Working like crazy

So before i know about the modafinil and your website. i worked like crazy and day and night without having enough sleep. I worked about 18-20 hour per day. In the morning i worked at retail store from 7 am and evening start about 7 pm i worked at the restaurant until early morning about 5 am.

At the beginning i though i can keep awake if i take 5 hour energy and similar stuff. But i tried almost everything but only worked for the first few days and after that nothing happen. Looks the same like before i take it. So i search and search on the internet to look some kind stuff or medicine or even herbal or supplement to help me keep awake but i found nothing.

I do find some item but need prescription to order it and some of them will danger your liver. One day i keep pushing it till i got into an accident because too sleepy. I haven’t sleep for 3-4 days and i have to drive around because my job as a driver. My car totaled and i got ticket. i got bloody nose and my lip broken. That’s all because the air bag came off and hit my face. Finally i found the website called mod and before i buy it i do some research and looks like the website is legit and a lot of good review.So i feel like ” what the heck ” let just try to buy some and let see hoe it goes.

So i order about 60 pcs supply and i use coupon so they gave me about 100 pcs. i Tried to take it at the beginning 50 mg but i got the big headache. i tried to reduce 25 mg, i still got mild headache so i feel like i don’t want to take it anymore. i look up on the net that headache is the most common side effect. so i don’t give up and keep trying to take at lower dose and after one week no more headache.

Every time i take it i can hold my self to keep awake. for at least couple days without feel sleepy at all. so i always use it on the weekend. So i can work very long hour without need to sleep for long time. Maybe only 2-3 hours max. So without modafinil my life more difficult.

Graduate Surveyor taking Modafinil

surveyorI am a recent graduate surveyor in training for my Charteredship exams with a large surveying firm. I tend to be restless and anxious on a daily basis which has led to a fairly solitary life, however when i take modafinil i come out of my shell and perform how i feel i should properly.

I have the confidence and energy to perform my work with far less difficulty. I originally ordered modafinil after doing some research on the internet. I found a lot of hype for the product and then went to reddit to find a legitimate source, i quickly and easily ordered it from the people at

Dealing with clients on a day to day basis requires an enthusiasm i had quickly lost after entering the industry with a sleeping problem keeping me up all night leading to day time tiredness and lack of enthusiasm for life, i legitimately think modafinil is a wounder drug, it enhances my mind when it is required to focus whether up late doing a project or in the office early in the morning.

It has given me the life back,especially due to a like for smoking pot back in the day leaving a dreamy non defined clearheaded. It for me is not required every day as there are some minor negative effects, i feel unable to relax if i have taken to work and end up trying to relax instead.

This appears to be a good side effect however as i feel it makes managing such a life enhancing drug without fear of possible addiction. At work if i have had a modafinil before a busy day it makes me sharper, think faster,be more enthusiastic and social in the office without affecting my workload, but increasing my output significantly. I found i was no longer distracted by snacking,the same old view outside the window.

It really gets my head into gear, i feel like myself again without even realizing i didn’t feel like myself! I am now a firm believer in modafiniland have an interest in nootropics, i cant wait to see how they will develop in the future.

The extra edge

I first started taking modafinil about 2 years ago in order to give myself an extra edge. At the time I was trying to manage a growing IT business, working on my first book and doing volunteer work while at the same time raising 5 kids. Because I had so many things going on I was easily distracted (thinking about some other obligation while trying to focus on the task at hand). That’s when I heard about modafinil in entrepreneur forums.
My biggest concern was the safety and legality of buying something from online pharmacies that effects the brain, so I did tons of research before settling on a supplier. Since I am always experimenting on my body I decided this was just another supplement and went for it.


The first dose of 200mg was interesting because I did not heed the warnings about making sure I had a defined set of tasks before starting. So, I made the mistake of “checking in” on a facebook entrepreneurs group with the full intention of spending no more than a few minutes there. Before I knew it, several hours had passed by as I dove deeper and deeper into intense discussions on marketing, customer service, financing and my upcoming book. On some level I felt like I had wasted my day but at the same time I was the center of attention in the group that day. I was so focused on the subjects and so intense that queries were coming at me from all angles. I even used some of the discussions as material for my book.

