. While I’m lifeguarding I’m able to keep my focus on the swimmers, compared to before when I would get drowsy and often catch myself not watching the water. During class I’m able to pay attention for longer periods of time. I have more energy, which helps me stay organized and on schedule; I haven’t missed an assignment in months. Even in the evenings when I get home from work. Yes, I am tired, but I’m able to do what needs to be done. No more crashing during the day. No more jitters and coffee sweats. Modafinil has helped me change my whole lifestyle into one that is more productive and rewarding, I really wish I had found it sooner.

WHYPHY – 22 Jump Street

Pretty strange name for a smart drug. A made up smart drug from the movie 22 Jumpstreet. WHYPHY stands for Work Hard Yes Play Hard Yes. An Adderall mixed with ecstasy and anything else. A deadly concoction made to make you overdrive. When you take it you’ll be laser focus and you can party like there’s no tomorrow. Remember how Kesha loves to party with unicorns? Exactly that effect. You’ll be hallucinating yet very focused. The perfect drug for the party people who loves and who wants to do great in school. But is this drug for real?


Adderall is a well known drug to treat people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder aka ADHD. This is also used to improve cognition and performance. Not only it is one of the “go-to” smart drugs, it can also heighten your sexual desires or give you that feel good vibes. No wonder the fictional smart drug “WHYPHY” used it as one of the main ingredients along with ecstasy. We all know that ecstasy is a party drug popular among college students who wants to party until, well until he can’t party anymore. Mix it all together and you’ll get a lethal cocktail.

Who doesn’t want to do that, you know to be able to do what you need to and still have energy to spare to party the entire night away? Way before this movie, people had been experimenting with smart drugs along with some other drugs to amplify the results of each. The concept of work hard and play harder is something most of us are aiming for. Sadly, we can’t do both without any help. An awful truth about reality because believe or not, our bodies will shut down. We just can’t do it all. So we tend to look for ways to become something we want. Mixing amphetamine with other amphetamine is not a really good idea. The side effects will be amplified along with the effects. Adderall itself is very addictive. That’s why a prescription is needed before you can get your hands on them.


Mixed drugs like WHYPHY is a bad example of an amplifier. Because the aftermath and the effects are dangerous. From speeding heart rate to hallucinations it’ll make you go crazy. Would I try it? I don’t think so. It’s not even advisable even if you are crazy about finding which really works the best.

Before you start your own concoction of the life-threatening holy grail of Work Hard Yes Play Hard Yes version, just be sure you know how the chemistry works. You might end up blowing your mind, and I say that not in a good way. For now we recommend customers continue to buy modafinil online.

Defeating Procrastination with Modafinil

I was working full time at a day job and on my projects at night hoping to release something great. One thing was holding me off my dreams: procrastination. I always had motivation to work on my projects, but when the time was coming, I found myself always finding something else to do. Play a video game, surf on the Internet.. You know the drill.

A year ago I heard of Provigil for the first time. People were saying that it increased their focus and the energy level so I decided to give it a go. I ordered a pack of 60 pills and waited a few days. Once my order arrived, I immediately took one and decided that tonight, I would be working on my stuff.


The day went well, I noticed that I seamed to be very focused but I didn’t associated it with Modafinil. When the evening came, I opened my computer and started working on my project. Without even realizing, I was writing a ton of code and I didn’t had any distraction that made me procrastinate. I was in a kind of ultra focus mode and I was loving it. I kept coding until 1 am and went to bed.

The next morning, I felt great. I had a good night of sleep and I was stoke that I could focus on my project. Unlike caffeine, taking Modafinil early in the morning gave me energy for the whole day and it didn’t broke my sleep. I was in love.

Since then, I’ve been taking Modafinil every day and my project is almost ready to ship. It’s incredible how Modafinil helped me get through procrastination. I am not happier then ever and can’t wait to get my product out there!

Buy Artvigil (Armodafinil)

This is a follow up to the original Launch of Artvigil, which we covered in this post:

With the issues surrounding Waklert on going, HAB pharmasuticals has continued to capitalise on the gap in the market for a high quality 150mg Armodafinil tablet, while other generic brands such as Armod continue to suffer from falling sales.

Online Pharmacies, niche nootropic sellers and independent Modafinil retailers have all embraced Artvigil, not only is the quality on par with Waklert, there have been no supply issues since launch, this is a huge plus, as it has stopped the frequent delays previously assosiated with buying Armodafinil online.

ArtvigilAs shown by the above picture, Artvigil is actually manufactured by Signature Labs, this is a common topic of discussion amongst Nootropic communities, from our understanding Signature buys certain HAB products such as Modvigil and Artvigil, and then markets and resells them, after conducting their own independent testing and analysis of the product. This means that products like Artvigil have been tested atleast twice before reaching the consumer.

We at Modup have recognised the popularity of Artvigil on our sister site, and we plan to make purchase of Artvigil avaliable through Credit/Debit card and PayPal, we will also be introducing our 33% Bitcoin discount to Artvigil, making it the cheapest on the market, when purchased through

Hydrafinil Launch by Ceretropic

Warning: Hydrafinil is a High Risk/Untested Product, and is currently being sold as “not intended for human consumption”.

Hydrafinil also know as 9-hydroxyfluorene is a Modafinil eugeroic developed by Cephalon, to be a potential sucessor to Modafinil, although it has not been officaly released yet, it has been bought to market by a Research Chemical company based in the USA.


Hydrafinil is currently only being produced in powder form in 2 and 5 gram quantities, although the product has only just been launched it appears a few users from /r/Nootropics are reporting Modafinil type effects in terms of wakefulness promotion, with the duration reported to be around 5 hours, with a noticeable crash after. This gives Hydrafinil many potential uses in the real world, for example study sessions, or being used just during the work day.


One of the biggest advantages of Hydrafinil identified by Cephalon is low toxicity and no liver interactions compared to Modafinil. Hydrafinil (9-hydroxyfluorene) is also 140% as effective as Modafinil, making it more potent. The increased potency and the lower production costs of Hydrafinil mean it should eventually be much cheaper than Modafinil based on a single dose.


9-hydroxyfluorene is not technically an “afinil”, its not even really a Modaifnil analogue it is technically a misnomer. The name “Hydrafinil” is more of a branding and marketing ploy by Ceretropic.

The current dose being used by users brave enough to try Hydrafinil is between 50 and 100mg, our recommendation is customers give this product some time on the market, so some data can be collected before giving it a try.

You can buy Hydrafinil Here:

You can join the Reddit discussion here, or post a response in the comments.