I didn’t experience the bright colors or intense music like others describe. All I can say is that I was ON in a way I had never experienced. Once on a task, any task (so choose carefully!), you are in it for the long haul. Over the next several days I was a bit wiser in how I planned my day and found myself totally focused on the most important tasks. My wife would try talking to me while I was working and I would simply acknowledge her with a quick glance and keep on going. It really is an amazing drug.

The only draw back I experienced from time to time was nagging pressure in my right temple. Not quite a headache but just a nuisance. But that small inconvenience was well worth the results.
I’ve not been off of modafinil for a while but decided to go back again as my life is just hectic beyond belief. Now I’m working on my next book (behind schedule btw), focusing on completing a masters (with a Phd as the final goal), working as a lead IT architect with a large global partner and still raising 5 kids.

I’m generally a very high energy person who eats extremely well, exercises, competes in OCR events (upcoming Urbanathlon) and sleeps only about 5 hours a day w/o an alarm clock. But I still need the extra edge to keep up with it all. I’ve recently tried a piracetam / choline stack, which is pretty good but it just cannot compare to modafinil.

I will keep up with the piracetam until my shipment of modafinil arrives, then it’s back to old faithful. As long as I have modafinil I really see no need for any other form of nootropic.
If you are involved in any type of activity that requires intense intellectual focus, then you owe it to yourself to at least give modafinil a try.

How to buy your Modafinil with a Bank Transfer


Wire transfers can be a great way to pay for your Modafinil purchase on Also known as a Bank Transfer, this is when money is taken directly out of your bank account and placed into another account. Bank transfers can occur between the same bank, or through different banks.

Wire transfers have a few advantages, one being that they are extremely fast. When you place a wire transfer request to your bank, they will process it immediately as long as it occurs during operating hours. If not, it will be processed the following business day. As soon as it has been withdrawn, the recipient has immediate access to the funds. This makes wire transfers extremely useful when the person you are sending money to needs it right away.
Wire transfers don’t require a credit card either, so you can prevent giving out your credit card information. Generally, you can ask for a wire transfer via online banking, or by going into your local bank branch and requesting it in person. The process varies depending on the bank you use.

One of the disadvantages is the higher cost of wire transfers. Depending on the bank you use, and the bank you are sending it to, these may range from free to upwards of $40. Many banks also charge a fee to receive a transfer, making it less economical. Wire transfers thus are ideal for sending large amounts of money, instead of smaller amounts which may be consumed entirely by fees.

For this reason at the moment wire transfers for are currently unavailable until we can find an affordable way to complete them in smaller amounts.

Modafinil led me to my passion

I have taken the time to inform people unintroduced and unaware of just what modafinil (Modvigil, Modalert, Moda) can do for them. I lost my first corporate job fresh out of college on February 16, 2014, and have had a rough time. Mymodafinil has helped me learn different ways to make it in this world currently that in the past were rather difficult to figure out. I started taking Modvigil recently and I attribute my open minded-ness, my determination and drive, and general mood have improved I would say by 50 percent at minimum. I was able to get interviews with five employers within a month and in my humble opinion that is a feat in today’s world of never seeing a person face to face i.e. “Applying Online.” Shake my head. The day to day brainstorming and repetition got to be very tough since the past three years of my life were spent behind the desk of an office. This was a place the required an ape, a phone, and a cash drawer. I look back now and even though I am having a very rough time, I am glad I lost the job. Modafinil led me to my passion. I have aspired to become a computer geek– building, repairing, entreprenuer, software, hardware troubleshooter-all of these things and technology in general have peaked my interest. So I am facing loans from college, losing a job, having to live with friends, and all sorts of other not so pleasant things. It’s the little things that kill, and Modalert definitely has killed a few of them. I will continue to use one Modvigil in the morning and (It makes you work!) Haha! Your Fellow Reviewer

Multiple Business Owner using Modafinil

I am a partner in two detail-oriented business. One is scrap metal purchasing and export, the other is the purchase and renovation of homes for rent.

Both are, in different aspects, detail-oriented. Metal is material-type intensive, housing operations-intensive. Both heavily depend on customer relationships and interactions.
When I was doing scrap metal alone, life was manageable, even interesting. Metal recycling is a cash-heavy, fast-moving industry. Preparation and forecasting are key, and there is little forgiveness for newcomers or slackers. As a man in my late twenties given an opportunity to own my business, I bored in on every detail and left nothing to chance.

Due to the health of my metal business, I was approached to invest in a property portfolio. I did, it’s a good business but, there was a cost to this that I hadn’t anticipated.

Now in my early thirties, I found myself with no time or energy to exercise, grouchier and more irritable, and letting little organizational details slip or pushing them to the next day. My workdays never ended, and I found myself constantly tired without ever truly completing anything.

I tried Adderall, testosterone, different exercises (heavier weights, lighter weights, low-impact, etc…) change in diet, etc…I just couldn’t develop a efficient cognitive “stack order” that allowed me to efficiently plan and run my businesses. I had no buffer – everything was immediate and I was reacting instead of anticipating.
The first time I tried Modafinil the effect was immediate. Modafinil adds, or creates, a depth and clarity to abstract/higher-order planning and organization. The small details that, left undone hairball, are as immediate and present for recall as the fundamentals of what is necessary. It gives the ability to grasp the totality of what is required to successfully run an operation.

With more energy, the slight mood bump, and regaining of a cognitive buffer my life has been transformed. Modafinal gives an actualization of the best one is capable of. The recall is the most amazing part. No more groping for mid-term planning details, or forgetting basic vocabulary in your customer’s language. No more worrying about what you will forget tomorrow. It’s all there – Everything is present.

A Software Developer using Modafinil

I am a software developer living and working in the Houston area. I discovered Modafinil about a year ago and have been taking it since then. I have found that Modafinil works best for me when I use it as part of a very regimented schedule. I usually wake up at 5:00am at which time I take a multi-vitamin and my Modafinil with some water. I usually go to bed around 9-10pm and I never have any trouble sleeping.
I usually take 400mg daily during the week. I skip Saturday and Sunday, although I have taken it on the weekend if the occasion required.


I have found that Modafinil gives me a very clear mind for problem solving. I tend to recognize problems in my code much quicker than I normally would without the mod. Also, then I am designing new solutions, I tend to come up with more solid design. I have often looked back at my recent code and been impressed at my own work. Before mod, I remember looking at my past code and thinking it sucked.

Also, in design discussions with other developers, I seem to be the one that comes up with the best ideas and suggestions. It always seems that I am the most clear headed. I feel bad sometimes, because I feel that I have a big advantage over everyone in my group.

I am a 35 yo white male. I weigh 250 lbs. I take 400mg of Modafinil daily during the week. I take it as soon as I wake up (around 5am) on an empty stomach. I will feel the onset of the mod within 15 minutes. I usually don’t eat breakfast until around 7:00am, which I have found helps with the absorption. I work out around 7:30am, then go strait to work. I have found that if I skip the workout, I don’t have as much energy throughout the day. When I arrive at work, I am full of energy and ready to face the day. I do feel a bit of a dip in energy after eating lunch. I have found that if I eat a lighter lunch, the dip is not as bad. I try to stay away from coffee. Caffeine is very complementary to mod, but you still get the caffeine crash. I have found that overall mod just works best on it’s own.

I get off of work at 5pm and come home to spend time with family. I still have plenty of energy to spend quality time with the wife and kids. I feel the mod wearing off around 6-7pm. I have no problem going to sleep around 9-10pm.

I love Modafinil because it gives me solid energy and clarity of mind without any of the side effects of other stimulants.

MyModafinil Story

I begin using supplement to support my body. I bought it at gnc store or on the internet. But so far ! didn’t feel any big different. Since my work shift is overnight and sometime I do second job, that’s mean I have to stay awake for continuous hours. I tried to take red bull or coffee but it doesn’t work.


Until one day I do some research and I found modafinil. MyModafinil can make me stay focus even though i have not been sleep for 2 days. But the problem is where do have to buy it ? Because in the USA require doctor order. Finally I found website called mymodafinil but they did not accept my order so I used as it looked like a legit website since there is a lot good review from so many people.

Now I tried to take small dose at the beginning and you can adjust as you wish. But this pill will not make you stronger like superman but it will help you focus and stay awake without needy for sleep within 24-48 hour period. Since I got this pill, i always keep it where ever I go just in case u need it.


You have to take it with empty stomach in order to get fast reaction other wise it will take longer if you take after meal or during the meal. Its best not to take it everyday to make sure your body does not become resistant to modafinil. Once again it does not make you stronger or smarter but it will help you focus and maintain you mind so you can do something with more confidence. But everybody have different reaction to thia pill. At least this is what i feel about modafinil. I hope you enjoy my experience with modafinil.

Buy Modafinil with Credit or Debit Card

Making Payments on with Credit Card gladly accepts credit cards as a form of payment. In fact the majority of our customers prefer to use credit cards as a safe, reliable, and fast way to pay for their Modafinil purchase. This guide will explain the process to help you along. accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover cards for online purchases.
Using a credit card to buy Modafinil is remarkably easy! First go to our streamlined home page.
We’ve redesigned the homepage to make it faster for you to get to the checkout process. If you hover over the Prices tab, you’ll see the list of quantities available and their cost:
Once you know what you’d like, click that big Order Now button!
Your email address is very important as it allows us to keep in touch with you if there are any issues with your order. We also send shipping information to that email address, so be sure to enter it correctly.
Here you can select the quantity of high-quality Modafinil from the drop-down menu, as well as the shipping options.
You should provide all of the information requested. The address input here is the shipping address for your order, so be sure to double-check it and make sure that everything is correct. Once you are ready, click “Order Now” again.
Some countries are more difficult to ship to than others. If yours is one of these, this message will appear. You can still choose to continue with your order however it will not be covered by our top-notch refund policy.
Next, you need to select your payment option. In this case we’re looking at credit cards:

In this case you can see that I’ve chosen to buy a 2 weeks’ supply. The total in USD is presented in the middle of the screen. Click the credit card icon to continue. If you have American Express or Discover, don’t worry, just click the Mastercard or Visa logo to continue.
Here you need to input all the information on your credit card account. Billing information must match what your credit card company has on file.
For your actual credit card information, the process is quite easy. The card number is located on the front of the card. The Name on card should be identical to what the card says. The expiration date and year is also on the front, usually to the right of the issue date/year. Remember, this date is in the future.
For example, the card number here is 4455556600224455, and the name is John Smith, the expiration date would be 08/12, or August 2012.
Finally the last field is the CCV field. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover put this on the back as a 3 digit code. AMEX puts it on the front as a 4 digit code. Here are some examples:

Idiopathic Hypersomnia and Modafinil

I have been diagnosed with and suffering from Idiopathic Hypersomnia for the last six years. When the symptoms first started, I was working in a high stress position at a law firm. Thinking I was just burnt out, I found a position at a smaller firm where I didn’t have to work so many hours, but despite this, my symptoms got worse. I tried everything; I changed my diet, started exercising, took vitamins, attempted to regulate my sleep cycle. My doctor didn’t seem too interested in what I was telling him and just wrote me a script for amphetamines.

They worked at first, but then I found that I had to keep increasing the dosage. The days I didn’t take them was hell, so I stopped getting my script filled and decided to just try and fight through the exhaustion. Waking up in the morning was a constant struggle because I frequently slept through my alarm. Because of this, being late to work became a problem. Human Resources even laughed at me when I tried to explain the issue, stated that being too tired wasn’t an excuse to be late to work.

After months of warnings, I lost my job. I found another job, the hardest part of which was staying awake throughout the day. I slept every chance I got, twelve hours a night, a nap in my car during lunch and a nap when I got home from work. Everything I did revolved around being constantly exhausted and getting the chance to sleep. Anxiety and depression set in, making everything worse. I felt like a prisoner and didn’t know what to do to change it. One day, I was reading about sleep disorders and treatments and came across information about the drug, Modafinil. It seemed too good to be true, no crash, no dependence, lasts all day…HOW DO I GET THIS MIRACLE DRUG? My doctor had never heard of it so after a ton of research, I found I decided to go for it and order.

After waiting the LONGEST two weeks of my life, the answer to my problem arrived. I took a pill right away and waited for its effect. After about an hour, the fuzziness that enveloped my brain started to dissipate. I seriously cried. The tiredness and fog that had taken over my life, lifted. I had some work to do and was excited to sit down at my desk to get started. Four glorious hours I spent actually working without nodding off, without having to get up and walk around because keeping my eyes open was impossible. I could now work to my full potential again.

The way Modafinil feels is very clean, no speedy feeling, just awake. Since I take it for a sleeping disorder, I wouldn’t be able to get through the day, let alone work without it. There’s no withdrawal like there is with Adderall, and I wake up in the morning (with my alarm) ready to start the day. The best part is that I was able to stop taking anxiety medication, my performance at work improved and I was promoted to a higher paying position. After suffering for six years, I’m extremely thankful that I now have control of my life again. Thanks for reading.